Custom GSO Handles - WIP thread

I would like to again express how much I appreciate @Daniel Fairly Knives. I first contacted him straight out of the blue about 2 years ago asking if he would let me collaborate on a few of his knives. Much to my amazement, he agreed. We did 3 knives together, and I consider that one of the formative events that helped me make a mark with my knife handle making endeavors. Daniel is absolutely a class act, generous with his time and information, and makes some fantastic blades. His style really appeals to me. When he agreed to do this project, I was again amazed, and even more so when the knife came home. He's a hell of a guy. Please check out his work. My knife doesn't even begin to showcase his talent!
Well... here I go again.
I had a 4.1 (new spec) and then sold it, which I regretted. I recently traded my way back into one, and last night I started into a set of Koa slabs that should match the ones on my old spec 4.1 (these came from the same slab I brought home from Hawaii).

I got them drilled and the outline roughed in last night. Also got the finger pocket dialled in. I'll keep you posted as I go.

For all the advantages of synthetic materials nothing brings out the beauty of that steel like fine wood and leather. A joy to see--I need to hold it.
Anyone know of a place to buy scales? I am looking for one 4.7, and possibly a 5.1
ATJ999 ATJ999 I imagine you have checked on the S!K web site. Additionally, there was a thread around here some time ago for extra S!K supplies (fasteners, sheaths, handles) - you could post in that thread. There is also the Facebook fan page, you could post what you are looking for.

Apart from that, I only remember one other guy who does handles in materials - I want to say it was @Hale Storm but I don't remember for sure.
Here is the finished project. It is hard to describe how lively this material is. The grain takes on completely different shading and waviness from different angles. It's almost impossible to photograph to convey how much it moves and ripples. Koa is my absolute favorite.



Absolutely Awesome. I like all of them, but I am really partial to this 4.7 how it kind of fades to the rear. NICE!