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Another poll. How many of you out there are like me?

Aug 2, 1999
I discovered Bladeforums a little over a month ago, and I've got to say, I feel at home here. But, I notice that as I read some of the threads, part of my brain is saying, "Wow! These people use their knives hard." To be perfectly honest, I'm a lightweight user. I will even admit to my fellow Forumites (but never to my wife) that I could get by with just my Ladybug, and still not have to sharpen more than once a week. So tell me folks, are you --

A) a lightweight like me, or

B) one of them hard-usin' people for whom the edge retention properties of CPM 440V, the relative advantages of double liners versus single liners, etc., are real, practical concerns (as opposed to simply wanting to own the best knives possible)?

Thanks in advance,
I'd have to say I'm a relatively light user too. Opening packages around the house, mostly..nothing too "hard" to be sure. My knives get the most use when I am camping, and always need a good sharpening when we get home. My son is probably the hardest user in our house, and he's only 11!
Well i'm deffinately not a light weight user. Probably not 'heavy' either. I use my knives every day multiple times for many different things, and for different jobs..i require different knives. Say, cardboard. I know it dulls 'em quickly, but anyway, i'll use a plain edge for that or it gets ripped..whereas i use a spydie all, serrated for cutting hose etc. so i don't think i can limit myself to one knife, i'm just a normal guy that realized one day, knives just make life easier!

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I will admit that 95% of the time I am in the light user category. Which is probably why I carry Mini's almost exclusively for daily use.

I love knives and want the best quality possible because I never know when that other 5% of the time will occur.
Ok, you got me too, i admit it.I'm a light user.Some of my knives hardly ever cut anything.Others I use only when necessary.
I'm somewhere between lightweight and full bore. It seems to fluctuate throughout the year... many days it's just opening packages, letters, etc.... some days it's skinning game, setting up camp, etc.

Better over-prepared re: knife quality and ruggedness than under-prepared.

Another lightweight user checking in.

I think it's a little more complex than A & B though. I carry a heavier non-using piece for just-in-case as many forumites do. This means that although my normal daily use is opening packages and envelopes and cutting threads, I have an obligation to know how to use the other knife/knives I carry.

This is a heavyweight issue to me. Being prepared is an obligation I feel is necessary for self and family protection at all times. Sorry to dump a heavy comment in here, but I just felt it needed to be added to the mix.
I'm kind of a in-betweener, but I'd have to lean to the heavy side as well. I prefer bigger knives, and like grabbing a big ontario bowie and hacking away at random stuff.
I'm a heavy user quite a bit....I use one of my knives on a daily basis and I really do enjoy testing different steels to see how long they keep their edge and how easy they are to re-sharpen. It may sound crazy but I like to get quality blades dull just for the fun of it and then sharpen them to "scary" sharp again!! I mostly test forged blades (90%) as they are my favorite!
I am somewhere in the middle of the knife using spectrum. I carry a knife all the time, and I usually see myself using it about a dozen or more times a day. I have definite user knives that get jammed and scratched to no end, but I also have knives that I see myself not using, or using very little at most. All my carry knives are covered in scratches, most of the finish on the thumb studs has been removed from use, and the logos on the blades are at least partially missing from wear.

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For those that want both, here is the "Patrolman. A great knife for light duty, yet still very tough, and a very good choice for heavy cutting chores.

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Another light weight here! I have days where I have to make an exuse to take out my daily carry ... just so I can look at it.

That's right, I currently only have ...one knife (gasp)... that does double duty as a "just in case" and my general utility knife. I'm looking for a second knife, or maybe a multi-tool for general use so my Spydie Endura can be for "just in case". Of course, sometimes I think I should get a something else ... so my spydie could be for general utility.

I guess what I need is some sort of scale by which to measure.

If, on a scale of 1 to 10 Snickersnee is a 10 , I would fall somewhere between 2 and 3.
I'm quite rough on all the equipment I own. I do a lot of hiking on the AT, and weekend camping where on occasion a knife the size of an SOG Seal Pup has had to clean dead trees for a fire when one of my illustrious colleagues leaves their hatchet behind and I'm without my Kukhri. I have little respect for expensive things that can't take abuse, except for those things that just aren't supposed to. I thank the maker (Rekat and Benchmade) everyday for the Carnivore and the Axis.


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, the BM Mini-Axis and the Rekat Carnivour are the best production folders yet (IMHO, of course)!!

Well, nowadays, I'm taking it easy, so I fall down into the 'relatively light-weight' user class. Old habits die hard, though, so I carry a lot of steel. Probably more than I need, but I don't mind the weight (it pales in comparison to my gut!), and who knows, I just might NEED it someday, and then I'd feel stupid without it.

USED to be a real heavyweight, though...worked as a stage rigger in a Hemp-House. Had to be able to cut 1" Hemp in a clean stroke, 'cause I was usually hanging fifty to sixty feet above the ground when I was cutting...had to lanyard EVERYTHING. Even my Zippo. I'm probably that one-in-five guy who actually USES lanyard holes on his pieces...

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I use the Cliff Stamp scale (1=never use to 10=Cliff destruction)
I'm about a 6 or 7. I use knives everyday, and every evening I tune up my users for tommorrow. I try to keep specific knives for specific tasks...i.e hunter's only for game, utility only for work, etc

Forgot...I am quite impressed with the BF Spydie Native...very handy, easy to get into action and that CPM 440V holds a fine edge.

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I sign in as definitely lightweight. However, I often wish I had the opportunity to move more toward heavy use of my knives.

Dave R
For the most part, I'm a light user. I'm in EMS and have found myself in situations that have benefited greatly from carrying my Spyderco Police Model. It's great on seatbelts (although I'm certain that the victim is not too thrilled when seeing it come through their passenger window), but I really find it useful as a hedge trimmer. There are times when I find myself with small trees trying to impale me as I work on a patient, and the PM does quick work on them.... as fast, if not faster, than a saw.
Of course, it's lousy for opening envelopes, but that's why The Good Lord invented Kuhkris.

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?
I'm about a 6 on the Cliff Stamp scale.

I don't mind a knife that is stronger than its intended purposes either.
I open quite a few boxes and cut plastic staps now and again. So I guess I am a lighweight, but have been know to push a knife now and then. As for the steel issue, it's kinda moot to me. I find 1095 tool steel to be great for straight blades and it has been proven countless times by many manufacturers. I think steels like INFI are just marketing ploys. As for folders I like AUS 8 and 440C. Both of these hold an edge very well and are very easy to sharpen. I think blade design has a greater impact on how well a knife cuts then the steel....especially with most of the well known steel series.