Can you help rename this knife? (pictured)

Jul 30, 1999

"Large Hunter" Temporary name

Overall: 8.75"

Bladelength: 4.5"

Blade gage: 5/32"

Blade Steel: Cryogenically treated ATS-34

Handle: Hand shaped black linen Micarta

Sheath: Kydex,with removable belt loop
This knife is shaped like a hunter. Would make a great hunter. Problem is, it is definetly a tactical knife. The knife is designed for back up carry, and good heavy utility type uses. Do you have any ideas for a good tactical name for it? Thanks in advance.

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You bet I can




"Grey Angel"


Self improvement is a hobby of mine :).

Neato a naming "contest!"

Let's time...

I've noticed quite a few knifemakers go for themes in all of their knives, of a series of knives.

How 'bout "Flatliner" with another in the series being "Flatfever, Flatgrinder, etc." It is flat ground right?

or..."Satan's Plaything" or "Widowmaker" an oldie but a goodie.

let's see "Hunter: Version 4.5" or a derivation thereof "Hunter 4.5"

The sad thing is that I'm actually having fun thinking about is slow.

"Mankiller, Deathstalker, Muggerslayer" all good choices.

Seriously though the problem with "tactical" names is that heaven forbid you were ever in court for some sort of knife incident the prosocuting DA would love to show the court your "Mankiller 2000 (now with extra bloodletting capacity)." Kiss your "It's a utility knife" defense bye-bye.

My vote goes for Hunter 4.5 (or Hunter 4). Simple, unobtrusive, and legalizally speaking a winner.
I agree with C Rushing. Be careful with titles so that they don't haunt you.

How about: Utility Hunter

Drac Noroc

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"Camp champ"

Bambi bloodletting deerslayer vivisection tool, mark 5

Nah, the last won't work...


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You all are giving me some great suggestions. I should give a little iformation on the market I sell to, and want to appeal to.

The largest number of my customers are law enforcement. Followed by military. Followed by individuals seeking added security, followed by hunters and sportsman, and last but not least, collectors. Another of my knives is named the "Patrolman". This is my best seller. Kind of like something along the same lines, I think. I am open to all suggestions though.

To answer a question: Yes, it is flat ground.

Thank you all very much.

Lynn Griffith-Tactical Knifemaker
Winner of "Best Tactical Knife" at 1999 PKA show
My website
See my award winning "Spec Ops Tanto" in Gallery 3 of my website

Howzabout "small hunter"? Under 9" oal "large hunter"? Whazup wit dat? All my fav pocket knives are bigger!!! Of course none of them has a 4.5" blade due to knife tip physics (if the tip sticks out past the handle it will cut you physically). Until my sifu comes in... Medium I could see.
Lynn no offense meant it IS a handsome knife but I name it "Kitchen Mistress".
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Bohica is a great little acronym:
Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!


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Lets see, its supposed to be a tactical back-up, right? Ok, how about "ace" as in your ace in the hole. Or something along those lines. Or Undercover. Second chance. Hidden edge. Hidden advantage. Thats all I can think of.
Very nice looking work and I know it works well too. - The Option. (I think it fits - you are more than welcom my friend hope it helps.)

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I'll call it 'Sabre Tooth'.
The impression that it gives me is like one of those ancient sabre tooth tiger. With K9s shaped like your knife and the handle reminds me of tiger stripe, though they don't have any back then.....but that is how i got it: Stripes - tiger - ancient ones - Sabre Tooth Tiger! Hope you like it.
Lynn, I will second the choice of the “Option”. It would go well with your line, and has a more traditional feel, especially if you have a series of similar blades. On your site you have a smaller hunter as well, so if you went with “Option I”, “Option II”, etc. it would workout well.

Don’t you like the sound of “ Lynn Griffith Option II in Black Micarta” ?


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