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    Production Knives

    AD - Active Duty
    AB - Aftershock Bolo (a run of recurved battle mistress's)
    NARK – nuclear air rescue knife
    ASH-1 - Anniversary Steel Heart 1, a reproduction of the birds beak shsh, for 2007/2008
    AS - Assault Shaker
    AW - Ash Wacker, a prototype found in a 9.5 and 7.5" version, a Bushwacker mistress handle that has an Ash1 blade profile.
    BA - Badger Attack
    B3 (BB3) – Basic 3 (busse basic 3), Modified INFI (M-INFI) blade
    B4 - European release, 4" blade with small basic handle and Modified INFI (M-INFI) blade
    B4 -Basic 4 with as Scrap Yard War Dog style handle and INFI blade. Unique in the basic set because of it's slightly thinner than 3/16" thickness (.170")
    B5 (BB5) – Basic 5 (busse basic 5), Modified INFI (M-INFI) blade
    B6 (BB6) – Basic 6 (busse basic 6) (european release only) (aka euro 6) (like a basic version of the caretaker), Modified INFI (M-INFI) blade
    B6 - Newer basic 6 release with swamp rat style handles and INFI blade
    B7 (BB7) – Basic 7 (busse basic 7), Modified INFI (M-INFI) blade
    B8 - swamp rat style handles and INFI blade
    B9 (BB9) - Basic 9 (busse basic 9), Modified INFI (M-INFI) blade
    B10 - swamp rat style handles and INFI blade
    B11 - Large old style basic handles with INFI blade
    BC - bear cub, part of the HACK series but offered in a production run
    BM - Battle Mistress
    BOSS Street - Newer version of straight handled Mean Streat, It increased the height of the index finger position of the handle. CABS edition added large, small and no choil options.
    BOSS Jack - Newer version of the straight handled satin jack, it increased the height of the index finger position of the handle and added a choiless option, as well as convex grind.
    BOSS hg55 - see HG55
    BS - boss street, the new boss edition of the original mean street pattern
    BWM - also BWBM "Bush Wacker Battle Mistress" a combinatio of shbm and fbm styles.
    CABS - Choiless Anorexic Boss Street
    CR – combat recruit (the smaller version of the police recruit)
    CT – care taker (european release only) - a clip point e handled knife, roughly the size of a NO
    CULTELLUS - a small knife comparable to an enlargened skeleton key (with more belly+handle scales)
    C4 (BC4) – combat 4 (european release only), essentially a 4" satin jack blade, with the smaller 3rd gen style choil. (similar to the tanker a)
    E4 - Euro 4, same as the C4.
    FILET KNIVES - some of the older micarta slabbed knives jerry made were made available on the after market when a large collection of older rare busse's was sold by a private collecter, several sets of filet knives being included. These came in 4,5, and 6" lengths
    FO - force one
    GM - Groove Master
    GW – Game Warden (prototype e-handled knife), as well as a newer version in 2006 wich featured a handle similar to the active duty.
    GW - new edition featurein a roughly active duty sized blade and handle. the blade and handle are unique, combine features of the active duty style rounded handle, and a slightly ergo style drop point. came in variety of handle materials and colors (micarta, g10, buffalo, ram), sold through the company store.
    HG55 - boss hg55, an older pattern brought back as a boss series item
    HR - Hell Razor - production version of the "grooved fighter" seen at blade '03
    KB – killer bee. aka 4” pure bred fighter that is factory wrapped in yellow and black. also came unwrapped.
    KZ2/KZII - Killa Zilla 2 (khukuri)
    MS - Mean Street (old model)
    MRS - meaner street (new model)
    MR. MOJO - steel heart sized blade (e handled), recurved with a blade catch on the upper riccaso.
    NO - Natural Outlaw
    PBS - pork belly skinner
    PD - Public Defender
    PH – pauls hatchet
    PR - Police Recruit (larger version of the combat recruit)
    4” PBF – 4” Pure Bred Fighter (AKA killer bee)
    6” PBF – 6” Pure Bred Fighter
    8” PBF – 8” Pure Bred Fighter
    SARSQUATCH - mid sized knife just below the steel heart.
    SAR4 - search and rescue 4".
    SAR5 - search and rescue 5". a design that was put into limited production on accident, working from an initial design concept rather then finished sketch. jerry hated the design, but its gotten mixed to good praise from users.
    SAR8 - search and rescue 8", a longer version of the sar4
    SD - Scotch Dispenser
    SJ - Satin Jack
    SHARK - an older design that was similar to the pbf series, but with a straight type handle.
    SH - Stealth Hawk (the mp45 (non metal) serrated knife)
    SH - Steel Heart
    SH1 – birds beak steal heart, ealiest edition
    SH2 – steal heart - a longer version with the classic straight handled style pommel
    SK - skeleton key
    SS - Sus Scrofa (a wharncliffe style blade)
    TB - tank buster
    TTKZ - Test Team Killa Zilla
    UF - Urgent Fury
    WB - war boar (production comrambit)

    Variant/one off knife/special or limited run designations

    3 FINGER - an older busse design, similar to the mean street, but smaller.
    82ND AIRBORNE - earlier busse, oval handle, saber ground, fals upper swedge, a kind of bottle opener style choil
    AA – Argonne assault. 10th anniversarry = shorter blade, 20th = longer blade. "magnum" = battle mistress sized argonne assault blade. california legal version was with the knuckle dusters ground off.
    APACHE THROWER - throwing knives made for andy prisco. they were 5160 instead of infi (or a2)
    APPRENTICE KNIFE – made by people working under the busse apprentice program, most/all were sans talon hole.
    BA – bad apple
    BW - bad wardens. these were new style game wardens with skeletonized handles, featuring handle inserts of various materials.
    B&T – Bird and trout knife
    BLUE GRASS BOWIE – a bueatiful gfd bowie made from an e-handled knife
    BOOT KNIFE BLANKS - a set of dagger shaped boot knife blanks made of d2 steel, offered to the public unheat treated and unground.
    BOSS - "Busse Old School Series", when busse brings back an older blade pattern for a production or custom run. sometimes with new features, sometimes in almost near replica format.
    CABJ - Choiless Anorexic BOSS Jack. a 1/8" version of the Choiless BOSS Jack LE.
    COMRAMBIT - the initial custom order that preceded the war boars production design
    DAGGER - a 1983-1986 blade that was made from jerry's brothers design
    DH – defiance hill – stag handled d2 blade bowie, made early in jerry’s knife making career
    DROP POINT HUNTER BLADES - 3" blade with 5160 steel. sold to the public ground, coated and heat treated. they were originally used as apprentice training blanks in the 1980s
    DWMS – Desert Warfare Mean Street – smooth coat, reddish-brown micarta. .220 normally. Some in 9/32.
    EDC Blades - prototypes made from 3rd gen handled knives. the pomel was ground off around the last tube fastener, creating a much shorter handle.
    European Line - Combat 6, Caretaker, Combat 4, Basic 4
    FIB – flinted Indian blade, heavily gun blued 0-1 blades made by jerry early on
    FT - flying tiger, looks like a modified flying mojo, with the recurve ground out of the back end of the blade, the flying serrations closer together, and a lot of handle variance.
    GPK = Grand Piano Key. a modified 6" pbf done in a similar style to the piano keys.
    GREEN HORNET - killer bee w/ jungle green powder coat.
    HACK - similar to the apprentice blades, these are knives that are "hacked" down from larger model blanks by apprentice knife makers, also sold as customized versions of larger knives such as the "warden HACK". generally the have the talon hole cut out to make a larger choil.
    HD - heavy duty. a .220 version of the active duty.
    HS - High Street. an sus scrofa variation where the blade was clipped at the top edge and brought up into an acute point, creating a broad clip point style out of the original wharncliffe.
    HT - holy terror. was a serrated d-gaurd attachment meant for the original straight handled steel hearts. also came with a seperate handle so it could be used by itself.
    HOG INDUCTION KNIFE - any knife that is used during the "hog induction ceremony". may be specifically refering to the 2006 blade induction knife, wich was a straight handle steel heart with a large step style spine, similar to the saw back battle mistress. used a custom gold powder coat.
    HOOD KNIFE – a straight handled battle mistress variant designed by ron hood
    IA – internal affair (a clip point bme variant)
    INBRED FIGHTER - a 7.5" (bladed) purebred fighter, with a striped jungle camo.
    JUNGLE JACKET - a killer bee with striped jungle camo
    JUNGLE RECURVE - a euro 4 with striped jungle camo and recurved blade.
    Kl - Knight Light
    LIL' UGLY - from what ive seen, its an ealier version of the mean street
    LMS - leaner street (leaner meaner street = LMRS) a thinner variation of the mean street
    Mean Street Beater - a "fatty" mean street prototype that had a deep dish hollow grind set at about 3/4" of the heighth of the blade.
    MODEL T STREET - a variation on the meaner street, at .200 thickness, and only offered in black.
    MR MOFO – a saber ground version of the mr. mojo
    MR. MEFO - exact same knife as the mr. mofo, only with the leters "mefo" instead of "mofo" lazer etched onto it. a rare etching mistake.
    MIGHT BOHEMOTH – probably the coolest knife name ever (besides apocalypse 2 :rolleseyes: ), a recurved e-handled custom.
    MOAB – mother of all bowies. 2 editions were made, an original 13" version in 3/8" thickness, and the newer 14" version in .400" thickness.
    MUK - Jerry's take on the classic Nessmuk design.
    MUSKRAT - called "nuclear muskrat", it is a variant of the cultellus
    MUTANT MOJO – a gfd mojo
    NICK – nuclear infi culinary knife
    NUCLEAR EDC - An active duty variation with the same basic blade modifications as the High Street, came with a flame pattern bead blasted onto the blade.
    NIP - Nuclear Ice Pick
    NUKE HEARTS – steel heart variants that featured a sharpened top edge (hollow ground)
    OD - Off Duty – a 3/8 variation of the active duty
    PA - pink apple – variation of a variation, using pink died bone handles
    PD – birch knob polar drop, early smooth micarta smooth bolt busse. a “nuclear payload” knife, it was buried in 1989 for later retreaval
    PK - piano key, a small run of skeleton keys that were customized by mike thourot as a collaboration with jerry. they had satin finished blades with black and white handle scales.
    PILOT MASTER - a groove master with a swedge top, and a (mostly except tip) serrated blade, meant for downed plane/helicopter extraction.
    PS - Pepper Shaker (swedged assault shaker variant)
    RESCUE JACK - a 3rd gen handled satin jack with spotted jungle camo used by jerry to cut open a crash victims car to makes sure they were okay.
    RED CROSS VARIANT - SHBM base, recurved main edge with flying style serrations at back of curve, swedge top with second edge covery forward half of blade, swedge containing flying style serrations as well. finger grooved handle and skull crusher pommel.
    RUGER BOWIES – a style of bowies from the early days (preproduction) of jerry busse’s knife making career
    SKUNK SLAYER - an ergo battle mistress with a horrizontal blake and white stripe camo (running the length of the blade). it seeminly helped to hide the profile of the blade very well.
    S.O.W. VARIANT - Santa's Outlaw Wicked Variant. a varition of the special forces handled natural outlaw, including a recurved clip point blade, and red g10 handle scales.
    TRICKSTER MOJO – a mr. mojo variant
    VWF – vasco wear fighter. A ruger bowie made in vasco wear steel.

    military overun knife designations

    3b2 - a variation of the ASH-1 model
    ARK - Air Rescue Knife (or ar - air rescue)
    AT1 – arctic team 1, a clip point bme with white coating, and forward seat belt cutter style serrations.
    NUCLEAR BARF - Nuclear Busse Assault Ring Fighter. came in 3 sizes, and a california variant.
    B.A.R.F - Busse Assault Ring Fighter - fighter-style offered with forward finger ring for retention/positional maintenance. Offered in 3 sizes, as well as 3 ringless
    BOLO INSPIRED BATTLE BLADE - a variation on the ergo steel heart, with eu handles and a scallop taken out of the spine near the handle to create a more weight forward design.
    BS - buffalo soldier
    DSF – desert storm fighter
    DMR - desert mud razor. a military run of the hell razor, without corrogated bevels, and a dark brown crinkle coat.
    EU17 - extraction unit 17. these knives were offered in regular, magnum and mini sizes. they were made from e-series blades, specifically the BM, SH, and NO sizes.
    JD - jungle defender. a public defender variant that had a hollow ground flat main grind section, with a regular flat ground forward grind section.
    JACK HAMMER - satin jack tac that used the heavy corregated bevel technology. only sold in combination with the les baer custom grip pistols.
    LU – lil’ ugly
    PT5 - "protection team 5" (possibly), a tanto variation on the no-e model.
    RIPPER - 1/4" thick modified version of the eu17 (recurved with serrations added)
    SHIVA REX - a military overrun originally made in 1996, designed for light carry cqc.
    SMOG WARDEN - "Special Military Overrun Game Warden". The new Game Warden blades featuring a dcbb finish with tan+grey g-10 handle slabs. featured a partially seat belt cutter style serrated blade.
    SOUL1 – A blade that has very strict regulations on public purchase.
    ST-56 - a variation of (i think) a SF natural outlaw, with a spine that curves down to meet the point, giving the appearence of a "persian fighter". came in 6 and 7" blade lengths
    SOUL2 - same situation as the soul1, sold in 2 thickness' - .190” & .265” (hogsoul2)
    ST-65 - a persion style recurved fighter featuring a Flying SF Handle. came in 6" and 7" blade lengths.
    ST RIPPER - 3/16" thick modified version of the zero tolerance natural outlaw. recurved, and some with serrations added, others plain edge.
    TALIWHACKER – only busse knife to use sr101
    TANKER A – a longer version of the combat 4, came with serrated or pe (plain edge) options. (at least one of wich had raptor patern slabs).
    TM – terror monkey – a isreali special unit specializing in rapelling, these knives had a special coating, and 2 handle variations, one eu-17 style, and another that thinned out the index finger area, and the curve going towards the butt. They were made from zero tolerance blade blanks, in bm, sh, and no sizes. they were given with the option of new style serrations, or plain edge.
    UD - urban defender. same as jungle defender, but with urban camo coating.
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    handle designations (and features)

    3RD GEN (generation) - used on the satin jack and others of its time. 3rd gen = (1) straight handles, (2) ergo handles, (3) 3rd gen, (4) fusion/tac/sf. having no specified designation from busse, these get called by various names.
    BB - birds beak (handle designation, specifically the butt)
    E - ergo (handle designation)
    EDC - every day carry (handle used for active duty)
    EU - extraction unit. meaning a handle similar to those used on the eu17 series of knives.
    F - fusion (meant to be a handle designation, but often misused to designate the new line of knives)
    FACTORY WRAPPED – used on the pure bred fighter series, it was a Japanese style wrap, normally used in the busse colors of black and yellow.
    FLYING – seat belt cutter style serrations on the top and bottom of the knife, near the tip. Also used intermittently to describe handle modifications (wich vary)
    G-REX - A scale setup where a layer of g10 makes up a mock-bolster and spacer in one piece, with the remainder of the handle being a different material/color.
    KZ - Type of handle used on the KZII
    MAGNUM - a thicker then normal handle variation used on the new line. also used to describe a larger or longer version of other knives, such as the magnum eu17
    NM - Nuclear Meltdown, described as a "ball bearing" treatment where all exposed edges other then the edge itself are rounded.
    QUILTED PATTERN - a set of raised diamonds, like a file with aposing teeth (diagnal roes in both directions). most notably used on the e series of handle slabs.
    RAPTOR PATTERN - a wavy set of grooves most notably used on the edc (active duty) handles
    ROPE PATTERN - used on 3rd gen handles
    SAR - The standard handle found on SAR 3,4,6 and 8 models
    SAR - The handle found on the SAR5
    SF - special forces (handle designation)
    SH – straight handled
    SLOTTED - a type of handle fastener essentially a flat head screwdriver bolt, used between smooth and tube periods
    SMOOTH BOLT- a type of fastener that had a smoothe head, used on the earlier knives, before production years started
    SMOOTH MICARTA – designates a lack of machining on the micarta slabs, meaning they are smooth rather then rope pattern or raptor patterned.
    TAC (T) - tactical (handle desination)
    TT - Test Team, type of handle used on the TTKZ
    TUBE - the current handle fastener that is essentially a tube of metal that is flared out at the ends under extremely high pressure, creating holes through the handle that can be used to tie things to the handle, or create d-gaurds etc.

    handle materials
    ALLIGATOR TOOTH - A custom slab set made of alligator teeth suspended in black resin.
    CANVAS MICARTA – a layered material made of canvas and phenolic resin roughest and strongest of the 3 micarta’s used by busse
    CORD WRAPED - olive drab paracord - used on the lil ugly, and a few others.
    (alternate meaning) - black cloth that is wrapped around the handle in the japanese sword style.
    G10 - made from laminated glass cloth (fiberglass cloth) and epoxy resin. has been seen from busse in blue+black, tan+black, green+black, red, yellow, orange, tan+grey, and white+green variations.
    Giraffe Bone - stabalized and sometimes colored
    HARD ANODIZED ALUMINUM HANDLES - just as it reads, aluminum that is hardened and electrically anodized to take on specific surface colors. used on the ak47.
    LINEN MICARTA - a layered material made of linen and phenolic resin
    MAMMOTH TOOTH - Stabalized and often colored
    MP45 - a plastic that is no longer in production, used in the stealth hawk, occasionally used in customs
    PAPER MICARTA - a layered material made of paper and phenolic resin. Smoothest and weakest of the 3 micarta’s used by busse combat
    SHEAP HORN - used in customs offered occasionally on the boards (and probably for custom orders in general)
    RAM HORN - used on a pub defender variant offered in an extravaganzaa in 2006, as well as other customs and varients
    STABALIZED MAPLE - used in skeleton game wardens

    Handle Colors
    -Black (sort of greenish in color)
    -Black (sort of greenish in color)
    (Color that comes first describes amount of color, if "black and orange" then thick black banding with thin orange, if "orange and black" then thick orange banding with thin black.)
    -O.D. (Olive Drab)
    -Black and Tan ("tan" is very light, close to off-white in color)
    -Black and Coyote (as seen on the proto fsh back in 2003)
    -Red and black
    -Green and Black
    -Black and Blue
    -Orange and black
    -O.D. and black
    -Sage and Tan
    -Ugly (black and jade green, found on original run of ak47's)
    -Tequila Sunrise: Red, Tan and Black in equal sized layers
    -Sandstorm: Black, Coyote, Tan and sometimes Gray.

    coating designations

    AT1 – arctic team 1, a rare all white coating
    AW - acrtic white, the now common white crinkle coat
    BB – bead blast. can also be a selective bead blast to produce a patter, as
    seen on the fish scale style bead blasted game warden.
    Bama/BC: bama clay, reddish brown
    CC - crinkle coat
    CT - coyote tan
    DCBB - double cut bead blast
    DESERT SAGE - light beige
    DESERT SHADOW CAMO - a slanted striped combination of (i beleive) desert tans and greys
    DT - desert tan
    DW - desert warfare - same as desert/ciyote tan, used to describe the mean streets (older models).
    GOLD - used on the 2006 hog induction knife.
    JC - juncle camo
    JG – jungle green
    MG - Moss green, a light green on top of black crinkle coat.
    MUDDER - a brown mud collored color seen on the mud razor (hell razor variant) (also said as being a "muddy ---")
    MUDDY - new name for the mudder color
    OD - olive drab, used on the terror monkeys, also replaces the jungle green in newer production knives.
    SM - smooth coat (both of wich are normally spelled out)
    SATIN FINISH – a sand paper style finish that has all the sanding marks going in one direction. One of the stages before mirror polishing.
    SAND - Like tan, but with a grittier color pattern
    SC - spotted camo. prototype camo pattern seen most notably on the car crash knife used by jerry to cut away metal of a smashed vehicle to get to the victims to assess the situation.
    SJC - spotted jungle camo - just in case there is ever any other variations on the style, such as spotted urban camo
    JUNGLE SHADOW CAMO- a slanted striped combination of greens (olive drab) and grays
    TG - Tanker gray, darker then urban gray, and more matte
    TERROR MONKEY - a slanted line coating using olive drab, gray and black colors overlapping
    UC - urban camo
    URBAN GRAY - like the olive drab and desert tan, only gray (slightly glossy)
    URBAN SHADOW CAMO - a slanted striped combination of blacks and grays

    blade feature designations

    ASSYMETRICAL EDGE (assym.) - a type of cutting edge beveling, where one side of the cutting edge is steeply ground (say, 15 degrees), and the other side is much more obtusely ground (say, 45 degrees). the actually cutting edge is iether left or right of center, depending on the wich side the steeper angle is on. in effect, it looks like this:
    it can be maintained by steeling the shorter obtuse side, and stroping the steeper taller side. it is also a stronger edge that is less prone to damage (better for chopping)
    BAND CUTTER – used on the force one, it is a second edge meant for heavy abuse, such as cutting steel banding. (picture on badmojo shows use as early as 1984), most often on the spine of the knife.
    BAT - busse armored tip, used most notably on the stealth hawk (sh)
    BLADE CATCH (BOTTLE OPENER) – the piece of metal on the top of the ricasso as seen on the uncle mofo. Works as a second guard, and also to add weight at the center of the blade (pulling the balance closer to the handle)
    BONEY - Ground thinner (1/8") and with a higher rc hardness (60rc)
    BROAD TOOTH - in reference to the old style serrations (seat belt cutter style), meaning they are set fairly far apart. it is the normal style of old serrations, the more agressive close together pattern being for dedicated fighters like the flying tiger.
    CORRAGATED BEVEL - corregations, or fullers - can be with or without the heavy corregation effect, wich is essentialy a set of fullers that run down the blade.
    CNC BEVEL - a convex blade grind that is created solely using a cnc machine. soon to be patented to busse combat.
    CG - combat grade, generally reffering to standard line knives, non le/non military
    COMPETITION GRADE - refering to a finish that is dedicated to cutting ability, with noticably less attention paid to surface finishing. meant only for use, not to look pretty.
    DISTAL TAPER - distal: away from. meaning that the blade thins in thickness as it goes towards the tip.
    FIELD GRADE – essentially the same thing as cg, used on earlier knives
    HOG - heavy ordinance grade. denotes 5/16" blade thickness, and a full flat grind rather then saber grind. may also denote one who has a propensity for buying/collecting busse's, or a love thereof.
    INFI – the proprietary steel that is patented by busse combat, used in all of their knives. unique in its use of nitrogen as a major alloy (along with a reletively low carbon content).
    LE - limeted edition
    MP45 - the plastic laminate used in the stealth hawk
    MAGNUM - a thicker then normal handle variation used on the new line. also used to describe a larger or longer version of other knives, such as the magnum eu17, or the magnum argonne assault
    NM - "Nuclear Meldown" Having the "ball bearing" treatment on the spine (rounding it), and generally meaning a variation on the original pattern that has 1" added to it's blade length.
    OVERSIZED - used to describe the larger urgent fury
    PENETRATOR TIP – two small bevels on the upper corners of the tip of the blade. Increases penetration ability.
    PROTO - a specially made set of knives to test out a new feature or blade coating
    QUATRUPLE GROUND – a variation where there is 4 separate bevels to the main grind of the knife.
    RICASSO – the flat part between the blade and handle.
    SERRATED (new style) - a standard 2 small 1 large style serrations, wich leaves no straight edge
    SERRATED (old style) - a kind of seat belt cutter style serration spred apart enough to allow for a straight edge between the serrations
    SR101 - 52100 with proprietary heat treatment, resulting in a steel with properties similar to those of infi, but to a slightly lesser degree. used in the taliwacker, and later used by swamp rat knife works.
    SWEDGE – a set of bevels placed on the spine of the knife, near/on the tip
    SYMMETRICAL EDGE (symm.) - when both sides of the cutting edge are round at the same angle (say 15 degrees right side, and 15 degrees left side), as apposed to the edge being ground assymetrically. generally considered to be better for slicing applications then assm.
    TALON HOLE - a busse trade mark, it is a hole put in the bottom gaurd (between index finger and blade).
    TRIPLE GROUND - a variation where there is 3 separate bevels to the main grind of the knife.
    UNDERSIZED - used to describe the smaller urgent fury
    ZERO EDGE/ZERO GROUND - when the line that dilineates the cutting edge and the main grind is ground to be convex, often seen on limeted edition blades. can only be performed on satin finished blades.
    ZT - Zero Tolerance – zero tolerance were essentiall “anorexic” (3/16” thick) editions of the ergo line, most with a swedge upper tip, and a saber grind.
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    blade thickness designation

    ANEREXIC (a) - normally thinner then normal, can be 3/16 or 1/8 depending
    BULEMIC - a yet unused thinness designation of between 1/16 and 1/8
    FATTY - thicker then normal (above .25)
    HEAVY - a thicker version of a standard 3/16" knife, generally .220" thick.
    HO - heavy ordinance - same as fatty
    LEAN(er) – used for the mean street series, meaning less thick then normal (below .25)
    MOA - mother of all, generally refering to 3/8" thick; specifically the moash and moab (mother of all steel hearts, mother of all bowies)
    OBESE - normally 3/8" thick
    XXL - refers to the 1/4" NICK variation's thickness

    .09 - between 1/16 and 1/8 - technically closest to 1/11 (NICK thickness (bulemic))
    .125 - 1/8" (anerexic)
    .15 (special run of nuclear air rescue knives)
    .1875 - 3/16" - zero tolerance thickness
    .200 - model t street thickness, between 3/16" and .220
    .22 - standard thickness for tactical, fusion, and special forces knives - just below 1/4, technically 11/50
    .25 - 1/4"
    .27 - slightly above 1/4", close to 3/11ths, (fatty)
    .3125 - 5/16" (high ordinance, fatty)
    .350 - between 5/16 and 3/8, sometimes used with the "mother of all" prefix
    .375 - 3/8" (obese) (application for determining thickness by decimal)

    variant designations

    BABY - same as mini, seen on "baby barf" post
    BLACK TIE - game warden featureing black g10 scales
    BULL NOSE – when the top tip of the knife (on the spine) is sharpened to so that the spine drops abruptly into the tip. Creates a stubbier, but more durable looking tip.
    CALIFORNIA - whenever a knife uses an integral knuckle gaurd, a variant is sometimes made with the gaurd ground off in order to make it legal for sale and cary in california.
    COFFIN HANDLED - a handle with an equal length spine and belly, witha butt that is half of hexagon, creating the appearence of a wild west style coffin. most notably used on a killer bee gfd.
    CHISEL GROUND - normally it would mean that one side is completely flat (lacking primary grind), but on busse knives it can mean a puuko style grind, meaning there is no secondary cutting edge bevel, the main grind goes from straight into the cutting edge, as seen on "chisel ground skull crusher(s)"
    DEEP DISH – referes to a very deep hollow grind
    FISH SCALE PATTERN DCBB- fish' scale pattern bead blast (specifically used on gamewardens)
    FLYING – seat belt cutter style serrations on the top and bottom of the knife, near the tip. Also used intermitedly to describe handle modifications (wich vary). when in referenc to handles, it basically mean that metal has been removed from the handle. to "fly" the spine is to remove metal to give a different effect/grip, and handle weight. "You know, If I "flew" it. .. I could lose another 1/2 ounce. . . .hmmmmm. . . . stand by for take off." - jerry busse. simplfied, it means "to remove metal from"
    GFD – grind frontal design. Meaning jerry himself takes the knife to the grinder without any template to work from
    GHOST - can mean several things. the ghost steel heart was a bead blasted birds beak sh1 that had a faint busse combat logo visible. as a generalized term, it refers to a combination of coating and handle materials that creates a light grey color, such as grey/white g10 and urban grey coating.
    HARPOON TIPPED – when there is a swedge that stops before the tip, creating a spine configuration that would catch on material when withdrawn from a stab
    JA – jungle assault. Unknown specifications for use
    MAGNUM - a thicker then normal handle variation used on the new line. also used to describe a larger or longer version of other knives, such as the magnum eu17, or the magnum argonne assault
    MINI – a smaller version of a pre-existing knife
    MOLE - specifically "mole jack". in this case, meaning sterile black crinkle coated blades.
    NAKED - can mean without handle, without coating, or without sheath
    NUCLEAR - having the entire length of the spine sharpened using a deep dish hollow grind.
    PRESENTATION GRADE - used in reference to a small run of thin satin finished NARKs (.150" thick).
    QUATRUPLE GROUND – a variation where there is 4 separate bevels to the main grind of the knife.
    SAW BACK - a term used in the description of a custom. it used the flying (but non slanted) serration pattern. it had 3 levels cut into the spine, each slightly lower (more towards the center of the knife).
    SEARCH AND RESCUE - featuring yellow g10 handles scales
    SWAG BACKED - a term used by jerry to describe a 3 humped back, like what is seen on the fusion battle mistress. it was used to desribe a Triple Clip Steel Heart Variant.
    TRIPLE GROUND - a variation where there is 3 separate bevels to the main grind of the knife.
    UNCLE – meaning without blade catch – used when referring to the mr. mofo/mojo line
    YELLOW JACKET - having a yellow g-10 handle (specifically used for game wardens)

    sword designations

    AK - American Kensai
    AK47 - the second version of the american kensai, with an 18" blade, and fusion style pommel. utilizes the new "CC Bevel" technique of knife machining.
    RUCK KENSEI - a modified version of the AK47, having 15" blade, and a total length of 23 1/4". the last tube fastener and pommel was removed to shorten the handle.
    DF - dragons fang (zakuri hira kissaki, blade catch, and finger grooves throughout handle length)
    HH - hells hornet


    1911 GRIPS - custom grips made by busse combat to fit 1911 pistols.
    BEATER - a knife that is deligated to heavy use, sometimes what can be called "abuse", such as throwing into things, using as a prybar, scraping up linolium etc.
    BLASTING CAP – a busse combat hat that had a sap (pouch with lead shot) sewn into the back
    B.O.S.S. - "busse old school style" a designation meant for knives that are fashioned after older designs jerry made.
    CBL – carling black label, a cheap American “lager” that uses malt rice
    DEATH CHAT – a thread that has continous train of thought posting that can some times last into the 10,000+ post mark
    DOG TAG – tags that came with some of the earlier knives that had the busse combat company information on them
    EXTRAVAGANZA - essentially an overstock sale from busse combat. used to clean out extra unsold variants, old models, and various other items from the storage rooms. also used to sell variants that are not for a specific order, and military over runs.
    G.P. BUSSE – Gerald paul busse
    HOG – someone who shows long lasting interesting in the busse combat company, especially one who is willing to purchase them (sometimes in large quantities)
    JOHNNY WALKER – a brand of blended whiskey
    K.G.B. - kathrine grace busse (also keebler gurilla brigade)
    -BLACK LABEL - 12 yo blend - the first "sipping" scotch from johnny walker, meant to be drank on its own. green and gold labels followed, each producing a smoother flavor (as a result of the longer periods in oak barrels)
    -GREEN LABEL - 15 year old blend
    -GOLD LABEL - 18 year old blend
    -RED LABEL - designed to be blended with other drinks to provide scotch flavor
    -BLUE LABEL - a reproduction of the original johnny walker recipe on wich the company was founded and built.
    KOOL AID - a reference to the jones town massacre/suicide (which was actually flavor aid, not kool aid). this is meant to describe the perceived cultish nature of busse fans.
    LEMUR – a reference to a post regarding dark nemesis as a lemur. Also called dark lemur etc.
    LES BAER ACTIVE DUTY COMBO - a tiger stripe active duty and a modified 1911 pistol. the 1911 featured a set of tigerstripe micarta handle slabs that were ground in the same style as the active duty. several other modifications were made to the pistol. also sold in a combination with the jack hammer.
    NAKED - can mean without handle, without coating, or without sheath. generally when its used in the "random" category - it means without sheath.
    NUCLEAR PAYLOAD – a knife, or set of knives that was buried by jerry through out his knife making career.
    O.I.N.K. - owners of indestructible nuclear knives. the custom shop owners group designation.
    PICTURE KNIVES - blades that are finished on one side, and spray painted rather then powder coated, made of mild steel. used for initial design verification for military contracts.
    SAFE QUEEN - a knife that is bought and not used, sometimes actually stored in a safe, sometimes on top of a sock drawer. the basic idea is that the knife is ither "too pretty to use", it is a collectors item, or it is not used to maintain a higher monetary value by keeping it in "mint condition"
    TO PRETTY TO USE - a knife that speaks to the very soul of the owner, a knife whose lines caress the pleasure center of the brain to a point that it cannot be used without heavy regret from the owner.

    Ganzaa information:
    This information isn't that informative as it does not include the knives that were offered, for a series of photographs of the knives presented at each ganzaa, you can look here: I include them here more for searching purposes, so that when you look back through the forums to find information on knives sold in these ganzaa's, you can know the rough dates to be looking in.

    ganza/ganzaa - an "extravaganzaa" where one or more knives are offered in limited numbers through bladeforums. these have included customs as well as military over runs.
    Minumental - (2/5/06)
    Knob Creek - (4/8/06)
    Microscopic - (7/8/06)
    Blade West - (9/16/06)
    Liliputianganzaaaa - (10/14/06)
    Milganza - (3/25/07)
    Knoboganza (4/14/07)
    BloodBathAganzaaaa - (7/21/07)
    BladeWestAganzaa - (9/19/07)
    13th Knoboganzaaa - (11/3/07)

    Unique Game warden nomenclature:

    Hunter orange warden - .140" satin finished game warden with orange g10 handle scales
    Fence Fried warden - .170" game warden with a special double cut finish that looked like a chain link fence had been layed across it, with jungle green g10 handle scales
    Tiger warden - .170" satin finished game warden with tiger hide micarta handle scales
    Black tie warden - .140" satin finished game warden with black g10 handle scales
    SAR warden - .140" black crinkle coat game warden with yellow g10 handle scales
    Fire warden - .170" satin/double cut game warden with a special "flame" finish, the flames being in satin, and the reverse negatives of the flames being in double cut.
    Black tiger warden - .200" black crinkle coat game warden with tiger hide micarta handle scales.
    Sage warden - .190" sage crinkle coat game warden with black canvas micarta handle scales.
    Leprechaun warden - .195" olive drab coating (semi crinkle, like the desert coat) game warden with green linen micarta handle scales.


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    Nov 28, 2006
    I'm reposting this under my new name, since I can't edit or access the old list. (had to change my name because of an email error that made the account unaccessable).

    I don't update it often, but I try to keep up with the main trends. Next thing is to update the gamewarden info...

    How cool would it be to have a busse company history book (or permanent website) with a knife timeline, description and full page photo of each major knife, with a 6 per page gallery of the variations of each major knife... Info might include blade specs, time created, grind and geometry description, rough or specific number of blades produced, and any interesting trivia about them....

    I'm not saying I'm gonna make it - but how cool would that be?
    SO..... I dont own any game wardens, and I didn't really follow them as they were coming out. And now I gots me somes questions :D

    The red, yellow, orange, and pale white/grey handle options: what was the material used for these? was it micarta or g10?

    also, if you find that any of my descriptions are off or flat out wrong, feel free to comment: constructive critism is welcome :)
  5. Cutshaw

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    Nice job, LVC!
  6. Guyon

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    Mar 15, 2000
    G-10 was used in the red, orange, black, SMOGs (pale white/grey), and I believe, the Yellowjacket Wardens (black coating/yellow scales).
  7. Last Visible Canary

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    Nov 28, 2006
    Is smog an acronym? or simply a word used to describe it? I'm sure I could find it, but I hate doing long searches :D
  8. Cobalt

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    Dec 23, 1998
    Don't forget these
  9. Guyon

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    Mar 15, 2000
    It is an acronym. I think it stands for Special Military Overrun Game warden. Don't quote me on that. I've been drinking.
  10. Guyon

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    Mar 15, 2000
    Can anyone provide any info about this "large purchase"? I have one of the 6" blades.
  11. Last Visible Canary

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    Nov 28, 2006
    I'm leaving out a lot of the combination names of blade features, handle features, and blade designations because it would probably triple the size of the list. I'm assumeing that if a person reads through it and see's the "bb = bead blasted, SH = straight handles or steal heart", they should be able to peice the meaning of a larger acronym together.
  12. Last Visible Canary

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    Nov 28, 2006
    lol, yaaaaa I think we'd all like to hear about that one. Jerry commented on it passingly that an individual was selling a large collection of older busse's, and wanted to sell them all in one chunk if possible. I dont know if skunk purchased all of them, or just a large part of them - but that was the last of it as far as I remember.

    I dont know if they were all sold to skunk, the rest were sold to 1 individual, or if it was peiced out to multiple buyers, but I remember jerry saying that he didnt want to say who was looking for them or buying because of privacy matters; just if you were interested you should contact him and he'd pass your info along to the seller.

    This was a while ago though... Skunk might be willing to fill in a few gaps if he's okay with giving the info out (or has any other info on it).
  13. Last Visible Canary

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    Nov 28, 2006
    Excellent :D I always like to add to the military overrun section...

    So It appears as though they grey g10 handles are actually grey+desert tan colored?

    then what the heck color is the hogfsh variant at the bottom of the pic thread? blue and white? blue and tan? grey and tan?
  14. Guyon

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    Mar 15, 2000
    No, I think that the SMOGs and the variant have the same G-10. Color sure looks awfully close anyway. Maybe someone sober will chime in on this one...


    Oct 29, 2005
    smogs were listed as grey/tan camo g10.

    what about the ruck kensei and sow variant?
  16. xaman


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    WOW! I've never seen this before -- THANKS!
  17. Last Visible Canary

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    ruck and sow added :) Do you know how many sow variants were made?

    I really hate that I dont have a ruck kensai. Seriously one of the 4 holy grail busses I've always wanted. Just dont have the money for it :grumpy:


    Oct 29, 2005
    just speculating, but i would guess less than 100.

    im still waiting on my ruck, should be here soon. cant wait to see that one.

    what are the other three grail busses for you?
  19. Ken44


    Jun 29, 2005
    Thanks LVC, am going to print your list for sure.
    If any Hogs know of any missed so far add er on:thumbup:
  20. tony22r


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    This list is awesome!
    Thanks for posting :thumbup:

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