Anybody like Swiss Army Knife?

CD Fleischer
I just ordered a Swiss tool, Geez, it costs
me over 90$ here, it seems I will find my
US friend to buy things for me later

Wave is a great tool, for its one-hand open blade and ..... but I like all tools
locked, and Swisstool have a more convenient
way to access tools. I should buy them both!
Alan -- Cool!

I think you'll be thrilled with it. :0

Yes, locking tools are always a plus. Locking screwdrivers in particular. One, when using the can opener/small screwdriver blade as a phillipshead, as I mentioned above, I put some serious pressure on it and it closed on me! Nasty, deep gash in my thumb, but a clean cut that healed pretty quickly.

FYI, you might want to file the rounded edges of the screwdrivers down.

did you say that when using the can opener/small screwdriver blade as a phillipshead in Swiss tool?? and it
fold in under serious pressure ??
if then, that too bad!

file the rounded edges of the screwdrivers
surely is a good suggestion , thanks!
The only swiss army knife worth mentioning is the "soldier" with aluminum scales. I have owned some of them red knives but they were far to weak for harder work than cleaning ones fingernails. One winter i dropped my "Rucksack" SAK on an asphalt road and the handle cracked on one side and the other side fell off.
So -I do not really like them.

Sorry for the delay in reply. Was visiting my lovely home state of Tennessee from the flatlands of the North...

The can opener/screwdriver that closed on my thumb was on a Victorinox Climber SAK, not the Swisstool. :0

Sorry for the confusion.

The lock-up on the SwissTool seems very strong indeed, though I haven't really given it a thourough test.

Hope this helps...


Everybody likes SAK's, I've got a "camper" model by Victronix. Wenger is coming out with one that has a cigar scissor in place of the regular scissor does anyone know the name of this model?

No problem, Clay *_^
I got my Swiss tool yesterday,
Great! i think the plier should be
a little bit slim, this one looks "fat"

but powerful. the matel is not very hard,
be careful!


For JerryO:
Wenger do have a model for cigar,
Sorry I do not know the exact name,
You may find it in:

Hope this helps

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Glad you like your Swisstool. I may have to give mine a wire-cuttin' workout and see how it performs.

The pliers are a little blunt for my tastes, but they are very strong, as you said. Furthermore, they are still finished very well, such that you can do things with them you probably didn't think you could.

RE: the Wenger Cigar Cutter: That is the only name they have for the knife mentioned in SMKW catalog, but there are two models. One is black with scissors and the other is red without. Both have blade, caplifter/screwdriver, can opener, nail file, toothpick, tweezers, corkscrew, and of course, a cigar cutter.

Wonder how hard it is to sharpen the cigar cutter?

I usually just lop the caps off my cigars with a knife (typically my REKAT Pioneer). A flat ground blade does this nicely (e.g. an SAK, Leopard Cub, or, best yet, Calypso Jr., as it's wide blade performs this function expertly)

HiHi ^_^
I carry Victoriinox Swiss Army Knives myself ^_^ I have had explorer for a number of years and have found that it is quite useful. I have also a SwissChamp. I find the design very nice to use. Although the pliers on SwissChamp isn't full-size, full-strength pliers, it is very precise and can be used as "strong tweezers". There is also a wire crimpinig tool and a wire cutter which is like a pair of small, thick and sharp scissors. There is also a multi-purpose hook, which is a very nice design too ^_^ I find SwissChamp the most useful and compacted Pocket Knife around the market... Although there may be some different opinions going on, I stand with SwissChamp. And I'm planning on buying a SwissTool myself... ^_^

I have an assortment of SAK's to suit different purposes, but I always have my "manager" on my key chain. My Swiss tool rides in my motorcycle tank bag but my all time favorite is the HIKER model; it is used every weekend. I recently purchased the lockblade CARPENTER and wish it had a second small blade.

I started carrying a Victorinox Tinker in jr highschool moved on to a super Tinker in high school and was going to get a delux Tinker untill I bought a Delica, I've been one hand opening knives ever since. I would have bought a Swiss Tool already if they would have put scissors on it, who needs two blades on a multitool when I carry a sebenza anyway. I also chose a exployer for my seven year old nephue as his first knife last year.
I love my Victorinox Adventurer with the locking blade.
I only wish it had a corkscrew instead of a Phillips screwdriver.
I'm not very handy, but I do get thirsty

I've always bought the Victorinox over the Wenger because of the can opener.
Are the Wengers of equal quality ?

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Victorinox all the way, the Swiss Tool is tops, as well as the Executive model is the knife that I've kept the longest. Also have 2 larger models, the tinker and the mechanic that ride in my jacket, and the locking bladed Cowboy is a companion for my wallet in my right hip pocket, then the two chisel edge florist knives, one a wharnecliff blade and the other a sheepsfoot are scalpel sharp. And the Officers watch that I recently got rides on my left wrist, yeah, I guess I like the SAK's pretty well


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I keep a Victorinox SwissCard in my money clip. It has a small blade, scissors, nail file & screwdriver, pin, tweezers, ballpoint pen, toothpick, and rulers (inches & cm). It's about the size of a credit card, except it's 1/8" thick. I rarely use the blade, though, since I carry a BM 705S as well.
My first knife was a Victorinox "Executive Model". I don't carry one now and haven't for years.

My twin boys will be getting their first knife to carry next year in February when they graduate from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.

I or I should say they have their first carry knives already picked out from the stash I have tucked away for them. They are Swiss Knives by Wenger.

I am a big SAK fan. I usually carry a Victorinox Scientist (large blade, combo tool [screwdriver, cap lifter, and fairly poor excuse for a can opener], in-line phillips head, magnifying glass, corkscrew w/ small screwdriver, toothpick, tweezers, ballpoint pen, and stickpin) -- complements my Micra and Sebenza quite well. I have owned many models and given them away as gifts, lost one or two, etc.

For more of an all-in-one tool, the Explorer is a great choice. All the standard offerings plus an in-line phillips head and scissors. I have one that is going to be a gift for my girlfriend's cousin whose graduation we are attending tonight in Glasgow, KY. I took the scales off of a Yeoman (basically the same as the Scientist, but with scissors) and put it on the Explorer, so it has the ballpoint pen and stickpin. Now there is a SAK!

I don't know why they don't put the ballpoint pen and stickpin and small screwdriver on all the models.

I just got a Wenger Nomad, which is only my second experience with a Wenger SAK. My first was a Wenger Computer Whiz, which was ok, but they put a T-10 driver on it, and Compaqs use a t-15, so it wasn't as useful as I had hoped.

The Nomad is pretty cool. The main blade locks pretty securely (passes spine whack test) though the lock disengage mechanism would be easy to hit accidentally. The phillipshead is not as long as the Vic's, but the knife is not as long either. Both it and the standard screwdriver "lock" -- that is, they lock when there is sufficient pressure on them. I have already removed a screw from an external hard drive casing without putting pressure on it enough to lock it. Still, it is tight. I will post more when I have tested it better. I thought the scissors would be better than on the Vics. Not sure of that. I am sure that neither is as good as those on the Micra, PSTII, or Wave. Lastly, there is a little wrench. Haven't tried it yet as I have yet to find any nuts small enough to try it on (not that it wouldn't be useful, just don't have any lying around).

I will try to post a more detailed review in the Reviews forum when I have played with the knife more.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Clay Fleischer

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Victorinox for me.

Had nothing but bad luck with anything else.

Current model of choice is the SwissChamp.

God bless!

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I'm a Victorinox man all the way. Wenger has a much better scissors design but other than that I prefer the Vics. My favorites are the Explorer for that in line phillips and the magnifying glass and the Soldier, Pioneer and farmer for their strength and robustness. I also always carry either the minichamp or the classic with the built in light. I just love that one! BTW I also have several swissbucks that were made by Wenger and I like them a lot better than the Wengers.


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