200 post give away for newbies - Winners are RobTN & docpado...

Jan 24, 2010
Winners of this give away are #34 RobTN and #42 docpado. Please see post #60 for further information


Earlier this month I ran a give away in the traditional folders and fixed blade forum with a choice of several German made traditional pocket knives. Typically, there are some rules governing these events (posted by the originator in the event rules) that prevent new members of bladeforums.com from being eligible for the give away. I have decided to rerun this give away for the benefit of our new bladeforum members. Rules are pretty simple.

One other note regarding the knives. All of these have celluloid scales. Celluloid has a nasty tendency to deteriorate into some pretty nasty chemicals as it ages and depends upon the manufacturing process, storage conditions, whether the planets are properly aligned and so forth. While it is a pretty material, it has a dark side. None of these knives are currently showing any significant issues, but that doesn't mean they won't. I am doing these give aways because these are otherwise very nice knives and I would like to see them used rather than stored away to self destruct due to deterioration of the scale material. Please store this knife away from other knives or valuables to prevent any chance of the celluloid from damaging your other knives or belongings. I will not be responsible for any damage to the particular knife you pick or any incidental damange to other knives or personal belongings. None of the knives in the give away have been sharpend, carried, or used and are in very good condition.

1. You must be a registered bladeforum member. If you can post, you can enter.

2. This give away is restricted to new bladeforum members only. This is defined for the purpose of this give away as having registered on or after Jan. 1, 2010.

3. You must be able to own and possess the knife you pick in your country of residence. Don’t enter if you cannot legally own or possess the knife.

4. You must live in a country that can be served by the United States Postal Service. If you live in another country outside of those listed on the USPS website, then do not enter the give away. If US Customs or the Customs of your country confiscate this knife, we both lose.

5. If you are not a paying member of the forum it will be up to you to claim the knife if you are picked. I will send a visitor message or private message to you and an email through the bladeforums.com system. You will have 3 days after the close of the give away to contact me regarding the knife you want. If you do not contact me in that time frame, I will pick another winner. Winner will be posted in the thread and a notice placed in the thread title of the winner.

6. Winner will be picked using a web based random number generator and your number will be your post number in the thread.

The give away begins upon posting to the website and will end at 12:00 noon CDT on Sunday August 29, 2010.

Please review the knives pictured below. You will have your choice of one of these knives.

A note on size of knives. These knives are all standard size for the pattern with the exception of the multicolored Congress knife which is significantly smaller than any of the others. If you have any questions regarding this, please ask. You can look at these knives in the other 200 post give away as the knives are grouped and relative sizes are portrayed more closely to proper proportions.

No fancy hoops to jump through to enter this give away. Just post that you want in and that's pretty much it.

Fight’n Rooster large stockman – blue celluloid scales, TN shield:

Bulldog Canoe – abalone celluloid scales:

Bulldog Canoe – cracked ice celluloid

Bulldog transition Congress – 1997, tan waterfall celluloid:

Small Fight’n Rooster Congress – multicolor celluloid scales, 4-blade

Bulldog Muskrat – Paisley celluloid, standard size muskrat.:

These are all traditional patterns and may not interest you, but if you win you can either use it or give to someone who will. You do not have permission to sell it.

Good luck to all.

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Jan 12, 2006
I thought we were supposed to be mean to newbies. :confused:
This makes no sense.
Aug 5, 2008
Great giveaway ... you're gonna make some lucky newbie very happy :thumbup:


Apr 18, 2010
Very cool giveaway! I'm in.

Many thanks for the opportunity! :thumbup:
Jan 24, 2010
Sorry, BrandonC, you have been a registered member since 2008. The rules for this give away are new members since 01/01/2010. There will be another one not far down the road. Watch for it.

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May 6, 2010
That's very generous of you. Thank you so much for including us newbies in this give away. I'm in.


Marty Ley
Santa Fe, TX