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Just to toss another idea into the mix, how about the new Big Sky fixed blade in BG42? I'd go for that one.

Hello all,
I hate ask for this, knowing how busy everyone is these days, but how about an artist conception of what will be made? Asking us to vote on something we have no idea what it looks like isn't fair. I voted for the Lightning just because it is the more modern design, but how the special looks could change my vote. A 110 with nickle silver bolsters and polished lapis scales would be hard to turn down. It would weigh a lot, but look great.

I am not sure I can make up my mind. One problem that I have is that I have trouble trusting liner locks, after all I have read. They are convenient and presumably do work if done correctly. I would guess that Buck does it right, but I have not had any personal experience and do not recall reading of anyone else's experience or testing. Has anyone run liner lock tests on their Lightning?

I have read about how durable the 110 is, even after a number of years of use, so I would probably be more likely to get a 110, but cannot promise to get one. I also like the titanium handle idea..that would be hard to resist....but as someone mentioned that might be prohibitive.

What I would like is not one of the choices. I would like a Lancer - Model 305, with a BG-42 or CPM420v, blade. I always liked its looks, but my smallest Buck is a little lock back. Besides the mentioned nostalgia, here are my reasons.

1. You can currently purchase one for around $15.00. Thus, cost even if doubled should be an affordable $30.

2. Many of us already have favorite carry knifes, but might be inclined to carry a tiny backup blade. It would not interfere with our other choices.

3. You would feel able to use your larger carry knife hard, and still have that little blade for when you really need a sharp blade.
3.a. clipping coupons or other paper items, splinters, etc.
3.b. psychologically, if you must show-off how sharp your knives are--you have one, even after using your primary carry hard. I believe this violates a grammatical rule, but I could not say "hardly using"

3.c. If your large knife is dirty, say you have used the blade to peel off the seal on some insecticide, you still have that little knife, to cut the bad spot out of your apple or open that not-so-easy-open food package.

4. No lock to disengage when closing, and for the tasks this knife would probably be used for, this would be convenient.

5. There are many users who still prefer slip joint knives, but unless you go custom, the steel is usually not great. This would be the best of the breed.

6. I have been reading many posts debating what the law is in England re carrying a knife. They must be very violent over there or have serious gang problems, or have some other problem they cannot figure out how to handle rationally.
Other than these posts, I have always wanted to go to England. If I picnic or otherwise munch some delectables from Fortnum & Masons, I would like to have a sharp knife. Apparently there is some debate as to whether you can even carry a locking knife....but I bet they have not enacted a relief act for those who have cut themselves while engaged in legitimate uses, or an official food slicing service,.....
In short, this would be a small inoffensive knife that you would be able to carry safely almost anywhere.

7. I recently purchased an Umfaan and found it suprisingly useful, but even this, my little locking Buck, or similar knives, might be prohibited in England or similar countries. I would like another small knife that is SURPRISINGLY sharp. The benefits of carbon steel without as much rust problem.

8. The perfect supplement to a Buck 110, SAK, or other multitool.

Have I convinced anyone or does anyone agree?

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I for one would like a 110. Years ago I had a knock off of one that I used until the lock failed. Now that I know better then to buy knock offs I'd like one of the genuine articles in a great steel like BG-42 or 440V to add to the collection.

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My vote's for the 110, although it won't be a massive dissapointment if the Lightning wins. Put me down for one either way...

Buck Crosslock or Solitaire (to keep cost down) with a BG-42 blade (or blades). Same blue color handle and clip as the BF Native. We can call the color the official Flade Forum Blue. Edge 2000 of course and Buckcote if the price is reasonable. If this is impossible (I don't see how it can be), then I like a Lightning with BG-42 blade, special anodizing, clip, Edge2000, and Buckcote. I will take two, one plain, one serrated.
I'm in the 110 camp. A 110 was my carry companion through my tour of duty in the USMC and I would love to have another in a BG42 format. I lost it shortly after I got out. So fire up the assembly line and let's DO IT!