Are Knife/Gun people Dog people too?

I've noticed that folks who like knives and guns also tend to like dogs. I have knives and guns and I also have dogs--2 Alaskan Malamutes who are my fur children that I love dearly. I love dogs and I would have as many dogs as I have guns and knives if my long suffering hubby would allow it but as it is, that would *really* be pushing my luck. Do you have dogs? If so, what kind?

use to have. we had a pit bull that protected the wife when i was away working constuction.
to us he was a 60lb. lap dog. we had to put him down a couple of years ago, he was 13 which is pretty old for a pit. no dog now.
Next to a good sidearm, nothing comes close to my trusty attack beagle! Watch out!

Here's a pic of him next to his buddy Chowder. My dog is on the right.
Of course! An 18 lb attack Jack Russell Terrier and a 118 lb Rodesian Ridgeback lapdog...
I have three a.t.t.a.c. CATs. All, Terrain, Tactical, Armoured CAT! I here and see that James Mattis has one of these with advanced tactical options as well.

Each CAT comes complete with retractable, armour piercing claw like devices capable of delivering incredible pain especially while leaping from the groin area. These ATTAC Cats also come with large fang link devices not too much unlike there Sabre Tooth predecessor model! Also if they have auto Yaw, Pitch and Roll control which during an attack they use to auto right themselves during gravationally challenging distance compensation moves. Also durning certain times they can sense when a person with allergic reactions to there kind is around and they then shed HUGE amounts of hair.

Each model comes with 9 LifeTime Guarantees!

Unlike there canine conterparts however they do not respond nearly as well to voice actuated commands. They do however have message mode and ocasionally they will turn into massage therapist and work deligently doing so.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber

Are Knife/Gun people Cat people too?
I like to think of my pets in terms of M-TOE:

I have 6 ferrets that serve as light recon elements, with a secondary mission of distraction/psyops and ankle biting. Bravest little critters I've ever seen, they will actually chase you down and leap full force onto your legs. Considering the size disparity involved, you really have to see them to appreciate them. Of course, they loose their credibility completely though when they decide to try for the top of the dresser from the bed, and miss by 3 feet. ("I know I can make it!" *LEAP* "DAMN! I thought for sure I would glide the rest of the way...!" THUD)

I also have 2 dogs that serve as a rapid reaction force: A Boston Terrier in Night/Urban camo, and a Chihuahua/Somthing Else mix that serves as local security, making sure that the bed stays warm and that one of us is within physical contact at all times.
I'm 47 and just on my second dog.
I had the smartest German Police dog in college. He went with me everywhere.
He got me sued by a gas utility employee who lost his testicles while climbing over my fence. The suit was dropped when it was found that the gas employee actually was way off his schedule and route. The police found thousands of dollars worth of stolen merchandise (guns) in his home.
My second dog is a year and a half old Japanese Chin. I have to wake him up every morning. The squirrels torment him, and the cats laugh at him.
I've got to really stay sharp to protect him.
We have two dogs. One is an old black lab that is greying at the same rate that I am. The other is an Australian Shepard/ pitbull/ whoknowswhat. They're both good barkers and lickers.
I'm with James and Mike; I have a small black Master of All He Surveys, who sometimes allows us to pay homage to him.
We like dogs, just don't have room for one.

Mr. and Mrs. Goofball, all dressed up in their Christmas best. We lost her about 2 years ago
, but he is still going strong.
My 9 yr old golden retriever/ger. shep cross...what a sweetie!
Of course I have my shock troops too...6 feline stone killers who strike terror into all the small mammalian and avian population here.
Relax...I have a farm


When I saw the title of this thread I thought you were pulling my chain, because of the title of my thread "Are Knife People Gun People" which you responded to this morning, and my Forum name. But I must just be paranoid.

When my daughter was going to have her 9th birthday she pleaded incessantly for a dog. I was all for it, but her Mother was reluctant, after much lobbying on my part Tara wouldn’t be denied the experience I never had of caring for and being cared for by Man’s Greatest Friend.

I took a day off from work and took the Kid out of school to go visit the local pound. There we immediately were drawn to a five week Lab Mix Pup and adopted him. On the drive home Tara commented that he was "Lucky to get out of the Pound" and the name stuck, He’s been Lucky ever since.

After he was home for a few hours, and Tara was on Pup Watch, alert for all the things that a pup can do, Tara says, "Maybe this was a mistake". So guess whose dog ol’ Lucky became?

I guess some of dogdom rubbed off on Tara though, She’s Just started Her second year studying Veterinary Medicine.

And of course Lucky gave me my Forum name. And I’ll never be without a dog again.

Dogfully Yours,

Lucky Dog

I have an early model Dachshund. Very cool, easily concealed. (well, used to be) And the action is smooth. The tactical dog is very fast (it seems to generate caffeine on its own) and it can actually use its stealth to chase down helpless little birds. However, this little leathal terror is not compatible with other tactical dogs. Recent got a new tactical puppy and the tactical dachshund tried everything it could to get at the puppy. So, for the safety of the tactical puppy, we had to return it.

115 pound ALD (Attack Lap Dog)
Black lab
The house has been broken into twice since we have had him...nothing was taken either time.

I feel that Cats are good only as targets.
(I can already feel the glares ;D)
I have a 6 1/2 lb. min pin, they look like toy dobermans and a siamese kitten. Although I am not a real cat person, I always felt that Siamese cats were cool looking so when the rest of the family wanted a cat that was the one I got.
I have a 65 pound Boxer that is about seven years old. She is a very high maintenance lap dog who guards the end of the bed as well as her pets (that would be me and my family) . She's a wonderful dog and mirrors my daughter almost everywhere she goes ( they have pretty much grown up together and are hard to separate). The dog is smart and I have even taught her some hand signals that work most of the time.One time in the middle of the day someone came up in my yard a little to close for her liking and she broke the front window ( she's very hyper sometimes) . She's the best dog I've ever owned and she is almost like a child to me and my wife!!

When 4 of my cats were born, I wrote a a fantasy "diary" ala Frankenstein and put it up on my website at the time. I was just goofing around...anyway, i had other topics of interest and used to get quite a few hits...about a week after I put it up I started getting hate was an absolute hoot. Some people actually believed it!!

<a href=>The Farm</a>
I've got a dog in my family, his name is Vusku and he's a mix of a beagle, a drever and one Finnish breed (I don't know it's name in English). He looks like a black and brown beagle. Small, very territorial and grumpy at the moment (his paw has got an infection and it's sore). He also had a a fellow named Oliver (English springer spaniel) and they were a perfect duo. Oliver barked at dogs he didn't know and Vusku at people.
Oliver got ran over by a car a few weeks ago and I miss him very much.
My dog still lives wiht my folks: a 15 year-old sheltie who is mostly blind and stone deaf. Sleeps 20 hours a day. Oh, the life...

Not very Tectical though. Never attacked another living thing in her life. Not much of a Utility dog either though. Just sleeps and eats, mostly.

I would like to get a dog of my own, but until I have a fenced in yard and more time to give to it, I will just mooch off of other people's dogs. *sigh*

Well,sad to say me and my wife just two weeks ago had to put down our 10 year old golden retreiver because of advanced heartworm.A few years ago we found out we were unable to have any children so this dog really filled a void in our lives. So needless to say its not been the same around here since.