Warnings & Infractions

With a large community, there are invariably instances where people have problems meeting community standards & following the rules.  As such we have a system to help correct these issues and, if neccessary,  the moderators can choose to issue   warnings or infractions.

Warnings are just that, a warning.  Typically a warning is done by a post, or private message as a nudge to let the member know what's wrong.  Sometimes if the behavior is out of line, but not worthy of an infraction, a written warning will be added to their profile as a means of keeping record should further action be needed down the road.

Infractions are a more serious version of a warning.  Every user starts off with a clean slate.  We understand that people make mistakes, which is why it takes 50 infraction points to be permenantly banned, and most infractions have low points.  In addition, many infractions "expire" after a certain amount of time & will disappear from your point total.   

  • Inappropriate Content - 1 point
    We try to be a family friendly forum, but sometimes mistakes are made.
  • Misuse of Signature - 1 point
    Don't use your signature block to advertise, harass people, etc.
  • Insulting or Rude behavior - 5 points
  • Posted in wrong forum  - 5 points
    "I know this isn't the right place but I'm posting it here to get more attention" - NO
  • Auction / Deal / Bargain Spotting -  10 points
    BladeForums.com stays open thanks to the users who have paid subscriptions, including the dealers who pay to advertise here. If a site doesn't advertise here, you are not allowed to link to items they have for sale. Exchange forum: Thread disruption / interference - 10 points
  •   Inappropriate Advertising / Minor Spam - 10 points 
  • Inappropriate Behavior / Minor Trolling - 10 points  
  •   Exchange forum: not following the rules - 10 points 
  • Exchange Forum: Trader Feedback Misuse / Retaliatory Feedback on deal that did not occur - 30 points 
  • Advertising without appropriate paid subscription - 30 points 
  • Racism / Bigotry / Hate Speech - 30 points 
    You get one mistake. Period.
  • Abuse to Staff (Sassin' the Mods) - 40 points Major Spam / Trolling - instant ban