Dog Attack, what are you going to do????

I was once a meter reader(water). Water meters are always in peoples' yards. Dogs feel it is their duty to protect their yards. One day as I was doing my job I saw this Shepard-Collie mix laying on the porch, so I took my pepper spray off of my belt and palmed it as this dog was eye-balling me rather intently. I glanced down at the meter for a milli-second (I SWEAR it was only a second!) and as I glanced up this dog was coming at me FULL TILT. He was coming in low and FAST! I barely had time to raise the spray and hose him. Now by the time I let fly with the spray, he was in kicking distance, I was panicked so badly that I completely missed him with the spray, I managed to kick him hard enough to flip him over(this was purely instinctive on my part). He recovered and I hit him with the spray and most of it went over his head and hit his tail but a few drops caught him in the face and he stopped momentarily to rethink his actions. That moment I used to beat a hasty backing up retreat, meanwhile he discovered this stuff really hurts and started rolling on the ground. The porch where he was laying was a good 10 yards from where I was standing and this dog was on me in a virtual instant. There would have been NO TIME to retreive a folder from my pocket. BTW when I kicked him, his forward momentum being met by my kicking momentum almost knocked me off my feet, I'm mortified to think what might have happened if I fell on the ground. ANYWAY my point is, if you even THINK that a dog is gonna come have a taste of your posterior you BETTER get that knife in your hand RIGHT NOW!! Better yet, get away any way you can. I have no doubt at all that this dog was in full blown attack mode and large pieces of my meat was on his menu. One day, I should tell you how much fun it is too be cornered by two angry white German Shepards in their back yard. I have had several close calls with large angry dogs during my stay at the water company. Sorry if this reply appears dis-jointed but the incident still kinda freaks me out.
I've also heard that striking a dog hard on the nose works too. I think it's because their noses are so sensitive. But then again, if I were close enough to hit the dog on the nose, then they're probably already too close! So I think I'll just stick to drawing my knife.
Oh yeah, any ideas on what to do if you're attacked while rollerblading?? It's a hell of a lot easier to make a stand on my feet than on wheels (not to mention that my steel toes may come in handy). I'm just afraid of being dragged down, cuz when I'm down on all fours I'm in the dog's world now, and I've never tried grappling with a dog before (although I once had a training partner who closely resembled one....but that's a little off topic). Any input appreciated.

Hmmm, knives against dogs. Well, it beats running. I got a call about a month ago to unlock a persons car at thier house. I arrived and got out of the van to knock on the front door. I got about half way to the door when two dogs came running around the house snarling and barking. Out came my boker super liner (gift the day before from the wife). I used it and a car opening tool to keep the dogs at a distance. I heard the idiot owner yelling at the dogs out of a window. One of the dogs responded to the owner and backed off. The other did not. Finally the owner comes out and starts patting her leg and calling the dog like it is no big deal. After about 2 minutes of this I finally told the owner, get your dog or im gonna kill it. Get this, she was offended at my remark but finally came and grabbed the dog. Running was not an option, no way would I have turned my back to that dog. Is a knife the best option for an aggressive dog? Maybe not but its what I had. Did I have confidence in the boker super liner with its sub 3" blade? Well lets just say I now carry my axis or endura 2 everyday now. Oh yeah, I charged 1 and a half times the normal car opening rate.

What about a moose? In Anchorage they are everywhere (Northern Exposure wasn't making that part up). I don't dare carry my .45 until I get a CCW. There was a man killed by a moose here and they are as big has truck. I don't think a Busse BM would even get its attention. Has any one pepper sprayed a moose? I've seen sled dogs, rotweilers, mutts , etc. stop barking and cower in their doghouse when a moose towers over them just checking them out.

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb
A few years ago I was out walking my dog (a 6 month old Boarder Collie/Kelpie cross), when another dog came at us from a driveway. I put both hands into my jacket pockets, I was carrying a BM large Eclipse in the right hand pocket, and spread the jacket out to my sides - effectively doubling my size from the dog's point of veiw, and stepped towards it yelling at the top of my lungs.

The dog, stopped in its tracks and then retreated.


I have been to lots of homes with biting dogs in my 22 yrs. of experience of being a Deputy Sheriff and state Child Abuse/Neglect investigator. I have found from experience that if you hold your ground and don't run, most dogs will not attack you. I have only been bit twice.
No, my knives are not suitable to defend against a biting dog..however,..I would carry around a 4/5" blade and go for the neck if the need arose. This would be difficult as most dog attacks happen so would really have to be fast to draw your blade, however, I do feel that you could defend yourself if you got to your blade quick enought! Just my 2 cents!
I was attacked, more stalked, by a dog once who didn't want to let me go, so I was forced to dispatch it, with my boots. It was mid-sized, looked like a German Shepard mix. Not a moster, but it wasd actualy pretty tough. Not tougher than my Altamas though.

Anyway, I'd really rather not have to kill a dog, as I have a soft spot for them. If I have to I will beat their heads in, but only when I don't have any other options.

If you're looking for a fighting knife to take out a dog, think big and fixed blade.

Incedently, I saw one of those Cops/Rescue 911-type shows once that had some campers that were attacked by a mountain lion, they had a collie or something that got eaten trying to protect it's owners, and they ended up subduing hte cat by stabbing it in the chest cavity with a butter knife. They show may have made it up, but I didn't. I think they were serious though. Oh yeah, one of the guys got his finger bitten off during the struggle.
Dog attacks do mother and her boyfriend were over playing cards at a friends house. Their friends had a pair of St. Bernards with puppies. Everyone had played with the puppies earlier in the evening and the parents were cool with it. During a break, the two men went out on the porch. The male St. Bernard rushed my mother's boyfriend, knocked him down and viciously attacked him. It bit his nose completely off and crushed one of his eye sockets, tore up his chest and arm while the owner kicked and beat on it to stop. 300-400 stitches and 8 hours of emergency plastic surgery later, does Frankenstein ring a bell? This happened so fast, no knife could have stopped it, probably not pepper spray or a gun either. Don't take dogs lightly, I will never trust a dog bigger than 20 lbs again. Dogs that bite should be put down. Don't get my wrong, I love my dog, it even sleeps in my bed. My wife has never had kids and our Miniature Schnauzer is our child replacement. When out on a walk and I see a large dog on the loose, my AFCK or SOCOM are in my hand.
I have found that mean dogs can be bluffed and trained dogs will bite (that's their job). I just figure they are all trained until I bluff one. Never run from an attack (if you think you can win), bears are different. A chewed up forearm is better than a neck bite. I would use a 3" blade with ripping motions, they won't last very long.
Seriously though, I respect all dogs and when a strange dog comes within sight, I will observe it's actions before becoming overly defensive. Where I live, aggressive dogs are not a problem.
I am out walking a good bit of the time and I often encounter dogs.

With most of them the routine is as follows:

1) I hear their claws on the ground, they bark at me, or I see them.

2) I keep walking while keeping an Eye out for them.

3) Then if they decide they want to check me out closer, I face them.

4) That usually sets them to barking, and circling.

5) Which I respond to, by turning within their circle.

6) If that does not deter them, I walk straight at them with my warface and vibes on kill.

7) They retreat, having found out that I am Alpha.

So, in all the times I have dealt with dogs never an attack, but that doesn't mean I lower my guard.

Also, nobody likes to talk about defense with a knife against a person, so why not talk about a dog and then aply the lessons we learn to dogs?

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I am perfectly willing to discuss the particulars of knife defense against a human. If that topic is deemed inapropriate for public viewing, feel free to contact me via e-mail.

As to applying knowledge gleened from discussing knife defense against a dog to humans, well it doesn't really translate so well.

Dogs are relatively predictable, are always armed with the same weapons, have a different attitude towards combat, a different profile, and different opinion on the subject of defense.

Some basic stuff translates well though. You can kick the crap out of a human and then stick him with a knife too.
First I'd kick it inthe face as hard as I could. If that didn't kill it, it would at least give me time to draw my knife, and then it's all over. I can't think of a canine on the planet that can withstand having ten inches of razor sharp steel driven through it's lower jaw, and cut it's way out.

I have been around angry dogs almost my whole life, here is what I have learned. DO NOT run,
DO NOT try to intimidate or scare the dog, this just makes the real mean dogs attack instantly as they now think they have to defend themselves. If the dog is already angry when you happen upon it, try to slowly leave, have your knife, mace etc. ready as soon as you see any dog. If the dog does attack, try to distract it with your off hand, if it is a particularly dangerous dog such as an attacking pittbull, I would even go so far as to letting it bite my off arm and dealing my knife attacks to the neck until the dog stopped. I know the bitting your arm tactic might seem silly, but you have to realize that if the dog is REALLY set on attacking you, you are going to get bit. Instead of receiving multiple bite wounds, take one and do the deed. Another trick that I have found to work quite well is, if you see the dog from a distance and can tell that it will take interest in you, try calling it to you like you love him and want to pet him, this can sometimes difuse the situation before it becomes a violent one. I do think the Pepper spray is a good deterrent to have with you at all times to supplement your knife attacks, even against humans.


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The part of a dog attack that applies to human defense is the part about dealing with true commitment and sheer physicality.
Hi, spent time tracking & finding humans.(warrants & subpoenas) & have had my share of run ins with 4 legged animals & (2). DON"T discount the ankle biters ! Corgis are real nasty & FAST. Mace etc illegal here. resorted to water pistol with turpentine. got fed up with the cruel jokes.they last forever... bites heal. P.S. I love dogs, including mine. EXPERTS (read X=unknown factor, spurt = drip under pressure) say when attacked.. adopt non-threatening posture i.e. adopt doggie posion on ground & DON,T look dog in eyes..well I'm NOT game to try it.. if you do it to humans, you'll be lucky if you get away with a kicking.. be darned if i'll drop & stick my butt in the air guys, take it any way, (dog)...but not that way my 5cents worth (lowest coin here) W
dont try to "break his neck"
dont try to "cut him"
dont "pepper spray" him
dont try to "beat him up"
dont try to "shock" him

We went over this before in a previous post. I have a little experience as i used to raise Pit Bulls when i was a single man. I had dogs on most of my 10 acres.

I didnt really want to get into this but here goes- here is what WILL work every time-

any 4-5" blade rammed through the top of the skull between the ears about in the middle of the head. You cant be a sissy, you really got to sink the blade to the hilt.

Any dog will DIE FAST.

Dont get me wrong I love animals and raise injured animals on occasion, but if you must get a man eater off you, the above method works, this is not speculation on what i would do, it is what does work.

The best thing to do in a dog attack is bow your head, turn around, and slowly walk away. Just turn your back on it and it will chill out. This works even if the dog is already in the process of attacking you. Of course, the big problem with this tactic is that you must have nerves of steel to make it work.
My friend and I were out longboarding with our 5 ft. boards when a pit bull came from behind and bit my friend in the calf. We stopped in shock and the dog stopped for a moment too. Well in less than a second my friend picked up his board and had it above his head. He came down with it like a hammer. The dog was about five feet away, and the momentum of the strike crushed that thing to the floor. I don't think a human could have survived a direct hit to the head with a 15lb. plank of wood, because he really put all his 200 pounds into the strike, and it was over in under two seconds. He had the board up again and was about to repeat the procedure when his survival instinct turned off and he realized what he had just done. He was glade when he found that the dog was not dead, but I could have cared less. I think it is unreasonable when people say that they have a problem with killing something that is bitting them. If a dog is bitting a human who is not invading private property and is not doing anything threatening, then it deserves to get crushed. The cop who was intimidating the individual who drew his knife on the dog, should think for a seccond what it would be like to get bitten. What did she suggest as the course of action that would have been more appropriate, asking the owner to come forth and declamp the the jaws of their animal? Is the momentary hesitation due to the fact that the attacking animal is a dog? I would not hesitate to stab a shark if it was a public beach that I was swimming in. One would probably be paraded around like a hero if he managed to kill a shark with only a knife in public waters. The point is that in such a situation it is completly justifiable to go gorilla on the animal. Oh and the bite that my friend recieved on his leg went through his jeans and bled the whole ride home, but he didn't feel the pain untill later that night.
I walk a lot and I carry "pepper spray" everywhere I go. I was attacked once by quite a big German sheppard. I guess he was just protecting his territory. I noticed him when he reached very poorly looking fence between us. I used my spray and it worked well.