Anybody else not like clips?


Apr 3, 2010
I haven't seen many people's pictures of knives without clips on. I'm guessing I'm part of a minority. Well, who despises these things like I do? Tearing into my hand, making the opening of my pocket tight.... bleh. I also don't like the way people give you looks seeing you have a knife clipped to you. I'm a more discreete person, I don't dress flashy, and when I buy my first car it's not going to be a convertable. Well? Who else feels the same?
Same here flying beneath the radar is the only way to go. I put all folders down in my pocket, have a knife coming back for STR right now after having him install a lock bar stabilizer on a ti frame lock that I had taken the clip off of. I'll post pix in a day or two when I get it.
Easy to get to with a clip, doesn't clutter up my pocket.

Why is everyone always so worried about someone knowing they have a knife?
they are a necessary evil, I don't like how most of them feel in hand, but they serve their purpose while you carry a knife. Also it keeps the knife separated from other useless junk in my pockets like wallet, phone and keys.
I agree with you, Minnesota. The problem is that I dislike the alternatives more. I don't like digging in my pocket, and I don't like wearing a sheath. I guess that leaves a clip. Such is life!
I understand your points for not liking clips, but my biggest peeve with just putting a knife down in my pocket, is that it's not secured.
Anytime I just stick a knife down in my pocket it ends up banging around, against my leg. Not comfortable.
I mean, I can understand like a slipjoint or something smaller. But I usually carry something with around a 4 inch blade.
I wear loose fitting jeans with big pockets. Lots of room for a larger folder to knock around while I'm walking,
and eventually end up wedged horizontally at the bottom of the pocket.
If the knife is just in the pocket, it always goes horizontal. The clip keeps it neat and if you have a wave opener- well enough said.
Ah Minnesota, I agree with you entirely. My largest folder is a BM 940 and it needs no clip. I keep the knife in my right front packet and rarely notice it until I need it. I dont like clips for all the reasons you stated. It might be something in the Minnesota water as I live now in Stillwater.
aesthetically I think well designed clips look disgusting at best, but if you're carrying without a sheath, no doubt they're highly effective. I agree with what several peeople have said; clips keep the knife oriented and accessible in the pocket. small knives are ok imo without a clip, but slightly bigger ones need a clip to sit properly
I'm not having any of the issues you're mentioning, Minnesota. Those problems aren't intrinsic to using clips; they are dependent upon your choices of knives, pants, and behaviors.
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Clips are not good for ergonomics, but they make carrying a knife soooo much more comfortable. With out on, I find the knife will always turn sideways, being super uncomfortable and slow to deploy (always an inconvenience, sometimes life threatening). And I am not afraid of anyone knowing I have a knife.
they are a necessary evil, I don't like how most of them feel in hand, but they serve their purpose while you carry a knife. Also it keeps the knife separated from other useless junk in my pockets like wallet, phone and keys.

Yeah - that sums it up for me too
I don't use them much anymore unless I have something without pockets. I remove the clip and put a lanyard on.
I,ve carried almost all of my knives clipped to my pocket my whole life. However the last couple weeks I've been experimenting with taking the clip off and it feels pretty good to, honestly I'm kind of undecided at the time. I like pocket clips because they make the knife super easy to access, they keep it away from the lint and crap at the bottom of my pocket, and they keep the knife from flailing and flopping in my pocket. Also they make it so I don't feel the weight of the knife as much.

However clipless works pretty good too. You can always feel it there in the bottom of your pocket so you always know that its still there and I think that it keeps it from unwantedly leaving the pocket. I have noticed though that after a few days of pocket carry, I find a lot of pocket lint and stuff near the pivot and stop pin etc.

I will always keep my larger knives clipped to the pocket (3.3" and up) yet the 3" and smallers get about 50 clipped/50 unclipped.
unless its a traditional, no clip equals no buy. i might make an exception if its one i just have to have.

anyway, i cant be the only one who has carried a knife in their cell phone holster while clipped to their belt?(with my phone in another pocket)

mine folds over and has a strong enough magnet to hold the knife somewhat in place, and its rigid enough to be clipped to. a belt holster screams knife, a cell phone holster is invisible.