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EDI Gensis

Jan 7, 1999
I was wondering if you all like the EDI Gensis and if anybody has tested it to the fullest extent yet. Please help.
The Genesis is accuratley billed as a "sport-utility knife". It begs to be used.
Mine has gone to the woods on three occasions. It has been used as a camp knife, skinner, kindling reducer, can opener and sandwich maker.
It lost the factory edge after alot of use, but sharpened up better than original.
These are GREAT knives at a BARGAIN price !
I definately endorse it.

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Ohh boy, my favorite topic. As soon as I saw your post DNC I ran to get mine since I left it at home today to break in my new CS Voyager.
I love this knife. Many things about it are a plus.
-great bargin. I got my Ti coated plain edge for about $110
-sharp. And Bill is right, it touches up very nicely
-smooth and silky action
-doesn't need oiling. Really it doesn't. Read my post in the manufacturer section. When it get dirty, wash it with soapy water and dry it with compressed air or a hair dryer. The bronze bushings are very slick
-ambidex thumb studs
-deep pocket clip. The knife nearly disappears in the pocket. Without a doubt the most comfortable waistband knife I have ever used.
-strong liner
-nice charcoal color G10 scales
-Will Fennel stands by this knife. Currently I am going through a knife exchange since I got a defective knife from another company. I'm worried that the problem won't get fixed. I wouldn't worry at all with an EDI knife is something happens to it.
-cuts like a knife should

One thing though. This is a precision instrument so don't use this knife for anything but cutting. I avoid prying anything with this knife since I'm afraid I will damage the bushing and washer. It's a good idea to get a torx key for this knife since with heavy use it can get a little loose but I'm not complaining. I bought one at Sears today just for this (thanks for the tip Bob!).
This is my favorite folding blade. You won't be disappointed.




There are a lot of comments here about the EDI Genesis I. Pop open the forum going back to October or do a search... you'll be astounded. Will Fennell, the CEO of EDI, jumps through hoops literally to ensure that his customers are happy with their knives. When you consider the merits of the design, the quality of materials used, and the committment made by the manufacturer... well, it just doesn't get any better in this industry.

...and Greg, you're quite welcome. T15 and T6 torx wrenches are the right ones for the Genesis!


Keep yer powder dry and cutters hair poppin' sharp!

Right Bob. Will answered my questions and was very thorough. It is such a smooth knife, I use it alot, I enjoy opening and closing while waiting for BladeForum pages to load.
Not much of a field test, but it makes me happy to own one!

Mark C.
I have to pick between a Genesis and a BM Axis Lock. Any suggestions.

Does anyone know how the smooth opening action of the Genesis compare to the Axis?
I received my EDI Genesis about two months ago. I've never spent that much for a knife. I have not left the house without it and have had it with me in bed a number of nights. I don't feel dressed unless I have my keys, billfold, small pocket knife (1.5" - Klein Tools) and now the Genesis carried inside the pants clipped to the pants behind the belt. The curve of the handle lets this work on the right side but not the left - the tip of the handle sort of sits in the crease between the abdomen and thigh. I took the knife to a knife man at a show who trains police and others in sharpening and fighting with a knife. He said a lot of his business is sharpening knifes for knife makers who are not very good at it. I showed him the Genesis. He tested it and said "I cannot do better than that." This was the factory out of the box edge and the knife had essentially not been used. I completely agree with and endorse the comments I read so far.
Man, do I love reading these reviews of the Genesis. I, too, have never before spent this much on a knife, and mine is due to arrive in the Brown Truck on Monday, Feb. 8th. I can hardly wait. Been tracking the package on the UPS web site since it was picked up Wednesday night. I feel like a kid at Christmas. Hope I'm not... disappointed.


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You will not be disappointed. I guarantee it. This is without a doubt a great knife at a great price. I have spent more for knives but I doubt one has made me happier when I look at the overall quality, price and the pure joy of using it.

A few weeks ago before the weather turned bad my boys and I were on the beach and we found some drift wood and we were all just standing by the surf whittling this wood. I was using my Genesis and the thing was so sharp that I was peeling off slices of wood as thin as garlic. That's a sharp knife.

Are you getting bead blast or black ti?

Tracking via the website, that is too cool. What is UPS's url for doing that? Tell me how that works.



You have to get the tracking number from the point of origination (dealer).
Once you have it, just go to the UPS web page and select "package tracking".
The address is: < www.ups.com >
I love my Genesis, and I use it too.
I'll put in another word for Will Fennell. I'm not new to knives but I'm new to the knife industry. I called EDI once because I had received a bad product from a distributor. It was Will himself that called to help me with the problem. He asked me to try adjusting the knife and, if that didn't work, to ship the knife back to him for replacement. Understand that I bought the knife from a distributor not directly from EDI. As it turned out, the knife wasn't repairable and it wasn't a problem that originated at the factory. After all the concern and commitment Will had shown, I didn't have the heart to return the knife to EDI (it wasn't their fault) and finally got it replaced by the distributor. I was impressed by the commitment to customer care. Some manufacturers aren't even willing to supply me with brochures or even fax me specifications.

So I've featured the Genesis on our home page and I've even begun carrying one myself. It sells very well so you'll be in good company when you get yours.

I can't think of a knife in this product category I could or would recommend over the EDI Genesis. Great product, great value and a commitment to customer care behind it from the manufacturer. Oh, I like mine just fine also. I agree with the others who have responded to your post.

Knife Outlet

There's an interesting article about the Genesis in the April issue of Blade (I just got it in the mail today) by Master Sergeant Kim Breed of the 5th Special Forces.

Check it out.



I just got a Genesis (black blade with partial serrations) the other day...and I love it. Every now and again I get a knife that redefines what my standard of sharpness is--the factory edge on the Genesis is incredible, razor-sharp.

Apart from the good words given here, perhaps the main reason for me to get the Genesis was the ambidexterous grip--it's one thing to have an extra hole or whatnot to open the blade as a lefty, it's another to have a removable/transferrable clip (which leads me to an important question...what kinda screwdriver, allan wrench, whatever do I need to remove and put the clip on the other side??)

This is indeed the most expensive knife I own ('cept perhaps for a commemorative Schrade), but it's my best addition since the Spyderco Police.
Greg -

Thanks for the word on the Blade article concerning the Genesis. I'll have to pick up a copy! I'm getting a plain edge Black Ti. I can hardly wait!

I paid for this thing by winning ALL 4 QUARTERS of the family Superbowl pool. By the time the game was over, my wife's uncle and brothers were about ready to run me out of town on a rail.
I had to point out, quietly and logically, that I had not even had a hand in picking the numbers for the grid, and besides, I was obviously the only one with any good karma left. (Too many Bloody Marys can affect your logical abilities, I think.)

Anyway, even my lovely spouse agreed that the Genesis was an appropriate use for the unexpected windfall.

Tomorrow's supposed to be the day! Yahoo!

"Age and treachery will
always overcome
youth and exuberance."

Use a T-6 torx key for removing/tightening the clip. You can get these at Sears. A T-15 will tighten the pivot screw if you ever need to.

Whitebear: Don't forget to give us your first impression tomorrow night when you get your Genesis. I'm looking forward to reading what you think.



Greg -

I received my Genesis on Monday, 2/8/99, but haven't had a chance to get back on-line until now.

When I opened the box, I removed the knife and immediately flicked it open. The sound and feel of the blade locking reminded me of closing the door of a Mercedes-Benz. "Man," I thought, "this thing is everything it's billed to be!"

But, as I went over the knife in detail, I noticed that the blade was not centered between the scales when closed, and that, when open and locked, the blade had some lateral play. Boy, was I bummed. Must have gotten one of the ones that QC missed.

Today, I called EDI to ask about returning the knife for warranty work. The woman I talked to was very helpful, took my name, address and phone number, and told me what to do to return the knife for service. She also said someone would probably be calling me to follow up.

Within half an hour, my phone rang. Will Fennell himself called to discuss my problems with the knife! I described the problems I was having, and he asked if I had a #6 Torx driver. I said that I did, and he described to me in detail how to adjust the alignment of the blade, asked me to try making the adjustment and use the knife for a few more days, and, if I was still thought the knife needed warranty work, to send it in and they would take care of it.

Long story short, as soon as I got home, I got out the Torx drivers, made the adjustments, and not only was the blade alignment problem taken care of , the lateral play of the blade disappeared in the process.

Can't say much more about customer service than having the Prez of the company call to check up on you, huh? Anyway, LOVE the knife - hair-poppin' sharp out of the box, passed ALL of Joe Talmadge's liner lock tests, feels great in my hand - I think I'm in love again. My blade Jones is taken care of - for a while, anyway


"Age and treachery will
always overcome
youth and exuberance."

I'm glad that everything worked out with your Genesis. I have had to tighten the blade up once or twice, too & ithen it's as good as the day I have gotten it.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with any purchase but it sure is reassuring knowing that Will will be there for us and make things right if something does go wrong and that is probably one of the main reasons I am not afraid to use this knife.

I'm glad you like it as much as I like mine.

Take care Tony and thanks for the update!



Hello, this is my first post. Just ordered a EDI Gen-1, and was wondering how it carries for everyday use? I've been carrying a Military, like it much, but the handle is big to me! How does the gen-1 handle? I think I will like the low pocket clip, don't like too much hangin out. Well i look forward to seeing an answer or two. Thanks

Well guess I could have read all your reports before I asked questions. But I read a reveiw in Tactical Knives March 99, that said the Gen-1 had the wrong edge? I like shave sharp. How did your guys knives show up? were they sharp, or really sharp? Not sure what the differece in a thinner edge does. I still think ats-34 is a great steel!! Also havea Kershaw Random Task, DO NOT LIKE CPM440v. Well can't wait to get it and thanks to all. Bart Beckler,


I too have both an EDI Genesis I and the Spydie Military. You will find that the Genesis is a slim easily concealed package. It is smaller than the big brute Military all around.

As for that review article note that the author obtained (as I did) one of the first 100 knives produced which featured nylon washers. (Will updated mine to the bronze phosphor ones in current production). That author also has a penchant for re-profiling everything he gets. I have no problem with that but to imply criticism of the manufacturers choice of bevel angles is a tad crude at best. The newest issue of Blade (I think) also has a review by Kim Breed I believe. His was hair popping sharp out of the bnox and he found the edge geometry just fine. Shows him cutting tiny wood strips to feed his big bird.

Bottom line is that I, like most folks, take knife mag reviews with a grain of salt. The real deal is here on line where we also interact with the designers, makers and CEOs of the companies behind the products. As a result you get the whole picture without punches being pulled. When something is wrong or an individual piece gets by QA it too is mentioned and remedied. Nothing remains below the water line


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