a folding chef knife, make sense?

What a great idea (great drawing, btw)!

If a reasonable price point, I'd buy one. If inexpensive enough, I'd also buy at least one, and probably more, for gifts.

Many years ago, gerber had the "exchange a blade" line of folders. The lock release also released the blade completely from the handle for ease of cleaning, and so that the user could switch between a few different blades. This was the knife that I used up until last year for cleaning game animals. I switched to a fixed blade of different make, but that folder was easy to clean. Seems that this would work in an easily cleaned kitchen knife application.

For whatever reason, when my wife and I go to others' homes for get-togethers, I always seem to be the one drafted for cutting, slicing, and chopping duty. In my experience, most non knife nuts have a drawer full of non-sheathed dull kitchen knives. A folder would allow for a non knife nut to store a sharp knife in a drawer without the blade being a safety issue and without the edge being dinged by other metal objects. Of course it would probalby become just another dull kitchen knife soon enough, but at least it would be well made, from qualty materials, and have a non-exposed blade when stored. It would also be handy to keep in the car for those, "away form home and need a big sharp kitchen knife" situations. My EDC is just not big enough for brisket duty.
I say we lean on Chad and Sal for a longer version of the Trance, minus the flipper and add a Spydie Hole.;)

FWIW the Manix is pretty close to a kitchen profile, though a bit lacking in length. I've used it for food prep and while BBQing and it works pretty good.
I want one But Dont really see a Need for one.

I have used My endura to cut meat, and in a pinch my delica, Both worked very well simply based on the fact they are sharp and well made. They clean up well with a little running water, and a folded paper towel

I would throw this knife in my camp kitchen box for cooking chores, I have a Mora in there now.

It would be fun to edc now and then for sheer pucker factor when its pulled out
EmsRescueGuy, does Joisey have any knife laws regarding blade length?

Still waiting for an affordable folding chef knife here.;)
actually there is no one law for length, unfortunateley the law is written in such a way as to pretty much make illegal, whatever the cops say is illegal, Many use the old 4 finger method from boyscouts. the law more has more to do with the intent of the person carrying a knife, which of vourse means is what the officer thinks you look like you are up to.

I know a judge who often returns knives wrongly confiscated by police, but many won't go through the hassle over a knife.
Brought back from the dead, but interested, better than making a new thread? Anyway, ive been looking for a good folding kitchen knife. So far I have found the bladetech U.L.U, 2 from AG Russel, and the wilkins(ryback) mentioned here. Anyone have experience with any? Others i havnt found or know about? I'm leaning toward the AG Russel due to steel used
I'm also interesting in folding chef knife! There was some buzz about a "SpydeChef" designed by Marcin Slyz. The thread is floating around here somewhere. I'm not sure if they made a prototype or if the photo is of one of Marcin's customs. A beautiful knife either way!
I like the idea, I have my "nice" kitchen knives sitting in a wood block but I'm too lazy to use them for every day cooking as I don't feel like hand washing them after, so I usually grab my plastic handled Wusthof knife that I keep in the drawer as a beater. I use this knife to do all the prep (veggies first then meat) and when I'm done I throw it in the dishwasher.

I think a folding kitchen knife in H1 steel with a polymer handle would be awesome if the locking mechanism and pivot were easy to keep clean. The advantage of a folding version over my current beater kitchen knife would be that I could close it when putting it in the dish washer, which would take up much less space and I wouldn't have to worry about the edge getting damaged bumping into something. Same goes for throwing it in the kitchen drawer. :)

You could also take it with you if you need to cook somewhere other than your kitchen.