A vote of confidence for Paracelsus

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I think Para is doing a great job as well.

These threads that get blown up are unfortunate but the bright side is that you have 8000 members who care enough to stand up for what they believe in individually and have enough faith and respect for others to INSIST that their voice is heard and to listen and respond accordingly! In this world of apathy and terminal depression where people roll over and give up their rights every day I see it as a breath of fresh air.

All you people here on BFC sure are cool for a bunch of 'ones' and 'zeros'!

Keep up the good work Para BUT if this job is getting you down and not allowing you to enjoy this forum you should turn in your notice now as that is what really counts. Perhaps we could use a lottery system for 'monthly' Moderators so everyone here could get a taste of what Para and the others go through.... Can you spell A N A R C H Y?

A Wonderful Holiday Season To ALL!

"The difference between being a Coward
and a Hero is not whether you're scared,
it's what you do while you're scared."

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i think paracelsus is doing a fine job. i especially liked him in the '80's show Beauty and the Beast with linda Hamilton.
MMMMMMmmmmmmm... linda hamilton! you remember him, he was that lion boy's nemesis.

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The only thing better than a good knife is a good woman:D

I think you do a good job.

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I think he's a bastid and if I catch him near my dog's again, he's going to wish that he'd stuck to sheep...

That being said, he's doing a great job IMHO and he's really helping Mike and I out because we know we can concentrate on other areas with him looking out for the General Forum. Bastid


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Yes, most definitely yes.



BTW in all of this, WTF exactly does all of this have to do with knives?


i've tried and tried, and i still can't spell religion, no matter how i mix up the letters...

Quis ut Deus
Than you ALL so much!

It really helped me a lot to read all of these nice comments. I was feeling pretty low about the recent 'religion' debacle. I dug a hole for myself and had no where to go but down.

I especially want to thank Richard for his kind words after I said so many angry things to him in the chat room. Maybe emailing folks can help people understand each other after all

And Volvi, LOL. Bless you my son.

Anyway, thanks to everyone. I am trying to do the best job I can. But I am still learning how to moderate. The general forum seems to present a different kind of challenge every few days. Each situation is different. Maybe I Am trying to do to much. I dunno.

I still want to have fun and make posts like anyone else. But the lesson I have learned in all of this is that things I say are viewed very differently now that I am a moderator of the general forum. I need to be very very careful about things I say both On and Off the forum to avoid misunderstanding and bad feelings.

Thanks again to everyone! Now, back to knife discussions. My back is sore...

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