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A few photos to share

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Feb 4, 1999
With so many positive forums here, this isn't worth it. Thanks, guys!
Chiro, get over it. :p :rolleyes:

As long as you treat this forum as a discussion forum (you can follow the example of others) rather than your personal for sale page (as you were doing and no that was not just my opinion). Your posts will stay here.

It is that simple and I am getting tired of your digs.

I would appreciate it if you would leave my name out of your posts.

Man! Reread my post, I think you misunderstood! I was playfully trying to see if there was a way around the fee in the for sale forum. Just a joke, and I meant it that way, and it reads that way.
Having my name appear in so many of your posts or the constant comments about having your old stuff moved is no joke to me so just leave my name out and we will get along fine.

I keep seeing the exact same posts in other parts of the forum, but when you post here it seems that my name appears or that you have a comment to make about your stuff being moved a lot of the time. Your "Joke" is getting old and I would rather my name not appear in your posts unless there is something I can help with.

Understand now?

Added later: When you have to repeat a "joke" several times in this forum or for that matter anywhere, you might want to consider that it was not "funny" the first time. :rolleyes:
Can't say as I blame you, Gus.

Sense of humor? I do not think so.
I must interpret sarcasm and rolling eyes differently from the rest of the universe. This is totally not a dig against you-know-who, who I thought I was on good terms with (obviously wrong about that, too), but rather a joke about a scheme to get free posts in tyhe For Sale forum. Am I the only English-speaking person in existence who sees this as silly?! I guess I should have lived up to what I said about being fed up with this particular forum and not bothering to post here anymore. Would've saved myself a lot of trouble, as I can see now. I still don't understand why you guys have it out for me. Try reading the post again, if you did to begin with, and if you still don't see the obvious humor in it then there isn't a darn thing I can do about it.
Originally posted by Chiro75
?! I guess I should have lived up to what I said about being fed up with this particular forum and not bothering to post here anymore.

Good idea..
Sorry you feel that way Chiro. I would rather that you not leave, but I think you brought these problems on through your actions.

You may want to stop and think why your experience here was not positive while the majority of people here find the experience positive (at least most of the time).

Part of the reason (the biggest part) is how you have used this forum even after asking you to stop. Many of your posts are still sales pitches (although now toned down, but still borderline especially with your current availabe for sale sig-line.). Both Para and I tried to guide you away from the commerialism, your choice was to ignore us. Now you wonder why others have voiced some negative opinions?

Maybe it has something to do with the way you have conducted yourself here.

As far as your "joke". Hard for me (and it appears others) to buy that line when you seem to enjoy worrying about your threads being moved in a lot of your recent posts.


Don't waste your breath. His sig line is proof enough that he doesn't give a rat's you-know-what about decorum here in this forum or elsewhere.

All he has ever wanted to use the forum for was his own personal gain, whether it was seeking free knives, equipment, instruction or the ability to barter or sell his own sheathes, knives etc.

The thin veneer of "toning things down" has been a joke from the get-go and even the blindest most trusting person could see that.

Frankly, I think it's a waste of time trying to reason with him.

Naturally it's "everyone is out to get him". Reminds me of the way Lynn Griffith reacted when he self promoted himself ad nauseum until he was no longer welcome on these forums either.

Now I guess we can still hope he keeps his "word" as he alluded to above.

Sorry to vent like this, but this has been aggravating me for some time.

Gus, as Blues said, "Don't waste your time!"

Chiro, as the host of the 'WEAKEST LINK' TV show so appropriately puts it when a player is voted off: "GOODBYE!"

I'll be happy to voice my opinion against what appears to be a majority:)
I have always found Chiro to be a pleasant and well informed member of BFC who has shared his knowledge and passion for knives freely. He has been especially helpful to those trying to make there own sheaths. He has devoted a large amount of time to bring us tutorials on a variety of topics including kit knives, sheaths and mosiac pins.
Let's remember to be kind to one another, please.
Take care,
I'll ditto Chad here. Dunno where all this animosity against Chiro came from, I'll have to start searching posts. But he's always come across to me as knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and community-oriented. On the otherr hand, Gus & Blues generally come across as very reasonable too, not fly-off-the-handle types. Maybe Chiro isn't "getting it" that he has pissed folks off, but it seems incongruous with most of his posts that he could intentionally be acting the jerk.
I'll ditto Fishface and add my agrrement to his assessment of the reasonableness of Gus and Blues. Although I resent the fact that Blues taunts us with his incredible collection:):):) Way cool blades dude.
Stay safe,
No-o-o-o! You DON'T want to get Blues mad. He will kick your a**! ;) I remember on the old forums when he got it on with a Mad Dog nut case. NOT a pretty sight! :mad:
Hold it right there buddy or I'll have the orderly come with the meds! ;)

Oh, and thanks, Chad. It's been an interesting trip. :)

I think everyone should re-think their confused scorn for Chiro. He is definitely one of the more valuable folks at BFs. Ever since I've been coming here, I've enjoyed his helpful, friendly, and inteligent commentary. To see him getting slammed for what appears to be a misunderstanding is shameful.