Bush Waki Project


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Nov 12, 2013
I'm currently working on making a finalized prototype of the Tyrant Bowie so everyone can see exactly what the production version will look like but for now, here is the old prototype as well as a CAD drawing of the new one.

Specs will be 18.5in overall, 13.5 in blade that flares to 2.5 inches at the sweet spot, full flat grind, .275 thick CPM 3V HT to 60-61.

Below is a picture of the original prototype. Aside from being made from .275 3V, the blade shape and general look are basically identical. The major changes will be
(1) A new handle
The production model will feature an entirely new handle that is a little smaller overall so it can be used for knife tasks, but still geared towards chopping. I've included pictures of the new scales. They are available in 3 colors of G10 and black terotuf. The new scales have a hidden lanyard hole.
(2) Jimping + thumb ramp
The production model will have a small thumb ramp with jimping
(3) Logo
Production blades will have a logo. Prototype was sterile.
(4) Blade Finish
I haven't completely decided yet but I might go with a stonewashed finish instead of satin. Or I can offer both.






That is awesome! Perfect pairing with the Bush Waki! Right now my favorite combination for clearing brush on the property is one of my 3V Brush Swords and my Carothers light chopper or Busse Basic 10. Great combo, Brush sword for the blackberries and thorny bas!^*rds, and chopper for the bamboo, de-limbing trees, and processing fallen trees. Would love to try The Bush Waki and Tyrant Bowie!!


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Jul 29, 2014
I will offer another less expensive steel option. The Kukri will require loads of CNC work that will already drive the cost up really high. Add in 3V and you're generally looking at a 50% increase in price just from the material cost and extra tooling expense. 3V is the best but its prohibitively expensive when you get into really big blades. Doing a premium 3V model with a perfect surface finish and all the bells an whistles combined with a 80CrV2 model with a "user grade or field grade" finish might be the way to go.
Very interested in a 3V version:thumbsup::cool:


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Jan 13, 2007
Not to mention the Tyrant Bowie and Kukri.
I was talking about the kukri, following the post above. The Tyrant Bowie is also tempting, but the kukri is the one that really appeals.
Sep 10, 2010
Yep. Hope this sees the light of day eventually.

Me too. The Kurki, Tyrant Bowie, and Bush Waki have presented serious challenges for production. I've only been able to make a prototype for the Tyrant Bowie which turned out really cool but still a far cry from the planned production model. Once I find a machine shop willing to work with me, these designs will be produced. They are all so large that I can't grind them by hand in any quantity. In fact, they're so large that even shops with massive CNC mills don't want to mess with them.

I'm talking to a shop in Lexington that produces aerospace and naval components. They may be willing to take on the projects. Making a 13in blade can't be that hard compared to machining a freaking naval cannon :eek: