Fighting for kicks

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Jan 3, 2001
I would be intrested to know how many of the corrospondents have actually been in a fight, let alone had to call upon a knife to save them. I say this after reading a post in relation to concealable knives for pool swimming... Come on guys.
The way everything slows down to a crawl, how you forget everything except what is right there then. I suspect no one here know what it feels like to be cut in a fight. The initial hit you dont really feel, it's just pressure. Soon it turns to a deep aching, this is your body finally realizing what the hell just happened. You'll probly start seeing blood soon. This is one aspect of movie violence I take offense with. Fighting, any fighting, is bloody as hell! When your looking through rage, you will see the person responsible for this in a very clear light. He will kill you if you let him... It's a unique realization.
Knife fighting you say?

Fear Is The Mind Killer
I love to get into a good knive fight and try to as often as possible... as long as the blades are blunt and, when it's all over with, we can all laugh about all the mistakes we made and how many times over we're each dead.

It's funny that I don't experience the slowing down that I've heard some people talk about. In fact, I'm often surprised to learn how long a round was. What seemed to me to go by in a flash I am often then told lasted several minutes.

It depends on training, of course, but I've been taught that the tunnel-vision that is sometimes mentioned, about becoming completely focused on the one thing in front of you, is a bad thing since it leaves you totally vulnerable to a second attacker.

It's a great sport, but the more you give it a try, the more frightened you'll become about ever having to do it for real.

Balisongs -- because it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

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Irony? Statement divided by Sig. Line!

<Sniff>! <Sniff>!

What's that persistent smell around here?


DameLara, you will have to forgive me while I rant. You are the latest in a string of people who recently have come here with an agenda against defensive knives. I wont get into any fights I have been in or read about. Suffice it to say, I have not been in a fight in several years, and like it that way.

Always the same it seems, here comes a new guy...makes a few posts about...'what knife should I buy'....'I bought one finally'...'Hey guys, look at my new knife'....'Hey, thanks for helpmg me choose'...Then BANG "you guys and your fighting knives, y'all aint never been in one...blah blah blah'

Well, I would be willing to bet that a few members have, if they wanna share fine, if they dont, fine. But folks like you seem to have a very uninformed view of defensive blades. If you dont care for it fine, but to simply belittle it and anybody who discusses it is a pattern that has become common of late.

If you really want to discuss this reasonably and hear others views, instead of just insult them, go to the tactics forum and ask reasonable questions...easy as that.

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I would gladly answer your question over at CSSD-SC if you are truly interested, and not just trolling.

Well, Don't get me wrong here, I don't make it a habbit of provoking people who might stab me for it. But somtimes $#!^ happens.

You talk of training, and I would love to discuss some of the martial aspects of combat. I've taken Uechi-Ryu and Akido for the better part of a decade now, and I've tried to enter as many competitions as possible. The one overiding thing I've learned... You have to think faster than the other guy. Knife Fighting can be no different. In fact I suspect knife fighting to be much simpler in design. I did once get into a fight outside a gas station after a weekend football pratice

in which this rather thuggish mexican threw somthing at my car. I proceeded to get jumped and stabbed in the shoulder. My friend with the knife got away with a broken wrist, I got away with 15 stitch's and a big mouse under my right eye. We told the people at the hospital I got tackled into some farm equipment. I never saw that kid again, but erica... my friend, said he was going to kill me, I already figured that when he tried to stab me eariler...

Fear Is The Mind Killer
Well I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt and give you a serious answer until I read your second post in this thread.
Maybe you were "joking" but it's highly inappropriate and very inflammatory of you to do so.
You can provoke me all you like, call me names, trash me out, you can even talk trash about my wife, and I'm not going to stab you.
You claim in your profile to be interested in "Martial Diversions" and claim some knowledge of a couple different arts.
Do you go around kicking the snot out of people because you know how?
Probably not.
Just like I don't go around cutting people because I know how.
And just as something to think about, and perhaps as the subject of a more appropriate discussion;

"Fear" is not "the mind killer."
Lack of discipline is.

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!
Tell me, If this is not the place to discuss such issues... where is?

Fear Is The Mind Killer
I have found out, sadly, that when you are punched in the face for real, the sound is identical to that sound that you hear from the TV when Fred Flintstone gets hit in the head with a bowling ball or piano.

Think about it, if you have been punched a few times, maybe it sounded the same to you too.

Yet another wonderful thread.
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt DameLaura, and try to provide a straightforward reply, although I must admit I'm not quite sure what you're getting at. This is a rather touchy subject, so please try to bear with the uncivil responses you may receive here.

Some (but not all or even most) of the members of BladeForums are interested in learning about knife based self-defense and may even carry a knife for self-defense purposes. I can assure you, there are absolutely NO members of BladeForums that carry a knife for "knife fighting"; such a person would not be welcome here. It is self-defense, meaning that you only use the knife to defend yourself under the most horrible circumstances, when someone has attacked you unprovoked and using the knife is the only way you can save your life. Such a circumstance will happen to the average person rarely, if ever.

Carrying a knife for self-defense is an increadibly huge responsiblity, both morally and legally. It is, literally, deadly serious. If any member of BladeForums does not take it seriously, they get mocked and derided until they leave. (Check out this thread, The Best Offensive Weapon, for evidence of this.)

Please understand, BladeForums members do not "knife fight for kicks" and are not "thuggish Mexicans" who enjoy running around and stabbing people. Yes, there are occasionally "knife ninjas" here who think that carrying a pocket knife turns them into a samurai, but most people here are not like that. Implying that they are will offend them to an extraordinary degree, especially the people here who teach or write about knife based self-defense on a professional basis.
Fight? Me? Well let's see - I killed a man in Reno just to watch him die.
Before that, I'd have to say that my last fight was in the second grade when, I think, a schoolmate said my mom wore combat boots.
I must say that the subject in this post is a very touchy one and I guess many people take offense by reading this post. Getting stabbed usually gives a person a very negative view of anyone carrying knives on a regular basis, and I can understand that. In my opinion getting attacked with a knife is one of the most frightening things that can happen to you.The cold feeling when you realize that someone is going to try to stab you with a knife is one of the worst feelings I've ever experienced, and with me working the doors I've faced a few knives, but only been in one knife fight. And I suspect I wouldn't have survived that if the man pulling the knife on me hadn't been overtly drunk...
Where do they keep coming from? I was going to tear into this guy until I read your post Richard. You just summed up the general board for the last month! Thanks for saving us all from wasting energy on this never ending topic.

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You asked where the appropriate place would be for this question.
I would say tactics and training, commonsense self defense-street combat. This is what you want to discuss, yes?


"Nonsense. I have not yet begun to defile myself."
Although I've trained martial arts since 1977 (started 24 years ago yesterday...geez), I have not studied/practiced knife fighting. However, I believe most who do so on the BladeForums are not psychotic, but want to learn the possibilities of the knife. After all, perhaps the best way to be able to defend against something is to be familiar with its uses.

Luckily, none of the street situations I've had the displeasure to be involved in involved a knife, except when I was a little kid I was help up at knifepoint.
I actually think This forum is the appropriate place for this discussion IF everyone can keep their emotions in check. Thanks to Cerulean for a great reply!

I am not personally interested in carrying knives for defensive purposes. I like small pocket folders for daily carry, and fixed blades for the woods. However, all knives are tools. Some of those tools can be used as effective weapons. Defensive use of a knife is perfectly legitimate in my view. Many police officers carry knives as a sort of 'last ditch' self defense And general utility tool.

It is very true that most of the teenage wannabe ninja rambos do not do well in this forum with their provocative statements expressing their sheer stupidity.

On the other hand, we have had a number of folks recently attacking the very Idea that a knife could be used in a defensive manner. That strikes me as political correctness at the expense of rationality.

I am a tool guy, not a weapons guy. But I know a lot of the 'weapons' guys around here are very serious, responsible people. It is usually pretty easy in this forum to tell the difference between serious people and idiots.

Coming in here and attacking All defensive use of knives because some relatively young and inexperianced folks think the idea of knife fighting is Cool denies the reality that some of us Do take this subject very seriously.

Stating that you would not argue with folks who might 'stab you' is a provocative troll-like statement. It makes it hard to take you seriously. No one here is going to stab you over anything you might say. To even express that idea indicates a clear bias and (possible) anti-knife agenda.

Anyway, your are not asking for specific advice about How to fight with a knife. But seem to be questioning the Idea of fighting with a knife. I think this is an acceptable topic for the general forum.

PLEASE, everyone remember the primary rule around here: Be Nice

Paracelsus, watching this thread closely
I have been keeping my eye on DameLara since he/she began posting. I just had a feeling this was coming.

What is this existential quandry all about anyway?
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DameLara:

You talk of training, and I would love to discuss some of the martial aspects of combat.


Please cheack out the Tactics and Training forums here at BFC for this kind of discussion with Serious folks who are not deranged, confused, or even particularly scary.


Alright then, Para, I'll bite.
I've been in several very real fights, but never a knife fight. I've done SCA for many years, so I've been in plenty of sword fights. I've trained mildly in several martial arts, including two years of kendo. I'm much more of a "Weapons" guy. I don't consider my pocket knife when I'm in a fistfight. I do take hold of it and often move it to my watch pocket when I'm in a less than comfortable neighborhood, though. One never knows when the proper deployment of a knife can help avoid a confrontation.
My wife was walking home from work when we first moved to Florida, and was attacked by a female redneck. Apparantly the girls boyfriend found my wife attractive, giving the girl something to prove. We could really only guess at her motives. My wife pulled her blade, a cheapie Frost tactical knockoff, and scared the girl away. It is my belief that it wasn't so much the point that she had a knife, it was the fact that she deployed it quickly, with one hand, showing some obvious skill and a willingness to use it that was the deciding factor.
I haven't been attacked on this coast, but I'm a bit scarier looking than my wife, so that might be why.


"Nonsense. I have not yet begun to defile myself."
A few more thoughts. Just because some knives can be Used as weapons does not Make them weapons. Knives are inanimate objects. Their function is as a Tool. Some tools can be used as weapons.

The problem is when you start trying to define those knives that are Purely Weapons with no practical utility. There Is a political movement afoot which attempts to do exactly that. In fact, the gravity knives, switchblade, fixed carry restrictions, and length restrictions in State and Federal law Already attempt to Exclude some knives with tremedous practical utility on the basis that they have No function other than as offensive weapons. Curiously, law enforcement and military personel are sometimes Exempt from these restrictions. Automatic knives have tremendous utility. There is nothing about being an automatic opening knife that makes it a weapon. Also, having a weapon if someone is trying to take your life does have a certain amount of Practical Utility.

I do not think it is possible to fairly and accurately describe any knife as being nothing but a weapon. I do not collect weapons. But I have a lot of fixed blade hunters which would be considered weapons if I concealed them about my person and was not engaged in some sort of outdoors activity or going to/from a legitimate knife show. And maybe someone is going to support legislation that would outlaw even the possesion of knives with blades longer than, say 3 inches. There go all your kitchen knives (which are the predominate weapons used in the real world, ask any LEO around here).

It is the slippery slope of potential new restrictive legislation on knives that has many of us concerned. Some people claiming to be knife knuts have recently seemed to be readily accepting the argument that indeed, some knives Really Are Nothing But Weapons Which Have No Practical Utility And Deserve To Be Bannned For Being Objects Or Symbols OF EVIL.

It is not necessarily so. Knives are made evil by the mind and intent of the knife User. The topic of knives as weapons is every bit as valid as the arguement for knives as tools. And it is very difficult for me to tell the difference between these seemingly different viewpoints.

So I will support rational discussion of self-defense use of knives in this forum. If the threads have to do with tactics and training sort of issues, they should be posted there. But a discussion about the frustrating and dangerous political schism that is develping among lovers of knives because of Tool vs Weapons knuts is just fine.

At a minimum, it allows me to try and convince people that both of these viewpoints are correct, legitimate, and honorable. In fact, I am not so sure there is a difference. Be careful of adopting political viewpoints that Sound well intentioned, but will in reality merely restrict the ability of All of us to enjoy knives as knives.


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