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Benchmade Boycott?

Discussion in 'FEEDBACK: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!' started by Nomad333, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Nomad333


    Mar 18, 2010
  2. mongomondo

    mongomondo SUPPRESSING FIRE Gold Member

    Sep 17, 2006
    That guy was banned from bladeforums. That's a good indicator.
  3. RxEnergy


    Apr 2, 2008
    Benchmade started a law suit against him for using their registered trademarks and he got pissy about.
  4. Nomad333


    Mar 18, 2010
    Thing is, he is gaining supporters, at an extremely slow rate.
  5. Esav Benyamin

    Esav Benyamin MidniteSuperMod

    Apr 6, 2000
    He's an idiot. It's not a boycott, it's a personal feud. I'm moving this to FEEDBACK.
  6. Nomad333


    Mar 18, 2010
    It's really not feedback on a site :/

    Someone should call him out though.
  7. One A day

    One A day

    Jan 27, 2008
    I looked at his website and I can only say OMG. This guy is dangerous and he has sharp things all around him. I cannot for the life of me believe he is actually making an living with that website. :eek:
  8. Mike G

    Mike G

    Jul 15, 2000
    He sure has a nice long list of BM/Mentor group lawsuits listed.

    Too bad we'll never hear BM's side of the story.
  9. Nomad333


    Mar 18, 2010
    Some think to do anything?
  10. TwitchyBlade


    May 29, 2009
    Wow.... That guy is stupid... calling out benchmade on false accusations. Roadside Imports sucks too with lots of crappy knives!
  11. ChuteTheMall


    Jun 23, 2000
    Dope must have damaged his brain:

  12. RevDevil


    Nov 9, 2009
    Couldn't agree more. The issue I have is that his voice makes me want to:barf:
  13. Nomad333


    Mar 18, 2010
    Same feeling here!
  14. Cisco Kid

    Cisco Kid

    Oct 20, 2009
    I think I'll go out and buy another BM...
  15. Dorito Monk

    Dorito Monk

    Nov 17, 2008
    I read this as I flick my Presidio...

    Yeah, I think I'll not boycott Benchmade, thankyouverymuch ;)
  16. DD1


    Feb 29, 2008
    Has anyone watched this guys videos, if he is getting sued for what he says, that is pretty shady of BM.. I had no idea BM was so "Legally-Aggressive", but I guess you have to protect yourself. I don't know...
  17. Nomad333


    Mar 18, 2010
    He's commiting Libel
  18. DD1


    Feb 29, 2008
    Yeah he is, but I guess I would to if I was getting sued for $200,000 over $200 worth of sells that he didn't even import, he purchased them from an importer. I guess BM should go after the importer, if they themselves aren't the importer. Nevertheless, it sounds like a real crappy situation.
  19. RevDevil


    Nov 9, 2009
    He is also guilty of Douchebaggery...

    For someone that doesn't like Benchmade, he sure owns a lot of them... It's funny to hear him speak - his tone indicates that he is being fed what to say, reading cue cards, etc.
  20. Knifein

    Knifein Banned BANNED

    Mar 20, 2010
    I remember talking to this guy on youtube once. He was telling me weird things about how Benchmade plans to rule the United States and take over all businesses. That really creeped me the hell out.

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