Jo / Nathan, your transparency with your customers and followers is top notch; it inspires confidence in who you are and how you handle your business through unforeseen adversities and challenges posed when expanding a manufacturing business. Best wishes for a safe, smooth and seamless move regarding your new CNC center :)
Last time you bought a Mori, I remember it was moved through the mud and muck. This time it looks like it'll be through the snow. My wish for you is that the next time, you'll buy one and move it in good weather!!

Congrats on your quality growth. Keep it up, Mr & Mrs Carothers!
~having some of the best made knives
~ the way you have interacted with me personally with only kindess in my recent purchases and enquiries
~ your genuine approach, transparency and involement with this community
I have sold all my fixed blade collection and sticking with your work only

Thanks for all your hard work Nathan and Jo