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a folding chef knife, make sense?

Jan 30, 2003
Hello everybody!

This is my first post on the Spyderco forum (and I hope not to make a fool of my self :D )

A few days ago we had the office christmas party, at a home of one of our friends. And I was BBQ man. :cool:

When I was about to start cutting the meat, realice that they don't have a decent knife in the hole house! (Only those serrated cheap knives, absolutely dull and with the teeth bent or broken) :grumpy:

I had to make a BBQ with my folding knife! My Paramilitary was at home, so my Benchmade Monochrome had to do the honors.
Damn! How I miss my Para that day!

Any way, I was thinking that I had to get my own kitchen knife to the party. And the next step in my thoughts was (obviously) "what about a nice chef folder". Something easy to carry, light but suitable for general kitchen chores.

Something about 4 to 5 inches, maybe H-1 steel and some easy to clean scales. Compression lock and G10 will be great, but maybe too expensive, so Zytel and lockback will work fine.

It HAS to be a Spyderco, for the "sharpesnes" and because is the only company that would make something like that :)

I would buy one in a heartbeat!
What do you think guys?


Sorry for my english :eek:
I think that is a great idea and would be a real hit. A nice, flatground, folding chef knife would be one wicked knife. :thumbup:
Yup, I bought a Russel for my son-in-law for Christmas two years ago, he likes to cook and he loves it.
The AG Russel model is very nice, but I think there's still room for improvements. Full flatground like Rededge said, a bigger blade, more ergonomical handle...

I still want my Spyderchef!


Sorry for my english :eek:
Well, if you feel like spending a bit more, there's always the Kevin Wilkins Ryback Folding Chef's Knife to consider. :D

And no need for apologies Alberto, your English is better than many from this country.
Thanks Deacon

I did a search (I should before) and the Wilkinson and Russel have been recomended before, to a guy who wanted a folder for chopping onions :D

The Russel is more what I was looking for, the Wilkinson cost about 1000% more that I want to pay :eek:


Sorry for my english :eek:
I like the idea, but add a few things that would make it easy to clean. You dont want meat juices getting somewhere you cant clean out.
I've seen Alton Brown of Good Eats (food network) carry more than one nice folder for filming food prep out of studio.

He also apparently has the 'Alton's Angle' line of Shun chef's knives.

The Hocho folder posted in the link above looks very nice. Hmm. Maybe I DO need a folding chef knife...
Hi Beto,

Welcome to the Spyderco forum.

I think your idea is a good one and your drawing is exceptional.

At this time, we have too many "irons" (steels? :rolleyes: ) in the works to add another one. But it is certainly worth considering for the future. Let's see where the thread goes.

I would think g10 and H1 would keep the price around 60-80$ which isn't that bad. Also you could make an open back construction or something easy to take apart for cleaning.
Other companies might already make knives that will fit the bill, but I think everyone here knows that those other companies just don't do it with Spyderco's combination of utility, materials, ergonomics, and price.

BBQ's away from home, camping trips, the company picnic....who wouldn't love to save the day by breaking out their Spyderchef? Maybe we could get a smaller version for inconspicuously cutting your food in a restaurant. Call it the Spyderdiner. Well, that sucks, but you get the idea :D
IF im in the kitchen I use two opinel no.8's. 1 with a regular blade shape and 1 modified to a drop point. I have used my spydies but the models I own are not ideal blade shape.
Personally if there was a kitchen folder I would buy it...
I love this idea and I've heard the edge on the russel is too thin. I think that frn and VG-10 or H1 would keep costs down and make it easier to sale. I know a couple camp cooks that would go nuts for this.
i second this...in fact, I'm working on a folding chef knife project for 2007. I'm only going to design it....but will need someone to make a proto. The ryback (in my case mini-ryback) is sweet, but is priced way above what is normally affordable. still....it gives a good idea as to what is a sweet concept.





and one of my favs...(picture borrowed from Shelby Chan, copyright of Shelby Chan, thanks!)

yeah that actually would be a very useful knife...in a santoku design would be cool too...
The trick to me seems cleaning...how can we make it easily washable to keep undesireable things from getting stuck inbetween all the moving parts. It seems like a compression lock would be ideal for the combination of strength and its breeze through design. I'm not sure how much might get trapped inbetween the washers though.

After seeing Guinn's folding axe though, I'm beginning to think the bali would be a nice choice for the project.
Hi Beto,

Welcome to the Spyderco forum.

I think your idea is a good one and your drawing is exceptional.

Hi Sal!

Thanks for watching and your kind words. Coming from you, they are huge complements!

At this time, we have too many "irons" (steels? :rolleyes: ) in the works to add another one. But it is certainly worth considering for the future. Let's see where the thread goes.

I'm aware that you have a lot of proyects on the line, Let's see whats happens with this tread :thumbup:

You hear it guys! Don't let this tread die!


Sorry for my english :eek:
Alberto- Great idea and great design.

Sal, this guy's onto something here! Think picnics, camping, backyard BBQ's....... Makes portability super easy!

A SE version would also make a great bread knife. I know I'd buy at least one of each.

I don't know much about the different locks, but you could have a "take down" model where you could take it apart for cleaning.

Personally, I think it should be a butterfly knife. Kind of like a Spyderfly with a big honking santoku blade :D