Dog Attack, what are you going to do????

...Rotweiller (Big!) chained to a dog house ... When someone walks/rides by the house the dog gets all the slack in the chain he can and charges. When he hits the end of the chain the dog is snapped around 180 degrees, and the dog house visibly moves on it's foundation. ... I have altered my route so I go past there headed down hill, I think I can out run him

Be careful. If the dog keeps that up, something will likely give one of these days. You don't want to be there when that happens. You won't be able to out run that dog (unless it is overweight and you are an olympic class sprinter. I have a Rott, and for a sprint, they are fast. And it will hit you like a freight train, except it won't keep going because they can turn on a dime. Pepper spray is a good idea, but if you're on foot, even if it doesn't attack at that point, it will probably still bowl into you from the range that pepper spray will reach. Dodge! If you are on a bike and can get ahead of it before it closes, then the pepper spray will work better. Also, you might try ammonia in a squirt gun. Yeah, that's cruel, and will probably cause permanent damage (which I don't think pepper spray will). But, it will get the dog's attention, and if you can't buy pepper spray where you are, what other choice do you have. Best to just alter your route, like you did.

Any owner of a dog should be responsible enough to train the dog to obey them. Our Rotty is SEVERELY disciplined if she shows aggression after being told the person is OK. As a result, she melts when she hears the word. Rotties (and Pit Bulls, Shepards, Dobermans, etc.) are not bad dogs. Their owners are irresponsible. I get mad just thinking about the stories above, of the owners that aren't controlling their dogs. It's people like that who cause the responsible owners to be subjected to laws and fines such as those in DC. GEEZ!!!

I'll get off my soapbox now.

Work hard, play hard, live long.

Speaking of owners ... one time my father was making a delivery at a factory and a large dog came after him. The factory workers all gathered around to watch the fun, making no attempt to restrain the dog. One of them said, "Watch out, he bites!"

My father (who had both hands full) said, "He'll only bite me once."

They stopped their giggling and restrained the dog.

-Cougar Allen :{)