Do you carry a knife on you?

the only time i do not have a knife on me is when i'm in bed, and then i have a katana within arms reach. or in the shower when i have a blade within arms reach as well.
I carry a small sebenza in my right pocket (usual carry knife)...and more recently a Griffith Patrolman in the waist band and a BM 42 in my boot. You can never have to many sharp pointy things on you.
The situation usually dictates how one would carry his knife. I usually carry MANY knives with me at any given moment. More while woring outdoors, less while all dressed up.

BUT! I can just as easily caryy ONE knife that does almost as well as four!

Steve in NYC
I carry a Victorinox Classic on my keyring. I carry a Victorinox Craftsman in my left front pocket and a Leatherman PST in a nylon sheath clipped to my belt. The PST sheath is small enough that no one really pays attention to it - very important in a business office.
I have carried a pocket knife since I was seven years old and my older brother gave me his old Barlow knife when he got a Swiss Army knife for Christmas back in 1949. He would have been nearly twelve then. Right now, I am carrying a Spydie Cricket and a BM Osborne 940. Generally, when I am in Washington, DC, I carry aither my BF Native or my C-19 Terzuola Junior Clipit plus the Cricket. When back in Virginia, I usually carry my StarMate or my REKAT Carnivore. Oh, and my keychain has a SOG Crosscut on it. That minitool has at least one small blade on it.

About the only school that did not allow me to carry a pocket knife was my Rat Year at Virginia Military Institute. Nobody could carry knives there.

Walk in the Light,
Hugh Fuller
I wake up in the morning and strap on my work knife for the day a Kershaw Full serated canyon city after work i have a Kershaw blackout cliped on and a knife in just about every room in the house to play with I have microtech Lcc under the tree right now come on Christmas

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I think that a better question for around here would be:

Does anyone here carry less than 3 knives on their person??
And if so, what's wrong with 'ya???

--The Raptor--
I carry a William Henry carbon fibre in my right front pocket. And a really cheep Gerber in my left back pocket. I usually use the Gerber becasue it is so much cheaper. But I just love the WH.

Not quite so new as me are you!!


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O.K., if you're going to twist my arm I'll tell ya what I carry. My BM710 in my pants pocket. Camillus CUDA in my jacket pocket or small of my back. CS Tuf-lite on my keychain, and I keep my old Buck Crosslock in the car just in case I leave the house without my pants, keys and jacket.

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I just checked. I have one in my right front pocket, one in my left rear pocket, and three in my jacket. That dam jacket keeps collecting knives.


Daily loadout:

Sifu, concealed, carried more or less exclusively for defensive purposes.

Gerber Multipliers with "hex drive kit", customized, plus three long-shaft screwdriver bits. This is mostly a computer repair tool, motorcycle repair tool and something that can be used to open boxes in an office environment without freaking the sheeple and getting fired over the Sifu.

Swisstech Utilikey: basically a backup to the Gerber so there's no situation where I'd *have* to pull the Sifu for utility purposes.

If you're going to carry serious "social situation cutlery", carry something smaller too. Multi-tools of any type are ideal for most folk but if you don't need the bulk, there's any number of good mild-looking 3" class blades. A Boye 3" folder in Dendritic 440C would be one of my top choices if I was to go that route.

I always carry a knife. At least one. Usually a Schrafe Old Timer Middleman Stockman in my left pants pocket. A Leatherman Micra on my keychain, and some type of folding knife in a beltpouch.

Depends on what I am doing as to what else I might carry in the way of knives.

Everyone should carry at least one.

Remember, your survival knife is the knife you have on you when a survival situation arises!

During my waking hours I carry an Emerson SOCFK but while i sleep the SOCFK turns into a GLOCK

Today I carried my Wenger SAK (the Trout model). Ya know, that fish-scaler makes a fine back-scratcher (but I've never scaled a fish with it).

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