Do you carry a knife on you?

I think most of us here carry at least one knife just about everywhere we go, some carry several. We carry in our pockets, clipped to our pockets, in belt sheaths, in tactical rigs at the small of the back, around our necks, in our boots, in our shirt pockets, on our key rings, in our cars, and everywhere you can think of. Some of us carry only one knife at a time, some carry several with different purposes.

I have always had at least One knife with me at all times (except in the shower or in bed) since I was about eight. For more than fifteen years that knife was usually a Gerber LST, a nice $20 little knife. Several years ago I discovered the world of custom made knives.

My current EDC (every day carry) knife is a small trim 3-inch 420V front-lock folder with gorgeous pearl scales and stainless bolsters made by PJ Tomes. This knife does everything I need around the office and at home and rides around in a little slip sheath at the bottom of my pocket. I supplement it by carrying several different knives, or combinations of knives, depending on where I'm going and what I'm going to be doing.

Asking a question like this here in this place is kind of funny. Of course we carry knives everywhere, we are Knife Knuts.

I have for over thirty five years, always carried a knife, a belt buckle knife, last ditch defensive, (Bowen), a folder, for utility purposes, (KS Boa),(new), and a small defensive straight blade, this year I went with a Busse Mean street variant. Every year I buy new replacments, mainly because of design changes and I love the excitment of reserching all the new knives, and waiting for them to be delivered
goodness no, knives scare me!
as i sit here, i have on me the following: a crawford neck knife, an atkinson folder, a duncan folder, a sanders fixed blade, and a bowen belt-buckleknife.
oh, i am on my way to the airport p.o. to pick up another knife that came in


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"Do you carry a knife on you?" Does Tim Herman like pictures of naked woman? Of course I do. I think the correct question for this group of people is "How many knives do you carry?" Right now I'm rotating between a Spyderco Military and Bladeforums
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Yes I have a knife on me at all times. Be it clipped to my boxers around my neck or just on a belt I never go without. I even have one of those Lansky plastic knies in my shower.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by gary777:
"I never seem to need one in bed or shower."

Funny post JW!

I always take a survival knife into the shower. Never know. I hold it in my teeth while I'm lathering up. Be prepared!

I recall someone expressing a preference for neck knives over folders, as they can be worn while in pajamas, and hung on the faucet while showering.

The comment was intended tongue-in-cheek. But then, I could have been misreading it.
About the only time that I do not have a knife on me is when I am asleep. I carry a folder clipped in mt pocket.
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Actually right now I have only one... im practically naked!

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by dsvirsky:
Hate when I do that.

Unless I'm in the gym training, if I'm wearing clothes I've got a knife on me somewhere.


My gym shorts have a pocket - and yes, I take the knife out of the street clothes, and put it in the shorts!

As I am only in boxers, I only have one on me. Usually I take two to work, three if I'm dressed up.
I thought that this thread was asking if, "You carry a knife on you?" Specifically, "at all times."

Describing what your presently wearing as you post in the thread ~ ~ I'm thinkin' ~ ~ is a little more than what we need to know!

I always have my tool with me!

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I carry 3. A Spyderco Native clipped to right front pocket, Spydercard in wallet, and Victorinox Pocket Pal in right front pocket. And sometimes something on my belt.


Sorry, double post.

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I carry 3. I keep a BM732S in my RR pocket, a BM940S in my LF pocket and a BM330S in my RF pocket. Sometimes I carry a G-10 neck knife around when I go to NYC, cuz' ya' never know.

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It is clear that I am less evolved than the above. I carry only one, a SOCOM Elite, plain edge. It's worn in the waist band of my trousers and rides so low that it is almost completey concealed by my belt. It spends the night on the night stand, and waits on the counter top during showers, otherwise if you find me, you find the knife. Jack
At least two, sometimes 4. Calypso Jr is always clipped in front pocket. SAK in pocket. Sometimes the SOG multi-tool, and also the Dozier while hunting or camping.