EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

Random Dan

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Jan 21, 2012
Small inkosingo


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May 18, 2015
No surprises on the knife front, still carrying my Boker Barlow and Demko AD20S.

I did pick up a new Zippo, though. Fresh as a daisy and scratch-free (for the next two seconds...) on the left, three years of wear on the right. Brass is such a wonderful metal. :)



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Dec 27, 2014
I put aside my morning walk and finishing my window pans today as my plantar fasciitis was really kicking up last night and I figured to give it a day to calm down despite feeling better this AM. I did some light chores around the house and spent a couple hours working on knives, starting with disassembling and cleaning my Turtle. The action had gotten a bit sluggish, though I was surprised that it wasn't all that gunky looking inside. A good alcohol wipe-down and bearing soak has it all nicely snappy and smooth again now.


When I was done I realized how dirty and tattered the old King Tut lanyard was and tied up a new one with some bright new Vibrations 550 cord.


As I needed a second knife to trim the cord ends, I had my all-Wilkins Grip alongside. I thought I must have put it away with a bunch of gunk on the blade, but discovered instead it had developed a long patchy streak of patina on the S30V blade's show side while stored and spent a long time with more than a few applications of Flitz to get it basically unnoticeable. I ended up replacing the lanyard on this one too, but with a new length the same Licorice 550 as it was just too stubby having originally been tied up with a re-purposed cord.


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May 14, 2012
This Willem Steenkamp Nomad Jr with spalted maple inlays just arrived today. I’ve been trying hard to hold off on purchases this year, but when I stumbled upon this one that weird tingle thing started happening immediately.

Really couldn’t find much info on the maker, but I’ve been intrigued by some of the SA knives I’ve seen and their general pricing seems very competitive when compared to most custom makers. So I took the plunge.

Gotta say, I’m truly impressed and absolutely loving this thing. The aesthetics may not appeal to everyone but the quality is undeniable. Pics don’t do it justice, but the fit & finish is dead nuts and the action is spot on.

I’m not thrilled with these pics (it was late in the afternoon on an overcast day), but since when has that stopped me from dropping an excessive photo dump in this thread?

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Steenkamp’s knives are very nice. I handled a bunch while in SA. Congrats on a beautiful addition.