Anybody like Swiss Army Knife?

My first SAK was a little Wenger, but i really started carrying when I got a Victorinox Spartan and carried it from about 1987 through 1997. I retired it and get a Tinker for the Phillips option. My most-carried is a Vic. Classic, and I also own the Soldier, Recruit, and the big, locking Cowboy. The only Wenger I have besides my first little one is a two-blade penknife called the Patriot, rarely used.
I personally prefer Victorinox due to experience. My Spartan survived years of carry when I lived in Taiwan, and the humidity there did not ruin it in the least. I did buy my brother (an avid golfer) the Wenger Gold Pro (?), and he seems quite happy with it.
I am curious. What exactly, quality-wise, is everyone's perceived differences between Victorinox and Wenger quality (i.e., blade sharpness/edge holding, overall durability, customer service/warranty, corrosion resistance, etc.)?
I like them a lot and have one or another model with all the time (except now because I forgot it at home...). I am a retailer for Victorinox so that´s the brand I use. Seeing a Wenger here in Brazil is not too commom, anyway.
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I'm with Cousin Cinnamon. I have two of the locking Victorinox knives (gifts) and the only good thing about them is the saw. Other than that, I hate them. The steel does not seem to either take or hold an edge and the tools close on your fingers. Phah!

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I'll just second the majority of opinions here. I've carried a Victorinox Tinker for about 13 years and have just recently replaced it with a new Tinker. I love it and regardless of what other knives or multi-tools I may be carrying, the Tinker is always in my pocket.

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I always carry a small SAK on my key ring, the recent one even includes a bottle opener. It's small enough to be ignored in you pocket. It's useful enough to take care most of your needs. Nothing works better for me than a small SAK.

I have a couple different SAK's, my favorite is the Vic. Hunter. Nice big locking blade, a wood saw, awl, and a neat little curved serrated blade. It goes with me whenever I'm in the woods.
I carry a SAK daily. It used to be my original Spartan, which saw a lot of use, and is now the small 'money clip' version. (Although I hate the clip. I used to have the identical knife without a clip, but that was stolen and that model apparently is no longer being made.) I tried the Buck version for a while, but the plastic sides started to crack and break away--only time I've had that happen. Anyway, I prefer the Victorinox metal-sided SAKs.

Btw, anyone know where I can get a Mauser (the "officer's" SAK)? For some reason, they're not imported into Canada.

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I carried a metal sided Victorinox, I think it is a "Farmer", for many years. It was a trusted companion in my wanderings through Asia, India and the Himalayas. IMHO it is the most useful style of SAK, very robust, slips into the pocket easily and has the most commonly needed tools. I have had other SAK's but passed them on, because I found them too bulky to carry regularly.

Some of you may remember the thread I started about a knife for my daughter's eighth birthday. Well, after much indecision, she chose a Wegner SAK with a locking main blade and scissors. The one we finally got had a saw as well. It is the first Wegner SAK I have handled and I like it a lot. It is a bit smaller than the equivalent Victorinox so fits her hand better. I also like the design of the scissors. As promised she is going to write a review for the "Reviews Forum" (I might help a bit

Frankk, you might try the <a href="">Toolshop</a>. I bought my daughter's knife there when I couldn't find one in Australia and I found their service and prices excellent.

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I have had one on my keychain since I first had keys, so maybe, 25 years or so? I could not have been more that seven or eight, and the knife came with the keys. Just can't imagine being without one, like walking out of your house without a wallet or a pair of pants.

Of course, I have felt that way about a good folder since my teens, so there you have it. An absolute necessity.

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No matter what knife I carry with me I always carry a Victorinox. I have sharpened both blades to a "fine" edge. They are for fine scapel work. Also it is not so intimidateing to NKP when they ask to borrow a knife and I lend them one. If they have problems opening the blade I then let them borrow a one hander. Sometimes the light bulb goes off and they understand the new knife designs better.


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The Victorinox "Safari" has been a constant compantion for 18 years. It has:
• 3" drop point blade.
• Combo blade w/ wood saw, can/bottle opener, flat screwdriver with a bevel that will turn a phillips in a pinch.
• awl
• corkscrew
• optical screwdriver (threaded into corkscrew)

It has checkered red plastic scales with an embossed "cross", and is about .5" thick. It is the most compact yet highly functional multi-knife I've ever seen. Unfortunately they stopped making them some years ago.

I got one when I was 12 and carried it daily until I lost it 2 years ago. I completely freaked out. Nobody had heard of it, and every dealer I asked told me I was full of crap, Victorinox had never made such a thing.(Didn't know about BFC then).

Fortunately Victorinox had two left in cosmoline; I bought both of them! - And a year later I found the original (along with about $8.75 in change and some indescribably nasty organic substance) deep in the nether regions of my couch.

Moral of the story; If you find something beautiful, functional, and practical being sold for a fair price; buy two or more because some marketing idjit somewhere will discontinue it soon.

I've always had SAK's too. At present I own a Swisstool and the WorkchampII with the side-lock. Love them both. The Swisstool is a work of art, although I'd've liked to see scissors on it, and the serrations on that blade aren't convincing at all.
I'll dare to be different here, I found an SAK once, a Wenger, and I sold it for $25 to a friend. When I want a multitool, I'll carry my Wave. In my opinion, the Swiss Tool doesn't even compare, I have seen it to be more expensive than the Wave, the handles are uncomfortable, and welllll...ugg. For general purpase cutting though, I use my SOG Sogwinder 'cause I don't care what happens to it.

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i too have several SAK's, all Victorianox, my favorite of which is the old version of the Champ, originally called the Champion i think, which i got for my 10'th birthday from my dad.
i lost it once in a snowbank while in my teens (making out in the snow if you can believe it) and traipsed back out into the drifts to retrieve it once i realized my loss.
i much prefer the SAK's to any of the multi-tools out there based on their beauty, design and consummate craftsmanship.
I carried a victorinox camper with a serrated blade for serveral years (some years ago). It was a bit too bulky to carry it in the classroom, which made me switch to a hungarian shepherds knife which could be easy concealed in my right front pocket.
Today I use a SAK almost daily on the apple I slice in the office. I tryed this with my spyderco-terzuola (c15) but the small knife (I use a pocket pal) does the job faster and doesn't draw looks.
On vacation I carry a SAK rucksack (fixable blade).
I have multiple Victorinox SAKs. The Tinker resides on top of the fridge to open bottles of quality beverages and cans (who needs a can opener when the SAK does such a wonderful job?). I usually have either the Ranger or the Hunter on my person while at work and the Swisschamp SOS kit is currently residing in my Bug-Out bag. I have carried a SAK on most every flight I have ever taken and not had a problem..........yet. Later

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I'll be the odd one out. What's so great about the SAK? You break a fingernail opening one and it don't lock once opened.

I have a cousin in the Swiss Army. As I recall, they're not standard issue. So why are they called Swiss Army Knives?

I prefer my Leatherman. Of course, the SAK is so innocent looking it has uses of it's own. I once got in trouble at Beijing Airport for having a SuperTool if you can believe that. I'm an American going back to my own country, why the h*ll would I wanna hijack a plane?

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I talked with a Victorinox marketing rep once in Switzerland. She told me the SAK is purchased by the Swiss Army but the Swiss Army hadn't purchased any knives from anyone in about 3 years. When they do, it is the Soldier model they buy.

I carry a Victorinox Fieldmaster (like the Huntsman but a phillips instead of a cork screw). It has just the right tools for me. I like the Pioneer or Soldier (if made before 1993--has a hollow rivet for a thong). Sometime in the future, all Soldiers imported to the US are to have the same key ring as the Pioneer and other knives. The Pioneer and Soldier models are very strong!

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