Did anyone receive knives for Christmas?

Feb 11, 2000
Just recieved an Al Mar SERE 2000 from my girlfriend
Man is this thing stout!

Hope everyone else is having a great Christmas as well.
Yep- the missus got me one of Mel Pardue's customs, a modified trapper in mokume and antique jigged bone. Very nice.

I got myself a Spydeco mouse and a cutom Wegner pro-hunter. Does that count?

I got my wife a Leatherman pulse and my brother a Columbia River Apache police edition.

Dennis Bible

I just opened a Microtech Lcc black serated gotta love it what a knife

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I just got a Small 2000 Curly Maple Sebenza from my wife. Kids are screaming over the new playstation 2. Let'em scream, I ain't listning! Life is good!

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Any way you can post a picture? Your knife sounds very nice...I would love to see it.

QUESTION: How do your SO (sig other) know what to get you? My wife wouldn't have a clue....do you guys tell them or do they surprise ya?

Have fun all!

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska

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My wife bought me a Schrade Christmas 2000 folder. It`s got about a 3" flat ground blade with "Merry Christmas 2000" on one side. The handles are simulated ivory with a hand painted pic of Santa and the reindeer. It should be just the thing for cutting ribbons and tape later on today at the inlaws. It`s no big buck custom but I like it.
My wife gave me a William Henry Damascus Lancet. She knows what to pick because I leave her plenty of hints and call her over to the computer when I find something interesting.
Yup. CRK&T M-16, German Dagger and a BM-42 on the way. Made a Tanto with walnut scales for my father and bought some Spyderco Kitchen Knives for my mother.
My wife paid attention to my subtle hints and picked me up a Benchmade 940 designed by Osborne with the BT coated blade of 154 cm . The Black blade and green handles add up to a beautiful package not to mention the way it feels in the hand. What a Lady! And my wife is great too!

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My dog Taya got me a sweet Robeson Dr.'s knife in strawberry bone. Got to go and rub her belly some more!

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Kodiak PA:
Any way you can post a picture? Your knife sounds very nice...I would love to see it.


Sure- try this link. (hope it works!)

It's a picture of a similar knife from Mel, (and Mr. Connelly at Knifeart.com.) The one I have is almost the same, except the bolsters are a very attractive bronze/gold/silver colored pattern of mokume. If I had a digital camera, I'd love to show you a picture of the filework on the back!


Sounds like everyone had a nice Christmas, though- glad to hear it.


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Yup, I sure did. I got a large CRKT PG, Kershaw Random Task, and a Spyderco Shabaria. Pardon me while go off and play with my knives....
Yep, Wife's grandma bought me a united Cutlery POS from the home shopping network. A very interesting knife but nothing that was ever intended to be used.

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My wife gave me a Sebenza,for christmas.It is everything I expected and more, excellent knife.and yes it is a user.
My wifes idea of a knife is anything that comes from Wal-mart and can't cost over .99
cents. My buddy at work got me a Boker Gemini
in plain black. Seems to be a really good knife.

Merry Christmas everybody!
What a lucky lucky guy I am! My Sweetie got me a Spydie Howard Viele plain edge. Smooooth action, sweet gent's knife. I shall treasure it and her. It took a list, but she got me exactly what I asked for.

Peter Atwood

I sure did!!!

My lovely wife kooked me up with 4 shiny new knives this Xmas.

All W.R.Case & Sons cutlery.

I got eveything I asked for and then some.

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