Anybody like Swiss Army Knife?

Oct 8, 1998
Any body like SAK?
Victorinox? or Wenger?


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I've carried a mini Victorinox knife for years. The last few years it's been a mini-Champ. With its combination of blades, scissors, screwdriver, tweezers, and toothpick, and 2.25" length, it's hard to beat. It's like they say in the American Express commercial - I don't leave home without it.

Now that I've got my small Sebenza though, I must admit the mini-Champ's two blades don't get near the use that they used to.

Kelly Yates

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I carry either an Executive, an Ambassador or the Wenger equivalent to the Classic. There is a Tinker in my desk and a Climber in my ashtray. Multi-tools are great but I've carried a SAK for so long that I feel odd without one.
I carry the Executive every day, also have a Climber and Farmer model that rotate in and out of the line-up. I'm looking at the Swisstool with a speculative eye right now, that would be my next SAK.

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I have an Explorer I modified so that is has the scales with a ball point pen in it and a Champion (pretty much the Swiss Champ minus the pliers).

I carried a Climber for years but gave it away after breaking the blade. Used to love the scissors on my SAKs, but my Micra has assumed that role.

The models with the in-line phillips-head are my favs now (Explorer, Yeoman, and most of the BIG ones) though I used to use the small screwdriver on the can-opener as a phillips-head (where the can opener flares out grips the screw kinda like the flat phillips-head on the Micra).

Those flat ground blades can get really sharp. I hae cut myself badly more than once on those things.

I've carried both Wenger and Victorinox and I like the later for it's sharpening and edge holding abilities.

SAK’s are like the "Mom’s Apple Pie" of knives most of us have moved on to fancier deserts but there’s still fond memories for the old stand by.

Have Fun,
I must have three different sizes of SAK's kicking around at home and in my briefcase, up to and including the Monstrous Jumbo-Sized number with every tool imaginable. I was really pleased when Victorinox started offering them in black handle scales, too.

I've carried a Victorinox SAK everyday since I was 7 yrs old (31 now). I have 4 presently: a Classic on my keychain, a Climber(in my tackle box), a Super Tinker(in the car) and a Huntsman(my daily carry).
Razoredj: Amen on the black scales comment! Red is the classic colour and practical for outdoors use (i.e., easy to find when you drop it), but the black looks classy. Would like to see more colours, too.

DC: Good choices all.

SAKs are great gifts, too. Even non-knife people tend to like them. I have a Victorinox Midnite Messenger on order from SMKW for my girlfriend right now.

YEAH! the classic SAK. i love all my knives but i always have the SAK victorinox somewhere handy. my fav's are the matterhorn(which is the dlx tinker with a serrated blade), the explorer, and of course when i am traveling overseas the swisschamp. the SAK will never get you any funny looks at any airport or customs agent. the SAK's are the most compact every-tool you can possibly carry. both companies are great but for "orignality's sake" i choose the victorinox over wengers.


Ha , so many SAK lovers,
In fact all my SAK are Victorinox,
a outrider(longer) and a swisschamp.
I am happy with them, now I plan to
try a Wenger, it that worthy?

Does everybody have a Swisstool or WengerGrip
what do you think about these big SAK tools?
Man do i feel like a idiot, i've seen SAK posted all over the web and never put it together swiss army knife DAH,
well i've got about twenty of them
in my car and wifes car, kitchen draw,nitestand and wifes nite table ,toolbox,glovebox key chain etc etc etc,
i love them!!!!!
BTW they are all victorinox
Take a look at the Pioneer. NICE. Red alox handles and exactly what you need inside. Fit and Finish are fantastic as with all Victorinox knives. Very strong backsprings, and smooth as they come. Has a ring on it, it would carry well on keys, if maybe a tiny bit much. Oh yeah I carry a Swiss Champ in my backpack. The one thing in it I never thought I'd use years ago when I bought it...the magnifying glass. Use it a lot. That and the ball point pen. I forget necessities like pens all the time, and if not for the champ, I'd never be prepared for anything....g
My SAK is a Victorinox Explorer. I've had it for years and it's kept in a Victorinox pouch with a Sheffield mini-steel that works great.
Like James Mattis, it's not the blades but the tools that see the use.

The SAK is always in my briefcase along with a Gerber multi-tool. A Swiss-Tech technician hangs on my keychain with a nifty Photon ultra-mini light.


I have a SwissTool. Great tool! If the Wave hadn't come out, it would be my fav, but I have to say I like the Wave a little better, due to one-hand opening blades, true needlenose pliers, and smaller size and weight. The Swisstool is a great one though -- I keep mine in my car. Also, it's extra weight adds one more tool feature to it...

Makes a damn fine hammer!

Wasn't impressed with the WengerGrip, particularly not at the price asked.

All my SAKs are Victorinox, though I have been tempted by a few Wengers. I have heard many compliments about their scissors in particular. They also seem to have a wider variety of tools. Saw one in SMKW catalog that had a T-10 screwdriver. May have to pick that one up.

I've carried both Wengers and Victorinox, and have started to steer more towards the Wengers. I like the locking main blades on some of the models, and I also like the tool selection for some of the variations available. They seem a bit more specialized to the specific model. Maybe that's just the ones I've seen, though, so that's just my take on them. I gave Wenger SAK's to all my groomsmen for my wedding a few weeks ago, and they went over very well.
Whether Victorinox or Wenger, SAK's make great gifts. The number of different models and variations are almost staggering, and you can find a model to fit most everybody's needs.
Hmm. I feel left out. I have no Swiss Army Knife! Are they any good? The blades seem just so hard to get out, and they are too smally to do much. BTW, are there any serrated Swiss Army Knives? Tools seem handy though. I really should get one shouldn't I?
If I only have about $30 to spend on a swiss army, which model would be the best?
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