Apocalypse knife?

Nov 24, 2010
It's impossible to have a knife that can do everything but I would say an ESEE 6 because I hear it's a tank.
Nov 26, 2006
If its wandering the world looking for water and rations with an eye towards shelter building?

Then it has to be...

The Holy Foursome
-Leatherman Wave
-Cold Steel Rajah 2 for Day to Day stuff, because really a tiny, little fixed blade on any pack makes girls giggle, forget what you heard about size equals skill. Skill equals Skill, size makes it better and can get you out of a fight (see Intimidation) ; )
-Himalayan Imports AK Bowie or Cold Steel Ghurka Khukri for those times that you absolutely have to pull a knife as an insurance policy.
-Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works Battle Hatchet aka the Skeleton Key (Nothing beats 5160 and Micarta for toughness)
Dec 11, 2009
haha I saw that same show last night "Doomsday Preppers". It was actually pretty interesting to see what certain folks are doing.

If anything did happen, I would truthfully take all my knives with me.. It would be a damn shame to leave any behind and since my collection is very small they would all tag along for the apocalypse. But if I had to choose a few I would go with:

ESEE 6 PE, or sharpened clip point
Spyderco Military, digi camo to blend in of course and not attract the attention of zombies/cannibal hill people the way the orange would :)
Machete - ESEE Lite Machete w/sheath
Tomahawk - ontario ranger or bm killian
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Feb 6, 2009
Apocalypse is latin for your screwed it wont matter what knife you have.
:DBeg to disagree. Apocalypse is greek for "to reveal, to uncover". Since we are talking about TEOTWAWKI -did I got it right?- I would say:
1.-A machete (20" blade). With that, I don't need no axe (at least not where I live).
2.-Some sort of semi-auto rifle but not in 5.56 mm. Either 6.8 SPC or 7.62 NATO (unless you are transported in a time machine to the Cretaceous or Jurasic, you don't need a .50 cal. rifle, since you won't be huntig carnosaurus) and a full auto rifles is just an excuse to "spray and pray".
3.-Some sort of mid-size knife (for skinnig and such).
4.-A multi-tool (I'm partial to Leathermans).
5.-A neck knife.
I think that this covers it with regards to knives; the rifle is for insurance :D:D
May 23, 2011
Out of the stuff I have now.

1. Becker BK2 (should be here tomorrow)
2. Spyderco Military Left Handed
3. A Dawson Custom that I got. I think it's called the Deep Belly Skinner. Pics later if I can.
4. Schrade (original company) Old Timer
5. Kabar Large Heavy Bowie (this one is iffy, but its that biggest quality blade I have at the moment).


Mar 22, 2007
I like these guys Team Gemini, DSSF, NMSFNO

+1 NMSFNO+ RAO:thumbup:



Mar 31, 2010
Well it seems like i live in a post-apocalyptic country at times, that’s way I always carry the essentials.


Dec 24, 2010
pure Weapon knife: Crkt Hisshou
survival/utility type knife: swamp rat Rmd limited edition
folder: Zt400 because it is the lightest of my folders.
Axe/tomahawk: ATC lagana

This is all about 3lbs.
Jan 16, 2005
uh edwood is that a human finger :confused: ??? cause if it is that is F$%^in awesome!!!
What i currently have in bob for just such an occasion:
ATAC tomahawk worn on vest
Busse Skinny ASH (this would be my ONE knife so its horizontal at my back on my belt in case everything else gets dicarded)
Busse hell razor on my rack
Zero tolerance 301 in my pocket
and a leatherman wave on my belt (between this and the ASH i could ditch most of my gear and be fine)

in my pack there is an RC-3 and an estwing hatchet.

FWIW 16" barrel M14 FTW in a post apocolyptic setting, it might be a bit heavy for some, it kicks like date rape and its a flamethrower with that short barrel, but its reliable and robust and it fires the 7.62x51 which is good for hunting and combat.
Jul 5, 2010
Do not rely on a knife in case of global cataclism. Nothing beats a machine gun...
The only thing in abundance will be humans. They are fahr too dangerous to hunt with just a knife. Make a spear, get a sword - that is if you live long enough to run out of ammo. :)
May 16, 2006
Of the items I currently have;

-Browning Crowell/Barker cutter/chopper (large fb)
-Leatherman Juice 2
-ZT 0500 MUDD (folder)
-slipjoint folder, probably my Case Humpback whittler
-Ontario Ranger Falcon (small fb)
-Beretta 92A1 (pistol)

I would also pack both of my ZT knife case's that contain my other 32 folders to use as trade items. But there would be a few here that I would have to keep to start my collection up again once the apoclyptic zombies were all killed, and civilization once again reigned supreme!:D:thumbup::)

Oh how we love our zombie/apocolypse threads. They let out Walter Mitty's out and imaginations to run wild!
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Jun 25, 2004
Hmmm... Looking around my house and of all the knives I have, none are really weapons, just tools.
Here's what I'd have to make do with:

Leatherman Surge - Big, beefy, and has a removable diamond file so it can sharpen itself, plus the CAN OPENER. What good is surviving the End of Times if you can't get into your Chef Boy-ar-dee! Plus, with all the bits that come with the bit-kit, it can handle most post-apocolypse repairs that will definitely spring up.

Graham Stubby Razel - Useful blade shape, plus I have my mini survival kit attached to its sheath with ranger bands (compass, nanostriker, line, lures, hooks, LED light, whistle, safety pins, duct tape)

My Katana! I'm sure it'll dispatch a zombie or two

My Bear Recurve Bow: Gunfire will attract zombie attention, plus arrows are retrievable or I could make my own