A vote of confidence for Paracelsus

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As a moderator in another forum on another board, I have some small idea of what Paracelsus goes through and I have nothing but admiration for his patience and tact. BRAVO!

Walk in the Light,
Hugh Fuller
I think Paracelsus is doing a terrific job and is just what this forum needed. I am grateful for his steady hand at the helm.
Para, I really don't care what anyone else says. I think you are doing a great job as Moderator.
Merry Christmas!
Ah, the good old religion thread. Seems that got a little heated. I had an exchange with Para in that thread, and quite a heated exchange outside the forums. I have since exchanged emails with Para, and without going into any details, I will offer my apologies to Para, and to the crowd in the chat room for my childish behavior.

I consider Para a good friend and fellow forumite and would hate to spoil the friendship over my ranting and raving and poor choice of words.

I may not always agree with you Para, but I will pledge my support to you and always respect you for speaking your mind and doing what you feel is the right thing. I got more than a little carried away in that thread, and in my behavior towards you in the chat room. I would like nothing more than to make it all go away, but I cant, all I can do is ask you to forgive me, and tell you im sorry.

Anyways Para, you really do a fine job of moderating, and the fact that I have stuck both my size 11 feet in my mouth does not change that fact at all.

Again Para, I hope you can accept my apologies for my behavior, and also to you folks in chat, I am truely sorry for my pathetic display in chat last night.

Ahh, Gollnick. There ya go taking words out of my mouth again. Well said.

I do not envy Paracelsus for the job that he has selflessly pulled down upon himself, the most inhumane job of Moderator. (Well, I do now that he's got that offer of Turber's. Damn BFC Exclusive Social Programs anyways)

"Though we've whipped you and we've flayed you, by the Good Lord that made you, you're a better man than I am, Gungacelsus."

Forgive me if I flubbed the delivery there a bit, that was Paraphrased.

Paracelsus is like a father to his children. I highly reccomend his services.

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I think Para has done a fine job, and I think he got the point in the "religiious" thread.
I certainly vote for him.
However, I could NEVER vote for VG for many reasons, including his post above.
Apparently he never seemed to understand what Para was complaining about in the first place.
I have found a lot of people prefer to speak rather than listen.

Of course the above is strictly my opinion, I have mine and you have yours.
Carry on Para!
Paracelsus the alchemist, possessor of the Moderator's Stone--you do an excellent job! Your efforts are appreciated!
Paracelsus, You have my vote of confidence for the excelent job you do here.

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I have seen some scary things in my time. I have experienced exactly where Paracelcus is at now. I will return the advice given.

They are stupid, dumb and ignorant. They attack where men listen. You got my 110% support Paracelcus. I don`t know you, but I consider you a friend even if you don`t.

Don`t let the bastards grind you down, **** em! First time I swore on this group F U C K E M!!! Hold your head high and laugh in the face of dumb ass low IQ no brainers...

Rant over, keep a smile on your face, save the tears for a private, quiet moment.

See you on the other side 'P'


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When I first arrived here at BladeForums, quite a few people mistook me for a troll named "Misko".

Paracelsus was one of the first to see that this was not the case and helped guide me during my first few days of posting here.

Since then I have deeply respected and admired the man for all the things he does for many of us. You have no idea how, as a "knife-novice", the extent to which even the slightest bit of encouragement can make all the difference in the world. He was, and continues to be, an inspiration for me and my new-found hobby - in addition to one of the, albeit plenty, deciding factors that have kept me interested and posting here at BladeForums.

He deserves our support ...... and our appreciation. Mighty Metal Hails to you, Paracelsus!

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Para and I have been friends here from about day one. I remember when he became a Moderator in Community, he took that job very serious, and did great.
I can't imagine trying to step in and fill James Mattis' shoes, but Para stepped up to the plate. Knowing full well that the same folks he chatted with at night were the same bastids who were going to try to see what they could get away with on General Forum. For those who don't go into Chat, trust me he caught some flack. Para, would explain why he did what he did and that was it. It's hard to argue with good common sense.

Para my friend, keep up the good work. I can't think of a better man for the job.

Your friend,
I'm jumping in here to also offer my "That-a-Boy" to Paracelsus.

Since I came to BFC just prior to the passing of James Mattis, I never really got to know him. However, I definately learned that he was well loved by many. I can remember thinking at the time,"I wouldn't want to be the one to try and fill his shoes."
Well, I can't comment on whether Paracelsus filled James' shoes, but, he sure does do a damn fine job of moderating.

Paracelsus..........Keep up the good work!!!!

Obviously you are appreciated.

--The Raptor--

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I want you, Para.... I really, REALLY want you!


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So many cliches could be used here..."Walk a mile in his shoes" ... "You don't have to like it you just have to do it" ...
I think the operative word is "sincere" and that he is.
I'm sorry I missed meeting him/you in NY.
Keep up the good work.
I remain,
Paracelsus has always impressed me. maybe it's just that he welcomed me, and it seems alot, of new people to the forums personally. He's answered a lot of the questions that I asked that were not the type that have tons of answers pouring in, but that meant alot to me, and i think all he's done is great.
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