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Buyer Beware!

Discussion in 'FEEDBACK: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!' started by Hatethatgiraffe, May 7, 2012.

  1. Hatethatgiraffe


    May 20, 2011
  2. Karda

    Karda Banned BANNED

    Jun 1, 2007
  3. CWL


    Sep 15, 2002
  4. mantzao


    Jun 16, 2011
    I was expecting that the “BB gang” to come here try to stain my name so this wasn’t really a surprise!
    It is understandable because they have been after me ever since i joined that forum.
    I felt like this was going to happen sooner or later so i will explain on here what really happened.

    First of all, i'm amazed that the OP could write english so well!
    He's from Scotland but has trouble reading when it comes for negative reviews on the chinese knives he sells!
    This guy (OP) is a business driven character on that forum and only contributes to the forum with Sanrenmu, or other chinese brand, started threads.

    Once i bought him an Enlan El-02 with micarta handles.
    In a thread on the BB forum i said that the micarta was scratched up and the blade had scratches. In short the f&f was all messed up and seemed that it had been used.
    Later on, in somewhat of a review, i pointed out these issues like many do in knife and YT reviews, but not allowed in UK forums apparentely!
    However, i remember a member on there giving a bad review of a Shuggs knife when compared to other knives and no one seemed to say anything! I wonder why!
    Before doing the negative review of the product, he took it has a if I was talking bad about him.
    Post it here! You know where it is.
    You clearly didn’t want to acknowledge that so you got so angry that you and your “gang” always waited for the tiniest thing so you could bring me down!

    Many don’t even do knife reviews over there so that their joy isn’t affected by their jealousy.
    This is a known fact over there between many members!
    I know many that pointed this out when I ask them to review a knife.

    Anyway, let's go to the matter of the sebenza.
    I bought a Large Regular Sebenza from a member of the “gang”.
    When the knife arrived i noticed that it was all greased up, handles and everything so i cleaned it with a rag and noticed the action was a bit stiff when the pivot screw was tightened!
    As many of you know, this isn't normal due to the bushing system!
    Of course, the guy that sold it never mentioned it.
    However, and it seems that i'm the only one that ever did this since the creation of knife collecting itself, i stuck to the knife and never told him about it! I know I was wrong but I really wanted a knife like his.
    In my country there are no knife shops folks.
    I always import and if sometimes the knife comes different from what i expect i have to deal with it. Wether i return it or i stick with it.
    This is a frustrating process because it's a wait of weeks that i have to go through.
    So, i stuck with the knife, a Regular Sebenza but kept it in storage because i don't EDC blades bigger than 3". Talked about this many times there and here.

    Weeks later, on my hunt for other CRk I posted the ad selling it.
    I used the sale thread the seller posted earlier and mentioned that the knife was in the same condition that I got it in except sharper but later on that day it came to my mind the stiffness issue.
    Trying to be a nice guy i sent a pm to the seller telling him that i was going to need to edit my Sebenza sale ad mentioning that it came with the stiffness issue.
    He immediately replied furious saying that it must have been me that did something wrong to the knife.
    I responded saying that I knew I messed up by not saying anything before and wanted his help to fix it. While i was waiting for his reply by pm he immediately posted my pm for public display saying that i was this and that by not mentioning the issue in the ad!
    I thought I was doing the right thing by telling him first before editing but I guess that didn’t count, when it comes to me!
    I replied on the thread you can see above asking for my account to be closed because there i couldn’t do anything about it. Nobody would believe me because i was alone against the “gang”.

    Let me tell you a bit about the seller also.
    You guys need to know that i had a rocky relation with this guy since the beginning.
    While i was a newbie at knife collection and knife forums i started a thread about an online retailer that started his dislike towards me.
    You see, this guy was a well established member with thousands of posts before i even joined so most members jumped on his bandwagon taking aim at me because i was a newbie and a foreigner.
    He started as an Admin, then a moderator and lastly a simple member!
    Don’t know if it was the lack of patience from his piers due to his bad temper or is alcohol abuse but his “demotion” is somewhat strange!
    After my first run in to this “BB gang member” I received a few pms from other BB members telling me how he poorly behaved with them also so it wasn’t the first time that he tried to damage a newbie’s rep.
    No, I won’t tell who the members were.

    Now, regarding the small 21 i sold that get's mentioned in sebenza vertical bladeplay thread on here.
    I said on BB that I was going to send him to CRk but never did.
    That’s right dummy, don’t you ever change your mind?
    Long story short, I sent an email to CRk about this issue.
    Jessie told me that the sebenza could be having bladeplay due to wrong assembly.
    After researching i saw a thread about the correct way of assembling/disassembling any sebenza.
    I mean, the way how you should take out the blade first and then take the rest apart.
    Did it and it worked so I sold it! End of mistery Giraffe!

    Oh by the way, you said that i sold the small 21 on the forum with bladeplay! Prove it!
    Post a thread up on there and ask the one who bought it to come forward.
    You can't, can you, you liar?
    The reason why you can't is because i never sold the knife on there!!

    Btw guys, I can show the emails to CRk if needed!

    My final argument with the OP was about Sebenzas in general.
    I was commenting a thread of a member that didn’t like sebenzas because they were framelocks!
    I was trying to know his tastes in knives and the OP couldn’t handle it anymore so he jumped in attacking me. Post it also.

    So on there, after I told the truth about this poser saying that he was business driven he accused me of a few things that I will now address.
    Let me see if I remember correctly.

    - You said I was ungrateful because I talked poorly about a member that went above and beyond to help me out! That he did an Hercules job to get leather for a sheath he gave me for free.

    So, i paid this member to make me a scale for a SRM 710.
    Honestly I don’t remember what I said bad about him but show it also.
    What I do remember is starting a thread about this maker praising his work trying to find him more clients because I knew that he was struggling financially.
    You can also post it here!
    I never wanted to mention this on BB but unfortunately now I need to.
    Did he ever told you that I sent him a written letter with a nice bottle of Port thanking him for the sheath?
    Do you know how much it costs sending something insured to the UK with that weight?
    I’m sure he didn’t tell you that but go ahead and ask him.
    By the way, tell the folks here what happened to the member I’m talking about.

    -You said I sent a knife to other member for him to repair it and after he did it I never offered to pay the postage back and sold it without referring the issue.

    So after seeing that the guy had the large model of the knife I sent him a pm asking if he wanted the smaller model.
    When talking about it he said he wanted to buy it so we agreed on the price.
    The night before shipping it I noticed that the linerlock failed if pressure was applied to the spine of the blade so I immediately sent him a pm saying the deal was off.
    He offered to help saying that if he could fix it he would keep it.
    I thought he said in a pm that he would send it back to me for free if he didn’t want it!
    So I sent it.
    A few days after he told me that he never said that he would send it for free when he showed me a stored pm.
    I realise I messed up there because the offer seemed too nice however it was beyond my wildest dreams that he would be so hurt by it!
    If i would’ve known of course i would pay for it!!
    However, what the guy didn’t say when he snitched this to the “gang” Is that I sent him numerous pms asking his paypal address so I could send him the money!
    This thing was never a big issue to me and i believe it wasn’t for him also until it was convenient!

    Confused? I’ll explain.

    This was only snitched when he was arranjing a group buy of a custom folder.
    At first he needed ten members to sign in on this so when i stepped up he was glad to take me in but afterwards, surprisingl,y took me out of it without any explanation!
    When i pmed him about he never replied, even after i saw that he have read it.
    So i posted on the group buy thread.
    That was when he told me two members sent him pms convincing him to take me out of it so he did!
    Surely, two “BB gang members”.
    To justify it better that’s when he started with the lame postage excuse.

    Getting back to the knife.
    When it got there he sanded a bit of the liner where it meets the tang and the knife got rock solid lock up but the knife was too small for him so he returned it.
    When I got it back I sold it but I didn’t mention the lock up issue because there was no issue to point out!
    The lock up was extremely solid so I sold it as a user.
    The funny thing is that the buyer never mentioned any problem with it!
    Only you did!

    Let me point out a few here.
    Recently I bought a Para2.
    I asked the seller if it had bladeplay because I knew that most have. I had two before.
    He said no but when I got it, guess what, it had!
    Was that on the ad?
    My last purchase was a “homemade” stonewashed cold steel.
    After asking everything I could remember about the knife I got it in my hand and the edge was completely damaged due to the stonewash. I didn’t know it could get that way so that’s why I didn’t ask.
    Did he ever mentioned it before?
    If you want, post my Strider PT ad where I mention the fact that it had bladeplay and it was sold anyway!

    -You said i edited the ad afterwards.

    That’s right, i always take out the pics and on here i also take out the price!
    I also edit original ads when i see that the spelling, grammar, or other thing is wrong.
    I guess you are the first never to edit yours!

    So, this is the nightmare i’ve been though on there.
    I’m sure that 4-5 “BB gang members” will talk very bad about me but I’m sure that dozens of people on that forum will talk very highly of me.
    Go and check my feedback score there and ask the people who I did business with what they say about me.
    Then ask the people on here!
    I was never appreciated on that forum despite all my best intentions towards most guys.
    Unfortunately snitching and telling on others like children isn’t something i deal with very good so fortunately i got away from that place.
    I guess I will start threads like this about you!

    You are evil man, evil! Just like it shows on your nick, you are a hater!
    I really hope you pay for everything you ever tried to do to me. You and the rest of your associates.

    You guys can believe whatever you want.
    I know who I am and am proud of the guy I turned out to be.
  5. phil40000


    Oct 29, 2011
    The forums seem to be going through a bad patch regarding questionable behavior when selling/trading knives.

    When one reads the drivel in the post above it is plain that these people don't even think they have done anything wrong, 'they plotted against me', 'no one believed me as i am a foreigner' etc.

    The good i have encountered whilst buying and selling knives all over the world easily outweighs the bad though.
  6. Hatethatgiraffe


    May 20, 2011
    Business driven? I went out on a limb and sold to you when noone else would go near you with a barge pole and sold you knives at the same price as would sell them to someone locally taking a hit on knives on occasion as I foolishly thought of you as a friend over on the other forum.
    This was betrayed when you purchased a knife, brand new, which I sent to you less than 3 hours after I had received them direct from supplier.
    Rather than approach me directly you decided to post directly onto an open forum and the undertone of the post was that I had ripped you off and sold you a used knife.
    A knife that at the time noone else other than myself and a few others had actually handled.
    As it turns out the consensus of opinion was that you were so wet behind the ears that you didn't appreciate the difference between a $15 dollar Chinese knife with a micarta scale not being a well finished as a knife costing far more.
    Despite the issue apparently being resolved you then spent months having the occasional dig regarding this knife and your apparently awful experience!

    As to my only posting about my "business" and that being my only driving force I suggest you actually take the time to base your comment on fact rather than the usual Port tinted view you have on life!
    I have almost 15,000 posts on the forum you mention and the accusation of a "gang" is nothing short of laughable.
    Your actions to scurry away and ask for your account there to be closed when faced with accusation of wrong doing speak volumes in themself.

    I posted here at the time of the incident as as part of a knife community overall I would t want anyone to purchase a knife that you very obviously claimed I have issues with.

    You posted here saying that you had issues with a couple of sebenzas then tried to sell them elsewhere with no mention of the issues, when challenged you said it was a different knife and that the one with issues was back for repair despite being very clear here that you didn't want to send knife back to Chris Reeves due to the cost etc.
    The other large Sebenza that you bought from a member of long standing and didn't mention the issue was also posted up for sale with no mentions of an issue until you were challenged regarding it.
    The Internet is a small place Eduardo, you really should be careful what you write and where as lies do tend to have a habit of catching up with you :)
  7. CWL


    Sep 15, 2002
    Don't forget to quote him! He has a tendency to edit his posts after someone catches him in a new claim or falsehood.
  8. fatherhudson


    Apr 3, 2012
    We can't see the thread on british blades without creating an account.
  9. Hatethatgiraffe


    May 20, 2011
    Sorry about that :(
    In the thread Mantzao offers a Sebenza he had mentioned having issues with on this forum but wasn't mentioning them in sales thread.
    He had also tried to pass the knife on in trade to another member with no mention of the issue.
    He only mentioned having any issue with the knife on that side of the pond when challenged regarding it.

    When called out on it he then asked for his account there to be closed.
  10. RevDevil

    RevDevil Super Evil Supermod Staff Member Super Mod

    Nov 9, 2009
    Please keep the crossforum flames away from here. The only thing you need to discuss is facts, not one another, not other forums. Don't bring that here, consider this a warning.
  11. Fortified


    Jun 11, 2012
    RevDevil, it's true that the questionable trades occurred on another forum, but this is relevant to BladeForums members because, having closed his account on the UK forum, mantzao is now attempting to set up another European exchange within BladeForums; see here:


    I hope you agree that, in this section for customer feedback, these matters should be brought to the attention of BladeForums members, for their own protection.
    Also, I respectfully refer you to Bladeforums Rules, Section 6 rule 3:

    "These forums operate on honesty and integrity. As such, we have a dim view of people who act dishonestly. Your actions in the community have consequences. Even if they happen elsewhere."
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2012
  12. fatherhudson


    Apr 3, 2012

    Pretty sure what he said was
    As for the actual issue at hand, i'm more inclined to trust someone who has made a number of valuable contributions to this forum and has good feedback than 3 users with less than 20 posts each.
  13. Hatethatgiraffe


    May 20, 2011
    That's your choice entirely. I posted with best of intentions as didn't want to see anyone gettin burned.
    If trying to do the decent thing and protect people from potentially parting with their hard earned for goods not as described and then seeing someone wriggle out of it is the wrong thing to do then I'll grab my coat and head out the door.
  14. snowreaper1

    snowreaper1 Banned BANNED

    Nov 26, 2010
    Mantzoa is GTG. Folks from other forums can stay at those forums and kick rocks. We have enough drama over here as it is.
  15. Fortified


    Jun 11, 2012
    Everything I posted was fact.
    Regarding post counts, hatethatgiraffe is a long standing and respected member of the other forum, with thousands of posts to his name. In fact, if you were able to see the link posted above, you would see that the members complaining about mantzao's trades also have thousands of posts between them. One of them is a moderator.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2012
  16. Hatethatgiraffe


    May 20, 2011
    Nice to see you editing posts rather than replying as per usual Eduardo!
    Also nice to see you resorting to personal attacks regarding my race as well as others and their situations financially or otherwise!

    Did you not tell a moderator that it was another small Sebenza you had sold and that one was back at Reeves for repair?

    As the members here can see from my low post count I don't post here often, mostly browse as I tend to buy knives from uk makers or sources due to customs issues and seizures.

    I have no real interest in you Eduardo, you were shown to be a liar on multiple occasions as well as not being able to face up to any accusation directed towards you.
    Your habit of editing posts after someone has replied in order that you can manipulate them is renowned as is your whiny attitude when caught out!

    I wish anyone luck in their future dealings with you.
    In my experience and in that of others they are certainly going to need it!
  17. mantzao


    Jun 16, 2011
    So you were on a limb by selling me a knife?
    Wow, what’s the deal with that?
    Did the others threatened you with some kind of punishment for dealing with me? I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case
    All that because i told the truth before and disn’t kiss #sses?
    When i posted on the thread about the 24,77$ knife, 15$ is what appears on the site where you buy it from wich i’m sure you get for a lot less due to the wholesale prices, i speciafically said that it wasn’t you that ripped me off but that the product had bad f&f.
    I see now why you were so mad!
    I somehow spoiled it for you, i see. You were expecting that all would be quiet about it even if theirs had the same issues as mine!
    Let me tell you something boy, lots of people when buy knives and have bad experiences with them, they come to forums and talk about them. Like you did when complaining openly about your DPX Hest! Slipped your mind?
    Anyway, i’m not saying it is right or wrong but many do so you should have been prepared for it when establishing a business like yours.
    So, i was supposed to be your friend hã?
    I guess you took that from the pm i sent months after you saying i was sorry about the situation between us.

    For the ones that this guy still hasn’t snitched about it, i sent him a pm saying how sorry i was because of the bad atmosphere it created between us.
    I still think i was right in all that mess but despite that i still wrote in a pm apologizing because i believe it’s bad karma having any kind of negative vibes towards us.
    Well, you sure forgot it quick when you started making fun of a recently acquired knife i had for sell.

    The closing account issue!

    It wasn’t because i was afraid of what the original seller posted on there that i wanted it to be closed!
    It was only a matter of me feeling powerless for one more struggle against the bullies on there.
    One against many is the kind of situation that most cowards like to be in so i decided to ask it to be closed.
    I was fed up with that partial forum so that’s why i left giraffe!

    The truth of the matter is that you are a friend of the OP and a member on the other forum under a different nick on here and that your only concern since you register is to sabotage and undermine my idea of European Exchange section! That’s very clear by reading your posts on the thread.
    It took me a bit to realise why you were sabotaging but it’s pretty obvious now after you showed your true colours by telling others where they could exchange knives in Europe!
    Your sole purpose here is to try to make me look bad so that this idea doens’t come to fruition because you know that if it does your forum will become even more irrelevant, right?
    You know that most on there don’t want to talk about non-locking/slipjoints knives and the main reason why they register there is because of the exchange section.
    Sorry to expose you fella!

    Thank you brother:)

    Thanks for the support:)

    Hate is a long standing and “respected member” because he sells knives that most of the registered users are not willing to take the risk of buying from his source!
    That’s his only important contribution to that forum! Oh, that and negative comments about others knives, specially if they are new to the forum.
    Because of UK’s knife laws they aren’t willing to risk they’re earned money gambling with customs so they have to put up with his negative posts and useless business driven started threads.
    I understand how frustrating that must be but they have no choice. I know that most would speak up if their situation was different.
    I can’t see the link but i’m sure the characters that are complaining are the same ones that made me leave so no worries. I’m used to it as i said in my first post on here.

    It’s amazing the time i’m taking to reply to someone like you but all i have to say on this is that if you can’t nor do you want to understand what i posted first on here regarding the sebenzas i can only say for you to read it againg!
    If you ever try to get out of your comfort zone and register in other forum where the main language there isn’t your native one then tell me if it’s easy not to edit!
    I’m sure you’ll never do it because you’re a bit basic.
    So basic that you think that saying that you’re Scottish is a racial insult!!
    That’s a nationality John, not a race LOL

    I apologize for this whole thing people, specially to the MODs but i had to reply to this.
    I hope this to be my last post regarding this.
    In conclusion, I've dealt with amazing people throught these last two years, selling, trading, and talking about knives in general!
    I've made some friends with who i talk to on a regular basis because of these kind of forums and, on here, i never had a problem with nobody until these class acts came to disturb!
    I leave it up to you people to draw your own conclusions about this whole thing but believe me when i say that i hope the European Exchange section comes to fruition because it would help out lots of europeans that don't get the chance of having the knives they want even if the OP's intended objective is achieved and i don't get the chance of dealing on there.
  18. Hatethatgiraffe


    May 20, 2011
    Breathe Eduardo your blood pressure must be through the roof :lol:

    Firstly I have no idea who Fortified is and I have had no contact with him either here or on BB. It is however clear that he must be a member there.
    The gripe with regards to how you handled yourself with the knife you complained about wasn't that there was a fault but rather that you posted those feelings on an open forum before personally contacting me and trying to get it sorted. Had you done so I could have told you that all the knives were of a similar standard and that the finish on the micarta was never going to be to the same standard of finish as the G10 on others you had previously purchased.

    Applause to you for coming out your comfort zone and learning English as broken and poorly punctuated as it may be.
    It happens to be my first language and I think I manage to speak it and type it pretty well, I can't use it as an excuse and claim I have been misinderstood. An easy tactic adopted by some.
    As to my "business" and my posting regarding such on the other forum that may be something to do with the fact that I am registered as a trader there! That's hardly difficult to piece together and realise that it may occur!
    However I have 3 active threads on there or my trade sales - one for SRM and enlan knives, one for Ganzo and Navy knives and finally one for torches.
    Outside of there I do have a modest input regarding these knives as I have a certain level of experience regarding them.
    The monetary reward isn't anything like what you envisage and it has and always will be more about the social element of forums which interests me. Unlike you who seems happy to sit behind his keyboard using his knives for no more than opening the occasional pizza box or microwave television meal I actually get out into the real world and meet like minded individuals from the forums who share a common interest!
    I find this an enriching experience, you might try it sometime.

    As to my vast majority of posts being about Chinese knives I suggest you may be horrifically mistaken. I had close to 10k posts before I even started selling those knives which btw came about after organising numerous profit free group buys.
    You know where people do something for the benefit of the forum or community!

    What did you ever offer back? Are you a contributing member here? Was the most frequently used section on the other forum the classifieds for you where you racked up more posts bumping threads and closing threads with knives being withdrawn only to be up again days later in a new thread.
    Knives of which details were sadly ommited.

    As to the large sebenza that you claim to have had issues with as soon as it arrived from a member there and only mentioned when putting up for sale I ask you one thing - Why if it was faulty did you offer it to another member as part of a trade with no mention of the fault previous to posting it up for sale?

    Why did you lie to a moderator there about the fact you had two small sebenzas and state that you sent one away for repair and sold the other? A statement you now seem to withdraw here by saying that the issue was sorted by a simple email exchange with Reeves knives? Would it not have been simpler to tell the truth and provide clarity to the situation or do lies come so easy to you?

    As to any important contribution to the forum I've never claimed to have a meaningful contribution, I post regularly, help people out where I can and join in the general camaraderie of the community!
    To have such a self inflated opinion of yourself that you ever offered anything more than anyone else there is, in my opinion, deluded.

    Do yourself an everyone else a favour in future Eduardo, don't tell lies, describe knives accurately and try not to believe your own hype! The world isn't out to get you but lies always catch up with you ;)
  19. Fortified


    Jun 11, 2012
    Just to clarify, this is not a matter of language. It's a matter of editing or deleting sales threads to hide false claims.
    There are plenty of examples of this but I understand that members here cannot see posts from the UK forum, so here's one from Bladeforums. In this thread, mantzao was selling some Wilkins grips which he said were in perfect condition. I am aware that one of them at least was far from perfect.
    Note that mantzao deleted the OP on the day following the sale.
    Obviously the content of the OP cannot now be proven because the evidence has been deleted. But ask yourself why mantzao would need to delete a sales thread as soon as the item is sold, unless he has something to hide.

  20. Haze


    Aug 2, 2004
    What was it that you know was wrong with the scale that made it "far from perfect" ?


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