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Jul 23, 2015
Contest. The winner will receive the prototype. The name of the knife is "Bonkerzillasaurusrex". I coined that word the other night to describe how I felt when I find surface rust on blades that I thought were sufficiently protected against it. But I love the sound of the word too much to not make it into a knife model. Submit your knife profile drawings in this thread, and feel free to share your rationale for the design you came up with. One of the designs will become the David Mary Custom Bonkerzillasaurusrex. Just remember in my sub forum, I like to keep things clean so it is inclusive to everyone. Okay....

I think I already know The knife.....
How is that possible?

You and I share some similar design "Likes" style wise
Yet our styles are still pretty different.

I've had a design in my head for a while.....
But literally, I said to myself "This is too much of a David Mary style" ......
Not like what (I) would normally do style wise.... But still super cool.

So, Now I can explore it more.....maybe.
I'll have to dig up some info on a blade of yours, to compare.

*side tangent.
Who owns the red handled with green accent one off knife that David made???
It's kind of a big Butcher style knife?
I think he sold it on sale? I was hard up for money then, and couldn't buy it. Someone got it for a steal.
I don't think it was a normal DM fan, here? Because I keep looking for pictures of it, and Never see it.
If you are reading this, Please post More pictures on David's subforum.

I've been following a thread on Guacho/Criollo knives from Argentina for a while now and I think David could do an excellent rendition, or perhaps a hybrid. Imagine a knife designed for daily use, over a lifetime, that can puncture and slice equally well with a 5-9 inch blade, a deep choil and integral bolster that prevents your hand from slipping onto the edge. The same knife could be used to slaughter a beef, cut cheese, fight a cabrón in the alley, or slice rawhide to weave a lariat. I'm a Texan so it pains me to say it, but such a knife is probably more utilitarian than a Bowie knife.

David is not an Argentine, but I have no doubt he could perfect the designs exemplified in this thread, especially ushis thin, convex grinds:

oldmanwilly oldmanwilly I have neither forge nor related tools, nor the skills to use them even if I did. Besides this thread is for you guys to design a knife and propose it. I'm just sitting back and watching until we have a few designs to put to a vote. The pace of the thread will determine how long it stays open. If there isn't a drawing of a knife profile in this thread within a few days, I'll probably just close it and file it under one of many "David's dumb ideas".
I explain what I can and cannot make in this post:
Nope. Sorry.
I think many such Argentine knives do not require an integral bolster, nor would such feature need to be forged as I've no doubt it could be ground via stock-removal, However, I would not presume to tell a craftsman what is possible or necessary. I'll try to come up with some legible drawings, but frankly I'm a terrible artist.
You know those children's drawings come to life type projects? I promise I am not going to do that to whatever you guys come up with! And I am sure your artistic abilities are better than those of a child!


I will use artistic interpolation to make the selected design into a flowing, reasonable, attractive, and useful knife.
I can’t draw well but have an idea….now to do some sketching. Do you need dimensions down to grind or just length of blade/overall, thickness of spine, height of blade, handle shape/dimensions? This should be fun.
First attempt: big, weird, within the existing DM design orbit. Kind of a short stout barong/Golok baby. Not too thick, dropped handle to be good for light bush clearing, blade good for camp chores / food prep and can dig with it if necessary. Need to think about blade length, between 6 and 8 inches?


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Do you need dimensions down to grind or just length of blade/overall, thickness of spine, height of blade, handle shape/dimensions?

Some of it. Include desired/envisioned thickness if you like, but bear in mind that prototype materials, including alloy and stock thickness will ultimately be to my discretion and within the context of what I can afford for the project...

I killed a mosquito before I finished typing that sentence. Wouldn't normally mention it, but because it's you. ;)
I'm on my way to the mountains, but had to stop and take a break when i saw this thread!


Made a quick sketch of my dream knife...skeletonized knife for cyclists, ultralight hikers and mountaineers. Light and fast!

3.5" blade length


Wrap the handle with some orange paracord and you're good to go!

I'll draw some more designs after i've set up base camp.

Thanks for the chance, David!

Have a nice day
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