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Most respected colleague Don Rearic; you said:

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Walt,
How on Earth can you possibly use a quote from me in a line to discredit Keating's idea of "corrective measures" then claim he is irrational?

I get along fine with you Walt, you are a wealth of knowledge in some areas.

You remember the old Mad Doggy Forum at KFC Walt?

Come back and tell me now about Old Jim Keating.</font>

Well, Don, actually I said that his diatribe was irrational first.

I still believe that it is; inherent in it is an attempt to justify his behavior by claiming that it is common behavior on other forums, including this one. I do not believe this to be the case, and gave an example showing that the behavior on this forum is very different than what Mr. Keating has instituted. Therefore, Mr. Keating's statement is irrational.

As to how I could use your quote, well, Don, you posted it. If you don't see the extremely divergent positions represented by what Mr. Keating has heavy handedly imposed on what he now calls 'MY forum' and your quote, stating that 'respect is earned, it is never demanded,' then I think that you are too close to this subject, Don.

I regret that I cannot comply with your request to 'Come back and tell me now about Old Jim Keating.' The fact is, I know nothing about his reputation as a martial arts practitioner/instructor. In fact, I stipulated in my first post that his credentials are impeccable.

My posts have dealt solely with HIS post; further, I do not view this as getting involved in a domestic dispute. To me, this would involve going on Mr. Keating's forum and protesting his methods. I believe, rather, that we are evaluating the merits of the position of one of the parties involved in the domestic dispute.

I am not attacking the man; I am finding fault with his logic.

Once again, it seems to me that he is overreacting; using the Miznay-Schardin plate on a pack of unruly Cub Scouts.

Respectfully yours, Walt

(The Miznay-Schardin plate is the formed piece of explosive in shaped charge devices; it was developed late in WWII by Hubert Schardin, a physicist and Luftwaffe General. He collaborated with a mysterious man, one Colonel Miznay; he is so mysterious that even his first name is unknown.)
I'm going to sign off now. I never wanted this to get heated, but it has. I think I now know why this issue has inflamed KFC. And, Don, I'll be more careful and keep future comments to an 'issues based' format. I feel as if I've offended you, but I ask you to swallow hard and re-read my thoughts.--OKG
Sorry, Spark, your post appeared while I was composing mine. I shall abide by your wishes and not post further.

May I just say that you and Mike and the Moderators are doing a bang up job; I hate trolls as much as you guys do, and admire your ability to deal with them fairly.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Don Rearic:
And who on God's green ball we call Earth would sit and count how many words Keating wrote?

There is medication that will take care of OCD.

Thanks to the marvel of modern technology (or at least MS Word) it took all of 10 seconds to count that rambling diatribe of Jim's.

Of course, it should be asked who on God's green ball we call Earth would actually sit and read the many words Keating wrote? That's a sign of OCD if ya ask me...

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And, with that, I'm going to lock this thread - it doesn't seem to be doing anything constructive....


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