EDC... But why??

Nov 13, 2010
I carry a knife, feeling that it's one of the least things I can do in regards to self-reliance. I have a wide array of them, partially because I enjoy looking/admiring the craftsmanship involved in them, as well as the "ethnic" origins of them, such simplistic knives like the Opinel, Douk-Douk, and Svord Peasant knife interest me a great deal.I'm carrying to knives today a Buck 309, as well as a Victorinox Recruit, both have earned their keep AFAIC.

Apr 14, 2013
I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote. Here are my two cents:

As a LEO I have a ton of reasons for carrying a knife:

1. A last resort back up weapon
2. Cutting stuff up looking for contraband - furniture, car tires, car seats, plaster walls, you'd be surprised.
3. Carefully cutting zip tie cuffs off when the appropriate tool to do so gets lost in the chaos.. I hardly recommend this though.
4. Cutting up cardbox targets during shooting requals..
4. Opening ammo boxes and other stuff received at the office.

When off duty, I carry for the following reasons:

1. I simply love knives - no other complex or specific reason why
2. Having a knife in my pocket is as necessary as having my cell phone or watch.
3. The, you just never know factor
4. Purely psychological need, LOL

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Apr 1, 2013
My first post - absolutely love the forum.

I agree with all the points you've raised. I work in an office and rarely need a knife through the day. Mostly I use it to occupy my hands with something.

That said, I wouldn't feel right without a knife. I worked for years as a butcher and developed a real appreciation for good knives, sharpening, etc... Even though I don't technically need those skills on a daily basis, my love of knives hasn't changed. If anything I appreciate the craftsmanship of a well made and well maintained knife more than ever. I also seem to take an almost perverse pleasure in getting that "perfect" edge:) It's very soothing in a weird kind of way.

My rotation changes as my collection slowly grows, but I find myself usually putting my sebenza in my pocket. I also love some of the ZT's (0550, 0350 - soon the 0561 & 0566 when it's released) and have a number of Spyderco's (my favourites are the Manix 2 blue translucent & the endura ffg). I also carry a small classic SAK on my key chain, just because it's so useful and weighs practically nothing. No pictures because these are all so common.


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Jul 21, 2004
I adopt, affirm and steal this explanation:

When off duty, I carry for the following reasons:

1. I simply love knives - no other complex or specific reason why
2. Having a knife in my pocket is as necessary as having my cell phone or watch.
3. The, you just never know factor
4. Purely psychological need, LOL

Current EDC, though tomorrow it will be something else:

Spyderco UKPK. It was a beater when I received it, but cleaned up real nice.
Dec 1, 2012
Knives, good ones, are like pieces of functional art. Sculpture, really. And unlike paintings or statues that just hang on the wall or sit in a bookcase, you get to have them with you all day and fondle, admire, and yes, even cut with them.


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Mar 19, 2001
I began carrying a knife 1st because it is a useful tool...but good ones were expensive so I mostly carried a Leatherman. Then I bought a Boker Canoe knife. It was beautiful and performed well. I lost it. Looking for a replacement, I found Bladeforums. I was blown away with what was out there! I went from a $50 slipjoint to a (then) $305 Sm Sebenza. That was 2001. I am still of the opinion that the Sebenza is one of the best knives out there at any price.
I still carry a knife because it is a very useful tool. I am more reliable to myself and others. I like design, materials & gadgetry. They are functional art.

I don't collect so much as have a "selection" of knives, many of which are phasing in and out... buying, selling, trading.

Today I'm carrying my SnG. Certainly a favorite!
Jul 16, 2005
I have mainly EDCed my large Sebenza 21 for the past 4 years or so since I bought it. I carry knives because they are useful and to cut with. I collect because since I was a little kid I always was facinated with knives and guns and things like that. I sometimes see a knife I like and can't help myself but get it as long as I can afford it. This is an old pic of my SEb when I first got it. It's a little scratched up now. I took the lanyard off also.
Feb 21, 2013
I carry a knife because I was a boy scout. A scout is always prepared. I use a knife every day to cut various things at work. I work in a machine shop, So that ranges from opening things, cutting strapping, to cutting cardboard to separate and protect parts.

Is it collecting when you use them? Well I buy knives because I appreciate what goes into a well made knife. I like different steels, materials, styles and I enjoy sharpening them.

Is it an EDC when it might only get carried a few times a month because of rotation? I have 3 knives on me most of the time. Main folder in my back left pocket (lefty), a leatherman on my belt (right side because I keep a flashlight on my left) and one on my key chain.

Plus a SAK and fixed blade in my backpack, but those are for "just in case".
Feb 7, 2005
My number one reason to carry knives is because I like them.

I could probably get by with just a couple of knives, a lot of people do. I spend a lot of time outdoors, both for work and play, so my knives do get a good workout. However, before I got into this as a hobby I managed to do everything I needed with a couple of SAKs and two fixed blade knives.

Knives are also a huge part of my country's rural tradition. You're expected to have some good working knives and a couple of fancy Sunday knives. Antique knife blades are passed down from one generation to the next, the handles and sheaths replaced when needed. I still have (and use) knives that were originally purchased by my great-grandfather, my grandfather had the blades rehandled in silver and gold. I remember my being grounded by my dad because I went out on my horse without a knife.

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Nov 24, 2012
If this is the thread where we all admit that we don't actually need to carry knifes around everyday, I won't have any part of it! That being said, some very cool traditions in here. I'm glad some people here are sensible :)
Aug 21, 2005
I carry one everyday, all day, because it never fails that when I leave it, I'll need to cut something.
Feb 27, 2011
I carry a leatherman sidekick..heh..still broken too. Sucker still works just fine, just have to be more careful. Why? I don't know. Because it's useful. Might wanna snip a dangling string on my shirt. Open up a clampack. Peel an apple (if I can't wash it). Clean my nails. Dig out a splinter. Or, because I like to. It's natural and normal as apple pie for me. Also, if I really have to pee, and I can't get my belt open quick enough. Lol.
Nov 22, 2010
I carry a knife because it's convenient and handy and just in case of the unlikely extreme of a life or death situation of one kind or another. I collect knives because... well it's fun! The parts, materials, craftsmanship, and designs interest me and I like experimenting with seeing how they all work and which ones I like best. Today I'm carrying a Spyderco Manix 2 XL. My EDC is usually a big blade like that for the one reason, I kid you not, that they tend to have the most comfortable handles for my big mitts!
May 24, 2011
#1 reason for carrying a knife:
It is a tool, that I use for different purposes throughout the day. Mainly office kitchen and around the house chores

#1 reason for collecting:
Just for the kicks of it..... I have a collection of mainly Chris Reeve folders, and a few others!
Been interested in knives since I was a Little boy....(outside I've grown, little boy on the inside is still cherished;-))

My favorite Edc:

My small Chris Reeve Small Sebenza with Devin Thomas spirograph damascus blade!!!
Schotchbrited the handles for better contrast with the blade!!

To the Op:
Thanks for asking a great question!!
Mar 27, 2012
Well, I've always been fascinated by knives. So much so, that when I was 3 or 4, my grandfather made me a small wooden folding "knife" that I carried everywhere until I was old enough to have one with an actual edge. I remember sitting on his stool in the shop waiting for him to get done so that I could have it, it was one of the best memories of my childhood.

Now, I find myself appreciating nice things. I own a Breitling and still marvel at it. I like nice boots, good beer, and expensive bourbon. Knives just happen to fill a few of my desires. 1) Being a useful tool 2) Having something that I can truly appreciate 3) Being able to have it with me at all times. No matter how many times I've used it, every time I pull out my sebenza I look at it with awe before I use it. You just can't beat that feeling, for any price.
Mar 29, 2009
I've been carrying knives for 40+ years.When I was younger I carried what I perceived as macho blades.Lately I've been carrying a good multi tool,like the Vic Spirit X,or the LM Charge TI.Pair that with a good traditional and I feel well served.Oh,let's not forget my Vic classic,which is a permanent part of my keychain.
Mar 31, 2011
I EDC because I can.
Most days, it's the Para2:

In a suit, it's a Vagnino custom:

In locations with limits on locks and blade length( elementary school, etc) it'll be a Swayback Jack:

I also normally have a Classic on my keychain, mostly for the scissors and tweezers.

I've carried a knife since I was 7. I stopped for a couple years after having 2 Classic's "confiscated" by the TSA.
One day, I had a box in my hand that needed breaking down. I didn't have a pen in my pocket, and my knuckles started cracking from punching at the tape to no avail. I walked to the garage, got out a utility knife, and took care of it. All the while, thinking, "I wonder if there's a folding knife I can open with one hand." I went online, bought a SOG, and found this place. No turning back now. And I carry one whenever I can.
I, too, think of it more as a Selection than a Collection. Tool for the job.

I use my knife every day. I eat a lot of salads, so often have to cut the chicken smaller or slice on some extra tomato. Open packages. Those doggone clampacks are killers. Cut strings. Snip suckers from trees. My mom needed to trim a toothpick so it would fit between her teeth.
Getting Christmas Trees one year, they provided twine, but no scissors or knife. Loaned mine to a total stranger, who was most grateful.

It feels good in the hand, makes quick work of separating whatever materials need it, and is just a really handy tool. Knowledge that it could, one day, prove even more useful during a critical situation just makes it that much more valuable, to me.
Jan 19, 2006
I have carried a knife everyday for the past 10 years and I honestly have used a knife everyday of every month of every year of that decade, right now I carry a leatherman charge ti very handy knife

OK; you have established how often and consistent you use a knife. So, tell us; doing what?


Jun 1, 2007
Why?.....I EDC because I believe in the old adage: : Better to have and not need, than need and not have".

More than once have I been glad that carry a knife daily. From cutting things that I need to self protection.
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