Do you carry a knife on you?

Dec 15, 2000
It's me again, the new guy. Forgive me what may seem like stupid questions.

Just want to know, do you carry a knife on you at all times? If so, is it attached to your belt? Have it in your pocket? On your key chain?

I carry one on my key-chain, it's a Swiss Army knife. Darn thing comes in handy.
I wonder what the odds are of someone here NOT having a knife on them at any given time.......Myself I carry a Spyderco native clipped to my pocket always. Outside I carry a Kellam puukko in a custom sheath on my belt. It's not a knife....but, I just got my CMG infinity task light. A+++. Fits just right in my jeans watch pocket.

"Just want to know, do you carry a knife on you at all times?"
Of course not, why would I?
I never seem to need one in bed or shower.

"is it attached to your belt?"

"Have it in your pocket?"
Always (one or more, various assorted)

"On your key chain?"
Certainly (spyderco ladybug)

If I leave the house without a knife it's because I've forgotten my pants.
I always carry "something." Today for example I have a Lightfoot "Warhead" in my pocket and a MT LCC D/A in my computer case
Never a day goes by that I am to far from an "edged tool."........Larry C.
"I never seem to need one in bed or shower."

Funny post JW!

I always take a survival knife into the shower. Never know. I hold it in my teeth while I'm lathering up. Be prepared!
where can I go online to view the-->
Lightfoot "Warhead" ?

Looking for a good pocket knife/keychain knife.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by JW:
If I leave the house without a knife it's because I've forgotten my pants.</font>

me too.

Gary, this site has, I believe, over 8500 members, and I'm pretty sure that every single one of them carries at least one knife every day.

I carry 3 (940, 710hs, & CRKT M16-03Z) every day (not counting the Supertool or tiny SAK on the keychain). They are usually in my pants and/or jacket pockets.

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I carry a couple.Feel naked without them.


have a"knife"day
I carry a Spyderco Calypso Jr. clipped to the pocket M-F while working and running around. Sometimes I carry another blade horizontal on a belt as well which is usually a BM Ares or MOD Tempest... Weekends usually play around with neck knife carry using a REKAT UNK or Allen Blade Urban Awl and I also carry my BM Ares around more in the pocket on the weekends. Was carrying my Kershaw Random Task a lot but it is going to be my lil' brothers Christmas present
so he can call himself a man and stop carrying POS blades.


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An MT SOCOM Elite in my waist band about midway between the belt buckle and pocket. The guy who said if he's not carrying a knife it means he's forgotten his pants, or something to that affect, has got it about right.
I always carry my CRKT CR-6783 Crawford/Kasper Large Fighting Folder clipped to my right front pocket, and a small Schrade pocket folder in my back left pocket.

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Yes, I have a knife on me and I've had one on me for the last 40 years, not the same knife of course.

My daily carry is; a custom mini puukko around my neck it comes in very handy for the little jobs, but I really carry it in memory of James Mattis. #2 is either a CRKT/KFF small plain edge or a Spydie/Walker lt/wt, when I need a knife quick. #3 is an AG Russell 'One hand knife' in a cloth belt sheath, soon to be replaced by my first custom folder made by Art Washburn with a Gary Graley belt sheath. This knife is a Damascus wharnclif blade with stag scales and a liner lock. This knife will be used, but it's partly just to show off.

Not carry a knife? Are you nuts?

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Only when I'm dressed...
4 on duty
at least 2 dang near everywhere else
never less than one

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When I have my pants on, I ALWAYS have two Cold Steel knives with me...An Extra-LARGE Gunsite cliped inside one front pocket, and a Medium plain-edge Clip-Point Voyager in my other front pocket. Then there is also the Leatherman Micra in my key wallet.

When I DON'T have my pants on, I am too "busy" to worry about a knife.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by JW:
If I leave the house without a knife it's because I've forgotten my pants.</font>

Hate when I do that.

Unless I'm in the gym training, if I'm wearing clothes I've got a knife on me somewhere.


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its not unusual for me to discover that i have more than 4 knives on me at one time.
I always have 2 on me, sometimes 3.

Leatherman Wave
and sometimes the BM AFO auto.

Maybe I'll carry the Camillus CQB-2 if it ever gets here....