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Whether or not the next knife is a Lightning or a 110, there is, without doubt, enough demand to make another run of BG-42 110's. - Brian
I`ve got to say I`d prefer the 110. Never been a fan of linerlocks. Oh, and to make a nuisance of myself, I think an adonized Titanium(not the Lighting) would be cool. Or if the top bolster on the 110 was shaped more like that on the Ranger so it forms something of a gaurd. My only complaint about the 110 is that there isn`t much between your finger and the blade.

As far as the 110 being heavy, I`m a mere 140lbs and on the slender side. The few ounces a 110 weighs burdens me in no way. This is yet another example of the "tactical" thing getting out of hand.
Snickersnee, I think I'd have to agree with just about everything you just said. I bought the 112 <?> instead of a 110 because of that finger guard sort of thing. But, the titanium 110 seems to have a GOOD finger guard. That, in BG42.... SCHWEET!


The Titanium 110 is perhaps my favorite lockback of all time and I carry it in lieu of much more expensive "tactical folders". I have used it too chop through 1.5aprox. branches without incident(note: not in one swing), and well, we all know how strong the lock on a 110 is. The handle itself is what this knife is really all about. It is light, though weight has never been my problem, once you get used to the "feel" it is very comfortable, even in a reverse grip, and it fits very naturaly in the hand. It just lines up the way you want it automaticaly. In my opinion, it's the best folder ever put out by Buck. I can't say what the relative strength of it's lock is compared to the more expensive stuff like a sebenza or an axis lock, but I know it`s stronger than your average linerlock, and is strong enough for anything you will do with it. It's a great knife, and I will continue to carry it until I wear it out. Then, unless something really phenomenal hits the market, I`ll buy another.

Like I said, if the BF-P was made off one of these, I`d buy one in a heartbeat.
I have to agree on the titanium 110 with BG42 blade. One other thing, I think the design of the Titanium handle lends itself to a thumbstud for one handed opening.
Titanium 110 in BG-42 with a good thumbstud(not a bladehole), maybe kick in a lanyard hole, would be my ideal defensive(I ABHOR the term "tactical") folder! That knife would just ROCK!

Hey Jeff/Mike, what's the odds of having one of these numbers done-up instead of the Lightning or standard 110?

Everybody else, what kind of demand/support for one of these things do we have?(this is where you all go into a massive posting-frenzy in support of this awesome idea...)
I will cast a vote for the BG-42 lighting. To really muck things up how about a special edition Odessy (sp?)

OK, I'm kickin' in with my opinion. What Snickersnee proposes sounds great. Well, whenever it happens. So, anyway, my vote would be the Titanium 110 with BG42. Beautiful. Maybe not as ... artistic? as one in, say, jigged bone or such. But geez would it be a utility knife to die for!

Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse, it's the only way to win.

I'm going with the Lightning w/cool anodizing. The small one with addition of a pocket clip would be cool. I also REALLY like the Lightning you posted a picture of with the fish scales. I like the innovations in modern cutlery like pocket clips and thumb studs, I don't plan on ever getting another 110 because I appreciate the advantages of a lightweight one-handed opener over the traditional (and much revered) lockbacks of yesteryear.
All, Thanks for all the input... Keep it coming... I'll look at all suggestions to see if they fit into the parameters. I have costing on the lightnings and 110's, but need to Go over it with CJ and the guys from BF.
The only thing set is the blade steel... BG-42...


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Call me old-fashioned, but I think in this case "you've got to dance with who brung you"...I vote for the classic 110 design. I haven't owned one in years but I'd dearly love to see this available in BG-42.

Lightning is my vote. The 110 is old news and heavy. Not really a competetive knife by todays standards.
Yup. The titanium-handled 110 is not nearly as flashy or "with it" as a one-handed linerlock with serrated blade, as are all the rage these days. Given that they're not the "in" thing, how could you expect them to sell as well? Yup, definately not competetive by today's standards.

Now, if you're talking utility, you`ll find that the 110-bladestyle is adept at any number of chores, up to and including personal defense. You will also find that it's lock has an edge over many linerlocks in terms of security. Even the weakest of forum members would have no problem with the heft of the titanium-handled 110. For those of you not familiar with it, it's handle is just over 3/8ths of an inch thick, fingergrooved, semi-skeletonized, with the 110's lock and blade. They're sold as Buck Titaniums, they've got them at Knifecenter, check'em out. It's a lightweight, high-speed-low-drag, very reliable and very utilitarian. And unlike the trendier Lightning, there is just NO WAY your finger is gonna slip onto the wickedly serrated blade, for that matter, it`s very comfortable and secure in all grip positions which is unusual for a finger-grooved knife.

I guess the thing is I`m not a collector, I`m a user. I don`t own many knives, the ones I have were chosen based on functional performance and reliability, not looks, trends, gadgets etc. If that makes me a dinosaur, so be it. I still think Joh/Doughboy/myself had a great idea.
Hmmm... FWIW, I've pretty much ALWAYS been able to open my Buck folders with one hand. WAAAAAY before one-handers became popular, at least I think. Buck 500 (Duke), back in late '70's, when I was only 12-14 years old. I think it has come to be called the Spyder-flick, but that method worked well with the 500. Same later with the 112 (Ranger). My latest 500 is a little too stiff for that, so I have to use the more traditional thumb-only on blade. This way is a little slower. Anyway, a titanium 110 should be lightweight, efficient (in any task), and one-hand-openable (how you like that word
? )

Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse, it's the only way to win.

Snick, who's talking titanium handled. Jeff was talking standard 110 with bolsters. I don't mind a lightweight titanium 110 but not the traditional one that can be done by the custom shop and wasn't it already done in the master series also?

So, in a choice between the bolstered 110 or lightning ,it's the lightning. As for Ti 110, that would be better, but I would still opt for the lightning since it is modern one hand opening design.
I'm with you Cobalt, besides, this is supposed to be a reasonable cost project, right ?
The more options we throw out, the costlier it becomes and the less folks stand in line. So lets either go for a Lightning or a 110, but forgo the more complicated aspects ?
I'm with you Cobalt, besides, this is supposed to be a reasonable cost project, right ?
The more options we throw in, the costlier it becomes and the less folks stand in line. So lets either go for a Lightning or a 110, but forgo the more complicated aspects ?
The Lightning has a pocket clip, allowing for easier carry and faster blade access, as well as being lighter than the 110. Why ignore highly useful features for no good readon?

I've got the Surveys working again, so you guys can now go and state your preference for which knife you prefer there: Buck 110 or Buck Lightning.

Remember, exercise your right to vote, it's your knife afterall.


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...wasn't it [the 110] already done in the master series also?


Master Series 110 had the green scales, same as the rest.

Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse, it's the only way to win.