Broken Byrd

Can you tell us what happened? Mostly just curious, interested to know what failed.

Of course if it was head-to-head comparison against a Battle Mistress chopping cinder blocks, well.... :)
Was it SS, G-10, or FRN? Oh yeah, and details of what happened would be nice!
G10 Cara Cara.

What happened with the Byrd is the pivot area loosened up real quickly. Eventually half the pivot bolt fell out. The lockbar felt slightly compressed at this point. I think what happened next is the handle started breaking apart while the pivot area continued to dissasemble itself. The scales were really seperating at this point, the metal back spacer was about half a cm from one of the steel liners for instance.

The Buck failed a lot quicker. The blade eventually popped loose from the lockbar at the pivot and the tip broke off. It was smacked a few times on the side to tighten it back up and put back to work, only to do the same thing again and eventually crack through the handles themselves.

I'll get pictures of both knives. Could also post pictures of the lockbar and blade contact areas for a comparison.

This was 95% due to some chopping and prying. The tip of the Byrd was a lot more robust than I thought, it never came apart.

Bring on the pics!
This was 95% due to some chopping and prying. The tip of the Byrd was a lot more robust than I thought, it never came apart.
Uh .... you weren't helping out noss4 ( with a video, were you? ;)

IMO the blade of the Cara Cara with its "schnabel" tip is an excellent design, I would expect it to be more robust than many hollow ground blades. I can see how the handle could have serious problems however if the pivot got really lose because the scales and liners can then flex.
Full arm swings into steel .... I hope you're not going to do that with the new Opinel Ragnar sent you. :)

How tough was it to break the G10? I've often wondered just how much tougher it is than Zytel.
Get a job and buy a Busse if you want to intentionally abuse your knives and cry warranty; otherwise, you're just wasting your money.
Vivi ! what on God's green earth are you doing with your knives !? :D
You and your cinder blocks.....
Byrds are cheap (cost wise) mow a lawn or two and there's your new Byrd with change for a Bigmac.
Gotta eat to keep energy up for those "full arm swings".
Held up damn well for what you did to it. Whether or not the Byrd warrantee covers it is another issue.:D For some reason I think you will need to be replacing that one on your own dime, but that is damn good performance for a $25 pocket knife being beat into steel full force.
i dont understand how you even want to try a warranty repair-

-you had some fun -but you did abuse it beyond what a warranty should cover

i wouldnt try myself,but thats just how i was raised