Fishing, and hunting reports (share yours)

Jul 26, 2010
Couple of very quick teaser photos.
Just got back from the mountains of the North last night and catching up on family time.
Will post a full trip report —->let me know if you guys want a separate thread for this?
I kept a journal so have really good notes*

Needless to say the FK2 performed extremely well as I used it as my only knife on this mountain caribou.

@Nathan the Machinist dude, a slightly thinner swedged FK would have been money and to anyone out there with one, please send me a pm if you feel it isn’t getting the love it deserves!

That and I need a better leather sheath. @Daverous hooked me up but it is a righty and I would love to pass that along as solid quality but need a lefty.

More to come!
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Congratulations on a successful hunt! That is a beautiful Animal.
I'm looking forward to reading about the trip once you have time to type it all out. The only hunting that I get to do these days is for white tailed deer over flat farm land here in Michigan. Don't get me wrong, I still thoroughly enjoy it, but, I do miss the years hunting down in the Mountains of West Virginia. Seeing your pics of the BIG MOUNTAINS helps scratch that itch.


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Dec 13, 2015
never.truly.lost never.truly.lost Congrats on a successful trip Andy! Looks like awesome country and that’s a great Caribou. I read your post about the NL’s in the gear thread, just curious what power you chose.

I finally got EL’s a few years ago and I love the 8.5 power on them. Perfect for all around use for me, especially since I hunt the big timber in the East. Not saying I wouldn’t like to give a set of 10x a shot though lol.
I chose the 10x42 - same field of view as the 8/8.5x usually are but with a little better zoom. Honestly these cover me anywhere in BC - both the timber and the open country.


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May 27, 2021
Was at my uncles on Saturday checking the water for the cows and stumbled upon this guy. Luckily I had my AR chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor with me. Took it at 250yds