Any long term EDC stories?

Harry Callahan

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Mar 17, 2002
I'm talking LONG term. Minimum of three presidential administrations. I think we knife enthusiasts are missing something here. We have EDC rotations. How ridiculous is that? Anybody got long term EDC stories to share?

My boss carried the same knife that his dad carried. He was sick when it came up missing. Physically ill. Anyhoo, that thing had to be around fifty years old. The blades had been sharpened down to nubs. It was a stockman and the main blade had been sharpened to where it looked like a prison shank. Talk about a splinter picker.

A buddy of mine carried a BM 710 that was made before it was even called a 710. It was a first production run or somesuch. He carried that knife everyday, everwhere, for years. I gave him a fully serrated Military that finally displaced that old BM but the last I knew he still had the BM (sharpened up and ready to go) sitting on his mantle. He had the worst time getting accustomed to the tip down carry of the Mil.
No long term stories from me as I am pretty young and have only started edcing a regular knife for the past 4 years. My knives from my youth are still around, but I dont carry them anymore
I carried an S&W funny folder for 20 years or more. (The grip is two pieces, and hinged in two axises so the blade and its cover is swung out of the frame, and the cover is then swung over the frame for a solid lockup.) The blade quality was not the best, but the lockup was solid and could only fail by breaking one of the pivot pins; the knife is thin and flat; the whole thing is stainless so it held up well.

It served my needs well. I still have it, but finally got tired of the need for frequent sharpening to get a mediocore edge.
my only kind of long term EDC was the Spyderco Native 1, with s30v steel. Not sure how long I carried it, but it was over a year where that was my only quality folder. Sort of my first decent folder, that didn't take two hands to open while ripping out fingernails, and sporting some nameless stainless steel from taiwan... Carried that thing without sharpening it, because i was scared to ruin it, haha. It got really dull so I bought another Spyderco, which I then carried for about 6 months, until that dulled...

Then I invested in a sharpmaker :D Took a few minutes to get the Native back to hair popping goodness.
I have only EDCed one knife for longer than 4 years... SwissBuck (Wenger PocketToolChest) on my keys for about 9 years now. Its always there scales are beat up and the pick and tweezers are a PITA to get out but it holds a good enough edge and the included tools are invaluable; blade, file, awl, bottle opener/ small flat driver, eye glasses screwdriver, and scissors. I have a replacement Wenger I picked up about a year ago but this thing just still works. My only gripe is I have bent the larger driver taking S&W grips on and off for people. Sorry its not at least 3 presidents long but I would have gotten in a lot of trouble if I got caught with a knife in high school... BTW Harry where is Seki City, VA? Its can't be anywhere near Roanoke and I grew up in Northern VA so where is it?

I bought a Buck 309 "Companion" in 1977. That was 5 presidents ago. E.D.C. ever since. Best knife i have ever owned.
I bought a Buck 303 in about '75, carried it daily until about '80, when I lost it on a trip (business, not drugs). Bought another and carried that one daily until ~90 or 91. I still have it and it still gets pocket time occasionally.
well, not just one ,but i been EDC'ing ( work ) 2 ea buck 301 and a schrade 340T since 1976. got another 301 " on deck ". stockman pattern is the best working knife there is. i cant even spell ninja. :p
My father was given a Case peanut by his mother when he was going off to college, before WW2. Grandmom gave it too him all wrapped up in a little gift box while they were at the train stain seeing him off. Dad passed on in 1981, and the little peanut was on his bedside table. It had been the only pocket knife he'd carried, and was worn down 50% in the main blade, and had a cracked handle. There were a few other pocket knives in his sick drawer that had been received as gifts over the years, but they were still in the boxes or wrappers unused.

In 1967 I bought a Buck 301 stockman at an army PX, and carried that knife for the next 25 years as my main edc. It got semi retired in the 90's, but I'll still carry it now and then.

I carried this one for fifteen years.
It was taken to France, Italy, Switzerland and most of the major mountains in Japan.
Skiing, climbing, caving, stream climbing, fishing and camping.
It was carried until I make next one shown below.

Now I carry this one to almost everywhere.
I carry no other blade.
My first knife was a Frosts Mora sheathknife. Not the ordinary redhandle but the same type of knife. As I grew up on a farm I always carryed that knife in my throusers as a kid and young tenager. exept when I was at school. I got it at age 4 and it was my only knife up till I was around 16 years old. After that I carried a Martiini lappinleuku 230 for the next 15 years. Then I used a hand made knife woodtype for the next 5 years. When i was around 35 I bought myself the best blade I could find and a very nice piese of curly birch root And made a knife after my own expectations that I now soon carried for 10 years and I dont plan to alter that knife as its perfekt for my needs. This is just EDC when Im in the rural areas of my cabbins and when in nature. For Real EDC I dont have carryed the same blade for such long periods. Sure I have knifes in rotation that I have used for aprox 25 years as my Puma prospector but I have always changed around between different knifes. When I was young it was 3 knifes but they have now stacked up to be around 10. I experience a differense though since this spring as I now carry my Case CV medium stockman eath and every day. Mabye this knife stays in my pocket longer than Obama stays president. Time will show.

I carried a Kershaw liner action 2420 for ten years, and a Sarco Rollx for 12...have them both still...Great knives.... here is a link to a similar post on Talkblade where I can post pictures so you can see my two!

I still have one of those. Was the first liner lock I bought YEARS ago and is still good! I also have a Kershaw model 1044 (carried for 6-7 years) and a Swiss climber (19 years of edc) Both in still great working condition. The handles on the 1044 are some sort of rubber (I dont know) and has been worn so much. Those were my only edc till I joined this forum 3 years ago (been downhill from there :p) To many blades now to chose what to edc, but the swiss is still there. Everyday.
When I was about 12 years old in 1983 or so, I saw a display of SAKs in a storefront, and I decided I had to have one as my first knife. I spent some time saving up my money and agonizing over exactly which model I wanted. Finally when I had the cash, I bought myself a Victorinox Huntsman. It was my edc from then on, and got used hard until about the year 2000.

I still have it, but I don't carry it as much anymore. Now I edc a Vic Spirit multitool and/or one of several tradtional slipjoints. In some ways the knife knut thing has spoiled the "purity" of having an edc and sticking to it.
In some ways the knife knut thing has spoiled the "purity" of having an edc and sticking to it.

I have the same feeling. Eatch and every knife in my rotation of about 10 knifes has the quality to be the only in my lifetime pocketknife. The swaping of EDC realy does that they dont get the heavy used character I so love in a pocketknife. Using one of them 10 times more wouldnt harm it a bit.

The oldest knife I have, that has seen constant use, is a Marbles Fieldcraft from the Stewart era at Marble Arms. It's been my camping/hiking fixed blade since I bought it, about 9 years ago. Nothing has even come close to displacing it. Wickedly efficient cutter. Brain dead easy to field sharpen. Awesome factory sheath. Very comfortable grip. The 52100 steel takes a god-like edge.

I've batoned it a billion times. Hacked with it. You name it. It's cleaned fish, made shelters, fashioned many new walking sticks, and generally been a constant companion. I'd trust my life to this knife. It's that dependable.

This knife is so taken for granted, I don't even have a single picture of it. I will have to remedy the picture problem. This knives deserves better than that.

My boss at work has a very old Marbles that he uses for hunting every year. It was his father's hunting knife before him. He brings it in to work for me to sharpen every fall before deer season kicks in. It's a real beauty. Old stacked leather handle and a half-rotted factory leather sheath. It's perfect.
not me but when i was 5 or 6 i found a SAK and gave it to my dad and it has been in his pocket every since. I am now 25 so he has carried it for about 20 years. every now and again he carries something else with it but its always in the bottom of his left front pocket.

I have a Old Timer 3 blade knife I still carry every once in a while. I don't carry it much because I dont want to loose it, it has sentimental value.