Early buck 110 on ebay, what year/version is it?

Wowza...$305 with 3 days to go!... :eek:

Hmmmm...Bidders are no longer shown; just "Bidder 1", "Bidder 2", etc... :grumpy:
Just to add to the confusion...This is a 2-pin, 2-line, slab-sided, brass rockerbar pivot, tip-down-read 110 with brass spacer, and the blade mikes .115" at the tang stamp...

It also has the scales contoured lengthwise, from ~7/16" at the bolsters, and ~5/8" at the rockerbar pivot...so it is "fatter" in the middle...I don't recall anyone mentioning that here...

I'm just getting ready to tear this booger apart and put an Idaho blade in it, to replace the old blade...drill it for an extra scale rivet...grind the edges round, like the new ones...bwahahahahaha... :p ;) :D
There is a LOT of information out there on the 110 and it does not all agree. This is due in part to the fact that new info is coming up all the time and revisions are made. Still, armed with the most current data sheet, it is STILL confusing. :confused: Blades Guide has the latest and I will be more than happy to send you the latest data sheet too. :)
Having gotten that off my chest, i will now render my humble opinion of the knife. :rolleyes:
I only know of one 110 that carries the buck dot stamp. Thats a 3rd version, variation one. On this knife there should be a rivet head on both sides of the blade end bolster but the butt end bolsters will only have rivets visible on the left side.
One more thing, this stamping, with one dot, has absolutely nothing to do with the later 110 knives stamped with dots. This is NOT the one dot stamping that preceeded the two dot stamping. There was no one dot stamping in that sequence. I dont know why they went straight to two dots but it must have seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

I sure hope this helps! :D