You asked, we delivered. Here's some of the logo gear that we have available; more will be added as soon as we secure caches of swag, or obtain fiber lasers with which we can brand our mark. Logo Sticker

- $3 + shipping

The logo, now in handy sticker form. Measures 4"x1.5" - Perfect for spreading the word, inspiring fear into the hearts of enemies, or just adorning your toolbox, lunchbox, or clipboard. Contour cut to follow the sensuous curves of the logo with a handsome gray outline. White paper backing included, absolutely free! Caution: not fire resistant, may not stick underwater or in outer space

BladeForums Logo Patches

- $6 + shipping

Made from PVC with a hook velcro back, the Logo Patch is available in five different colorways: Standard Blue Logo, Gold logo, Multicam, OD Green / Black, and Stealth Gray. Sized to fit a loop shoulder patch, contractor hat, or anywhere you'd formerly placed those lesser, inferior morale patches from other places.

Colorway Logo T-shirt$15 + shipping

The logo Tshirt is black & has the on the left chest and full size across the back. Available in sizes L-XL, this shirt is guaranteed to up your game & street cred when engaged in 80s martial arts streetfights, haggling in seedy third-world bazaars, or negotiating with petty tyrants of all sorts. Caution: will not make you bullet or stab proof, no matter how much you drink.


strong> W&SS Patch: Knife & Axe - OD Green - $5 plus shipping SOLD OUT

Check this bad boy out! OD Green patch background & edge, black axe & knife crossed, B F W S for Blade Forums Wilderness & Survival. Velcro back for easy attachment to whatever

BladeForums W&SS Patch - Khaki & Green - $5 plus shipping

Like the above patch, but in Khaki & OD Green in case you are in a desert area, are hanging out on the beach, or are in the SW United States cooking up stuff in your stolen RV with your former science teacher. Yeah, science!

BladeForums W&SS Patch - Knife & Flames in Multicam - $5 plus shipping

Look at this patch! LOOK AT IT! Look how badass it is! Imagine how badass you'll be when you slap this on your shoulder or pack! Buy a few dozen so your friends are also as badass as you'll be

BladeForums W&SS Patch - Knife & Flames (non-subdued) - $5 plus shipping

This is the "non subdued" version of the above multicam patch, but that's a lie because NO ONE could subdue that patch. So call this one the colorful version? Bright version? Whatever, it's also awesome and you should buy a few.