Ed Schott's AWESOME Camp Knife in CPM 3V

That is a very nice looking knife and one heck of a steel. A good bargain.

An excellent description of the blade paired with the pricing! Great advert

I hope to check out Mr. Schott's work myself some day, I've heard great things about him and his sheaths.


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Great advert! (I feel like I should be taking notes.) Mr. Schott will soon go from the ranks of the humbly talented but unknown to the ranks of the talented and very well known at this rate.

Actually, when it came to sheaths I was referring not to the simple one that accompanied the knife during testing, but the sheath you currently have on the knife. It would be great to trade notes with Ed sometime. Is he going to be at the Blade show?


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Donna :

While the knife was in a supposed dull state it cut like a charm.

I have a medium camp knife from Ed that I sent out to a few people including Will Kwan who commented similar, noting that even in need of sharpening it outcut several other blades he had. The edge profile is simply extreme. Will York has also made similar comments in regards the high performance cutting ability of one of Ed's blades that he owns.

Ed is finishing up a custom hunter made to my design right now that has an extra-thin grind. He says the INCLUDED angle at the edge will be about 12 degrees. Extreme? Yeah, I think. He said he wouldn't attempt it in anything but 3V.
By the way, I hear Donna favors your free-fall-into-concrete penetration testing for Ed's 3V knives. You guys should compare notes more often.

Donna: Nice job on the review!

Will :

He said he wouldn't attempt it in anything but 3V.

Better steel = better knife. Ed is very high on my list now.


You guys should compare notes more often.

We had an extensive discussion awhile back about the cutting ability of 3V including her working over a silk scarf with a few blades and her generous offer of sending it to me so I could have a look at it. The package of course I brought to work and opened during lunch and pretended to be in complete surprise as I unvield a silk scarf slashed to pieces.

Yes Donna I eventually told them the whole story, not right away though.

Just read your post after I posted, I oil paint part time and I cut and mount tightly woven cotton duck to stretcher bars. It should be cut with an exacto knife. It is an ultimate tester for egde sharpness. If the knife cuts it real clean you have a hell of a sharp knife. A knife that is not so sharp will not be able to cut the stuff straight. Duck also frays a lot if it is not cut with a sharp enough knife. The dagger cuts the stuff real clean. The camp knife cuts it well but not real clean because there is too much blade thickness. But, even with the blade thickness it cuts it nicely but not as clean and straight as my thinner dagger.
If you like, when I have some scraps I will send you some. I gave some to Mitchell Lake and he took a piece to compare the sharpness of his knives by testing on it.
Originally posted by Donna Barnas:
On the free fall test, are you talking about the ACCIDENT I had with my dagger.

Ed passed that along last night when we were discussing Cliff's preliminary review of the CPM 3V knife mentioned above, including Cliff's "accidental" concrete penetration test. I mentioned to Ed that if it had been Cliff in that bathroom, he would no doubt have been down on the floor with some kind of special gauge, measuring the penetration into the ceramic tile in 1/10ths of a millimeter.

now dont get excited Will...[/QUOTE]

I mean, this IS Ed Schott and CPM 3V we're talking about, right?
Will, Glad to hear that the 3V is getting under your skin, That Lord Wharncliff is being missed as it was one heck of a chopper, though I only did very little it was amazing the edges ability to shear off limbs so easy and its good to hear that you have another knife on order? Your design, sound cool, you will definitely have to post that when it's done.

But until then, tell us some of the specifics besides the very edge thickness.
Blade length?
Blade thickness?
Blade shape, as best as you can describe...
Handle material?


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Do you still have that scan?

9" over-all, drop-point 4.5" blade with slightly extended tip (compared with more typical drop-point designs), fairly deep belly, hint of shallow recurve, full tang, contoured handle, micarta slabs. It's meant to be a mega worker as a meat and hide razor par excellance, and from the scan Ed sent me of the early stages, I'm excited. (Easy, Donna)
The early scan I saw shows only Ed's first grinding pass, as I understand it. The grind line will be raised from what that scan reveals, but the over-all shape and profile is apparent. I think all of Ed's blades these days start out as 3/16" stock and are profiled down as appropriate.

Ed, you should be describing this thing. After all, it's in your hands.
By the way, thank you again for making the experience a pleasure. Your professionalism and customer care is second to none.
Anything to add that I've managed to omit or misrepresent so far?

Glad to be of service.

On the bra knife thing, have you tried just unhooking them? Might save a few dollars in the long run...