"Always carry a pocket knife"

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"Always carry a pocket knife"

I was at my nephew's birthday party a few weeks ago and forgot to carry a knife. There were a lot of toys in plastic and cardboard packaging that needed to but cut open. My family knows I always carry a knife. I was asked at least half a dozen times for my knife and each time I had hang my head in shame. :eek: :(
Great story, solid calls.

Gave pocketknives to all 3 of my younger cousins (all girls, 7, 12, 14) for Christmas, and they were all very pleased. I figure knives make great gifts for kids, something practical, durable, and something that will help the kid feel "grown up".

I also advocate buying cheap knives in bulk and giving them as tips. I bough 100 little Chinese multi-tools on eBay for 20c ea, will take me a while to get those handed out.

If everybody in the U.S. had a little SAK on their keychain, we'd hear a lot less of this anti-knife/anti-gun foolishness.

Thanks for the warm post jacknife. It's great to see granddads passing wisdom down to their grandkids. Maybe there is hope for the younger generation. I live in California and most of the time I just shake my head at the foolishness that goes on here.

Keep up the good work Jackknife.
I'm 40 years old and while I don't consider myself an old fart just yet I'm getting closer every day.
I was blessed to grow up around men like you write about.
When I was a kid my heroes were'nt overpaid arrogant athletes or some
charcters from video games, they were my Dad,my Granddads and their freinds.
These men were larger than life to a boy from a small Pa.town.
My Dad and paternal grandfather carried Shrade stockmen and my other grandpa used a small Saber stockman with genuine imitation pearl scales.
These guys taught me to hunt and fish and work hard for what i got.
To this day even though Ihave over 500 knives in my collection including a few tacticals by some known makers I find myself carrying my small old timers Bucks and Uncle Henrys.I hope Ican carry on the values and ethics of my heroes.Sorry guys ,didn't mean to ramble on just had to add my 2cents.
Skip Fryling, the Pa Knifeguy.
A very enjoyable story. I'm really glad to hear that the gentlemen was teaching his grandson about knives.
I'm 33 years old and I always carry a pocket knife because my Grandad always carried a pocket knife. Excellent thread everybody and thank you Jacknife for getting it started.
TBH, THIS is the first thread Ive read in "this" part of the forum. I usually look in Survival, Gadgets, Tactical etc, basically the more modern stuff. BUT, having just read that fantastic bit of writing & having memories of my own grandad stirred, I will definitely be a regular visitor here, even if its just to hear more from Jacknife! Thanks again.
(Im off now to look up some older posts! I havent really got any "traditional" blades in my collection, looks like Im in the right place to get some recomendations?)
Thanks for sharing jacknife. My grandfather was a great man just as you seem to be. He taught me how to drive, shoot an air rifle and the importance of having a good knife. I'm 34 now and have owned pocket knives since around age 8 (too young for me, I cut the heck out of myself) and some of my most priceless possesions are my grandfathers old pocket knives. My father knows that I'm a collector and was gracious enough to pass them off to me when we lost my grandfather. Every single knife has a chipped blade tip and the most expensive knife out of the 30 or so I got from him is an old uncle henry. Priceless to me though just like he was. And the way that I'm sure you are to your grandson. Have a great new year.
JK, you have no idea how much you remind me of my granfather (Papa..RIP) and my great grandfather (Grampaw). Both always said a man was not fully dressed for the day until he put his watch and knife into his pockets. Both carried pocket watches although Papa did go to wearing a wrist watch late in his life.

I used to lay by his chair and read to him after his eyesight went and he would tell me stories not unlike yours.

Speaking for the younger men (some of us anyway), you take us back to better times and fonder memories of when life was simpler than it is today.

I certainly hope you keep writing and if you do write that book, I definately am in line foran autographed copy.
I also think that you oughtta go for the book, JK.

I meet a lot of twenty-something aged folks, and I bet that not one in 10 carries a knife on a regular basis. On the other hand give a kid a pocketknife for a present (I always ask the parents, and they almost always agree, but look at me like I'm a loon) and watch their eyes light up. I remember giving a bar-Mitzva gift wahile back to a neighbor's kid. I dropped it by at the same time as someone else dropped by a much more expensive gift. The kid opened both presents, said thank you very nicely to both of us, and proceeded to play very intently with his new Swiss Army Knife, which should serve him well his entire life. How many other gifts could you say that about?
Not to be greedy (and I doubt I am the only one who feels this way;)), but I do.

I feel that we are very fortunate to have you posting those "meandering musings" here. You have an artful way of blending people and knives that have meaning, in words that hit home to many.

Ditto. Every post of yours I have read so far has been fantastic. I'm mid 30's and find your "musings" interesting a well thought out. I agree with Bastid, you have a way of blending your experiences with a wide audience.

Thanks again for the great read JK:thumbup:
Don't forget, it doesn't have to be an either/or. I carry either a stockman or SAK in one pocket, and a lockback clipped to another. I find the lockback more handy and functional for most cutting, but the stockman more pleasureable for extended cutting sessions such as whittling.

My kids are 6, and take it for granted, no matter where we are, that I have a knife to cut things open for them. And they know it's *sharp*, and that it's a very necessary tool. They don't get to use it or touch it yet, but they have a lot of respect for it already. They're getting there...
I just came across this story. It makes me happy. I'm in my thirties and I am glad to be an old traditional pocket knife user. I cannot get over how great your stories are Jackknife. I have begun to read all your old threads. Thanks.
Great post Jackknife. Email inbound.

I have started the move back to traditionals, but still like my "tacticals". Have you ever come up to the Chesapeake Bay Knife Club meetings? I swear I met a guy who said his handle on BF was Jackknife.
Great post Jackknife. Email inbound.

I have started the move back to traditionals, but still like my "tacticals". Have you ever come up to the Chesapeake Bay Knife Club meetings? I swear I met a guy who said his handle on BF was Jackknife.

No, I've never been to a meeting of the Chesapeake Bay Knife Club. I hate to think someone is using my handle at your meetings. If someone tells you he's jackknife, he's a lier.:mad:
No, I've never been to a meeting of the Chesapeake Bay Knife Club. I hate to think someone is using my handle at your meetings. If someone tells you he's jackknife, he's a lier.:mad:

I think it was at the past Chesapeake Knife show. The meetings are every second Monday of the month, at 7pm. C'mon out.:D
Nice jackknife, I enjoyed the post would like to read more from you. I gave my son his Granddads old barlow well worn but still a family treasure. Also I've started my grandson on old style folders he is six and has seven 18 pattern case knives, I have a old tested that will be his sometime. It is nice to see granddads and grandsons enjoying theselves together.

Thanks for the post
I have only just joined this forum, in the hope that I might be able to get some help to ID some knives I've inherited (I will post pictures at a later date...when I get some time to get the photos done).

I carry a knife, just a little twin bladed pen knife; nothing special but functional.
My fiancee and I where in a Starbucks recently when a couple of old girls sat next to us vainly attempting to open the wrapper on their muffins. One turned to me and flattering me with "you look strong, can you open these for us?" So, out came the old pen knife and away I went....only to be brought up short when the old girl said (quite loudly) "Oooh, he's got a knife". At this every head turned in my direction expecting some yob with a Rambo special! I was then asked by the staff to put the knife away or they would have to call security.....bummer! I pointed out that the blade is only just over 1" long and it isn't lockable, in the UK I believe that the max blade length is 3" and the knife can't be lockable. However, the staff were quite concerned that I was a possible threat to their staff and customers and they called the Police instead of security!

It all ended happily...after the first PC took my knife off me his partner gave it back to me after checking with their Firearms Officer ( :confused: ) and finding out that I wasn't breaking the law.
It is fun living in the UK during a media fenzy about 'knife crime'.

I still carry a knife and will do so until we're banned from carrying any blade.
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