Fill your missing forum knife slot GAW *Winners Announced*


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Jan 13, 2003
First off, this GAW is only for those who have pre-purchased this year's forum knife, and is my way of thanking you for supporting Mike's efforts. I'm taking you at your word that you have purchased the new forum knife.

Second, this is to potentially fill a MISSING spot in your forum knife collection. Flippers, get lost. I don't want to see the winner's knife on the exchange or ebay.

Last, I am not opposed to international winners, as long as there will not be a problem getting the knife through customs to you.

So, over the years on BF, I have had the good fortune to be able to purchase multiple copies of most of the years of the forum knife. As a result, I have an extra for some of them. While I enjoy that I have a full set, the extras don't really add to that enjoyment. To that end, I will give away at least one of these extras.

The rules are simple:

1. State the forum knife you are missing and would like to be considered for in the GAW. Sorry, only from the list below. Unfortunately, I don't have any extras of the early years.

2. Share a pic of your favorite traditional knife. It doesn't have to be a forum knife, or even one you own, just whatever floats your boat!

Okay, here are the knives I have available:

2010 Moose
2013 Congress Jack
2014 Stag Jack
2015 Serpentine Jack
2016 Harness Jack
2017 TC
2018 Buck
2019 86 Sheepfoot

Good luck everyone!


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Jun 23, 2007
Great idea for a giveaway. I'm not in, but will follow the thread!


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Oct 6, 2017
What a fine gesture, Glenn! I’ve had only a couple of the Forum knives. One was the 2017 TC that I had before I even knew much about Blade Forums; just happened to try it out after purchasing it on the big auction site. I participated a lot in the 2018 selection but couldn’t bring myself to enjoy the buck, so it got passed along to a desirous member. I participated some last year, but once the Sheepsfoot got the nod I knew I wouldn’t be willing to keep it if I bought one. With this year’s knife, I really just wanted to buy it as a “thank you” to Mike for keeping the streak alive. I’ve never had a Viper, but I did like the #47 I had for a long time before I had to sell it for a more pressing need.

The only older Forum Knife that I’ve ever been tempted by was the 2014 Jack because I like the 77 frame and the single blade. I know I’d use that one a lot, as it is very similar to the Big Bay and 78s that I have and use in my current collection. It makes more sense for a collector to win a giveaway like this but it is hard to resist the chance to have a stag jack. I’m in! Here’s my well-loved Big Bay that you recovered for me with some sweet ironwood alongside a beautiful eureka jack in African Blackwood by Mike Moran.

Mar 26, 2012
While I am missing several, have only been collecting since 2014 or so, the hole that I would most like to fill is the 2014 stag jack. When I first started down my rabbit hole I did not know of the Blade Forums Traditional Forum and did not know of the annual BF knife until I bought my first the 2017 TC Barlow, I will now join in on every annual knife asl long as I can just to show support regardless of whether I like the configuration. I have tried to fill in my missing holes on the secondary and this and '16 Harness jack would have from me from 2014 through to the current knife which I have pre-ordered. When it comes to a favorite traditional I have a "so called" grail that I would love to own and fondle, the TK Cuban in Mustard Yellow. This is a a great and thoughtful give away, good luck to the winner and thank you for the chance.


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Nov 30, 2014
Vey fine GAW my friend !!!
Please count me in and I would choose the 2014 Stag Jack
Edit to add : I missed the obvious point to add a picture of my Favorite knife . It was very hard to choose just one but it must be the Northfield 73 in Stag

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May 29, 2004
I don't currently have a forum knife, I had the Buck but it didn't really grab me so I passed it on to someone who missed out. I REALLY regret not picking up the 2016 harness jack...I can think of so many times the punch would have been handy. Here's a pic of the EDC, my dream Ohta whittler in ZDP-189:D Thanks for the generous chance!



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Sep 30, 2018
Incredible and very generous GAW Glen! Lots of incredible forums knives. My favorite is last years 86. Bill offered up the perfect platform which the forums members turned into a classic. There are several I would like to add to my collection, but if I had to choose one today it would be the 2014 stag jack.



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Oct 3, 2014
Very generous of you Glenn. I've purchased each of the forum's annual knives since joining BF in 2014 including the 2020. I would love to have a 2010 Moose if I am the fortunate winner. My favorite pocket knife is not an easy choice. Having tried a couple hundred different folders in my life I believe that I'd select as my favorite the most useful pocket knife I own... the humble Victorinox Farmer.

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Mar 10, 2007
Very Generous Giveaway Mr. Glenn Baaad!
I am not in, I am way too lucky wit being gifted Knives, I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you for what you do for the BF community, and sharing your skill-set among your fellow Blade Forum members- just awesome all round!
Good Luck everyone!


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Sep 4, 2006
Rats!! And double rats with a 2009 and beyond missing early years boo hoo:p
Good on you Glenn...
The cruel fate is that I jumped on board this rusty tub the SS Porchenberg back in 2006....why? WHYYYY? didnt I get the early ones.....I think it just took a while to learn the rules...or something..and now look...I wrote the tube blurb in 2019. Who woulda thought?.
Cheers and good luck everyone.
A Grrrrail ? GEC 12 with Ebony.
Fantastically generous giveaway!

I'm not in. I have all of the knives from 2010 on.

This is my favorite:
Great was a groundbreaker...but I have to say my least favourite of the porchies....hope we're still green lit for 2020;):D:thumbsup:.


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Dec 5, 2015
Very generous offer as many have stated. My foray into traditional knives started in early 2019 as I transitioned from one career to another, but too late to meet the criteria for the 2019 forum knife. I'd like to have a 2019 forum as a momento of the year I started my journey into traditional knives. I have two 2020 forum knives on the way.

Thanks for your consideration.

Here is the favorite from my modest traditional collection.