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For the attention of Mr. Emerson - inquiry regarding EKI's email customer service.

Discussion in 'Emerson Knives' started by chipdouglas, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. chipdouglas


    Nov 26, 2009
    Hi Mr. Emerson,

    I'm a 40 year-old Canuck living near Montreal, Canada. I own 5 of your knives, which I've purchased brand new from Warriors & Wonders down in British Colombia. Now, right from the get-go I want to put emphasis on the fact that there's no hidden agenda here - the sole reason I'm posting about this on here, is because I haven't heard from your company on the points i raised below and because you seem to be relatively active on this forum of yours.

    I wouldn't have posted about this in your forum, but I've recently watched that Interview Nutnfancy did with you at the 2012 Blade show and found it pleasant to get to know more about you as an individual and especially as a knife maker - I've read about you some, but I find it's always best to hear it from the man himself - it just leaves more of a lasting impression that way.

    I find the nature of the topics I'm about to raise below to be somewhat delicate , but I'm going to try my best to get across what I want to, without offending you in the process. First off, I own the following Emerson knives : CQC-7, Traveler, two combat karambits and a CQC-8. Over the last 5 years, I've developed a fondness for knives and have seen a significant number of same come and go. Eventually, I found out that Emerson knives were those I found to fit my tastes in knives the best and like many Emerson knife owners, I find the wave feature to be very convenient. I like everything about yours knives that most Emerson knife owners have mentioned that they do.

    Here's a pic of said knives - everyone can say what they want on the internet, but I just wanted to provided photographic evidence I do own those knives -also, I put my laptop in the background displaying Blade forums. I can provide further evidence if need be.


    Occasionally, I've had a few questions - I think it might have happened 4 times or so. First thing I did, was to email Emerson knives with those questions - Seldom did I get a response. It's been my personal experience that Emerson customer service through email was inconsistent. A number of times, I was told to call (member of this forums said so and I can't say that didn't make any sense, cause it's the thing to do) instead of emailing your company - in fairness, I've never called your company and a number of people seem to agree that Emerson Knives phone customer service is stellar. Personally, I can't say, because I've never tried. I think that many people enjoy communication through emails for a number of reasons and since Emerson knives inc. offers the possibility of email communication, I chose that option over the phone line, thinking that since you have an email address, someone is going to take care of me through emails. The main reason I've chosen emails over phone communication is because my questions weren't a high priority. If I emails had been responded to, I would certainly not be posting this here, as there would be no reason for me to do so. Most of us are somewhat busy people and composing a post of this length is time consuming.

    One such question that I have has to do with my Emerson Traveler - what it is, is a very small and sturdy knife ; thick blade, great blade geometry, razor sharp out of the box, great handle ergonomics, strong stop pin, plus it has the wave feature. I'm a lefty and the knife is a righty, but I was aware of that when I purchased it and that was fine to me. One thing I've noticed though is that when I hold and clench on the knife using my left hand, the inside of my index finger actually pushes against the lock bar, which further secures the blade in the open position - that said, when holding and clenching on the knife using my right hand, I've noticed that the inside part of my index finger sometimes disengages the lock, as it pushes against the lock bar. The knife is a righty, so I'm not doing anything wrong. I've noticed the same tendency in my CQC-7, meaning that I can hear and/or feel the lock moving a little under the above described situation, yet I haven't been able to cause the lock to disengage, probably because it is stiffer on my CQC-7 than on the Traveler. My two combat karambits are fine in that regard and more to the point, one wouldn't actually use a karambit in a stabbing motion either. My CQC-8 is doing fine as well, meaning that I would feel secure in using my CQC-8 in a stab (God forbid, one never has to stab anyone). So in a nutshell, I really like your knives (otherwise I wouldn't own five of them), but the liner locks on my Traveler and my CQC-7 don't inspire confidence, at least not enough for me to feel confident to use them in a stabbing motion (though I'd definitely feel more confident in using my CQC-7 in a stab than I would my Traveler - that is my own personal opinion.

    The very reason I'm contacting you through Blade forums, is because you seem to have been somewhat active on here, but mainly because I've found it to be impossible to get a response through emailing your company - granted, what am I expecting to be told about the above issue ? You have your own policy and way of doing things and that is fine and no one is ever going to change that - we are who we are (that applies to me and everyone else too). I wish I could've been at the 2012 Blade Show, because I'd have gone to your booth to discuss this in person - I'll admit though, this is a very delicate topic, because in a way, I'm criticizing your way of doing things, but on the other hand, being on the customer end of things, there are some things for which I'd like to be provided with an explanation for - perhaps said explanation would set my mind at ease - there's not a hint of sarcasm on my part here. I'm not going to be using any sarcasm because there doesn't need to be any and what's more, no one wants to be treated in such a manner - neither you nor myself. So, in all of what I've mentioned above, I've tried to be objective, meaning that what I've described I was able to observe using my sense of sight, touch and hearing. Now, so far as the Traveler is concerned, it looks somewhat tactical and overall it sure is, albeit a small tactical knife. However, It's occurred to me that perhaps it's more of an EDC type knife made by Ernest Emerson - meaning that it could be used in a pinch, though it's not it's main function as a knife, as opposed to say, the combat karambit. If I'm spot on, then I could understand why the lock bar on it is thin. However the great ergonomics of the handle, the thick blade and blade geometry and it having the wave feature might have mislead me to think of it as a mini tactical knife (by tactical knife, I mean capable of being used in a SD role). So far as slash cuts are concerned, I think that it would do a very good job, although stabbing is probably a more instinctive knee jerk reaction than slashing is. Let's be frank, I wouldn't feel confident stabbing into anything (except any material offering low resistance to penetration) using the Traveler. I think that it's easy to think of it as a small defensive blade, but I'm perplexed regarding it's lock. I have it in my hand right now (the knife that is) and the only thing I'm disappointed about is the lock. That said, there's nothing I can do about it and that's probably what disappoints me the most. All I can do is accept it that way it is or put it up for sale. Just so you know, I'm not one to complain about the fit and finish of your knives - I can understand why some have, but it's not what matters to me in your knives - I like the rough and sturdy look of them.

    I've also heard about the lock bar of certain Emerson knives moving too fast across the blade tang - is this a real problem ? I'm in Canada and although I haven't experienced that issue, I'm wondering whether this is of real concern - I mean, what happens when the liner lock moves to the opposite end of the tang ? Does it then prevent the blade to be held in the locked position ? Does it make the knife unsafe to use ? The point about being in Canada, is that some knives have been lost stateside (Emerson's or other) and well Canadian customs can be problematic at times, so I find it's best not to have to send stuff to the USA for repair, unless there was really an obvious need for it.

    I'm perfectly aware that some of what I brought up above, you might find somewhat offending and I couldn't completely blame you - I'd probably feel somewhat offended if someone asked me about some of the things I've asked you about above. That said, I thought it'd be best for me to ask you directly, instead of posting about it and getting responses from anyone but Mr. Ernest Emerson himself - I also figure that some might also benefit from reading your responses to some of my questions. Had I been to your booth at the Blade Show, I'd have asked you the same, but I won't lie to you, I would've been somewhat embarrassed to do so, because the nature of my questions is very delicate. Now, I think that you can see that I do like your knives, for I wouldn't have any of them otherwise. I'm sure you wouldn't be very much offended if I asked you in person, because you'd probably see in my face that I don't mean any disrespect. Hopefully, I can get this across fine through this post, though I'm aware not knowing me from real life can make a significant difference.

    What I do want to point out though is that I did like that interview Nutnfancy did with you - you do seem to be quite a sympathetic fellow. The kind of questions I'm asking of you here is always best asked in person. I've also noticed that you seemed to like Nutnfancy asking you about certain things, because it gave you a chance to explain and defend your position.

    Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you could address the general sense of my questions and please try and understand that I mean no disrespect at all yet I'd like to hear from you above the above. I'm aware you do things a certain way and that won't change and that is fine with me, but still I'd derive satisfaction in hearing from the man himself about the above mentioned points.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. chipdouglas


    Nov 26, 2009
    I'm posting some further comments of mine - that said, I know you haven't seen that post as you haven't been on here in a while, so that's ok and I know that just cause you haven't answered yet, that you're not ignoring this post.

    I'm probably going to keep my CQC-8, as it is one sturdy of a knife and I have nothing to say regarding it's lock - I'd feel confident using that knife in a stab - now, don't get me wrong, I don't intend to stab anyone ever - what I'm saying is : for a knife of that price point and a knife that's said to be a combat knife (and it fits that description very well) for the user to feel secure to use it in a stab is to be expected - the reverse would raise a red flag.

    On the subject of the Traveler - I really don't know what to think about that knife - by nature, it can't be a defense knife - well sure it could slash and it would deliver a very nasty bite in that regard, but I wouldn't feel confident to use it in a stab - I'm going to be selling that knife - it's just too bad though, because the ergonomics of the handle is super and so is the blade shape - I really like that knife, but the soft and unreliable lock is ruining the whole deal. Now, the lock only becomes unreliable if you think you might use that knife in a stab or in a defense role. But, isn't this the very nature of Emerson knives ? So, I'm getting mixed signals from that knife - a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Now, if one carried that knife as an EDC, then that's a whole new ball game.

    CQC-7 isn't too bad - I feel relatively confident about how secure the lock feels on that knife and generally speaking, I do like that knife.

    So far as the combat karambit goes, it's one of my favorite, but like some have raised before, I have my doubts about the sturdiness of such a needle sharp tip - same would apply to any knife of that type though. Knives aren't that important overall - my point being that there are much more important things in life than knives, but they're fun and useful at once and knife enthusiasts all have a few favorites brands/makers of theirs.

    As regards Emerson knives inc.'s email customer service, it seems to me that they only take care or respond to emails they deem deserve an answer - I disagree with that way of running that part of the business and here's why :

    Combat karambit retail price at Warriors and Wonders : $199 X 2 : $400
    CQC8 retail price at Warriors and Wonders : $199
    CQC-7 retail price at Warriors and Wonders : $159
    Traveler retail price at Warriors and Wonders : $161

    The whole enchilada comes to : $920 cad

    Being the person that I know I am, if I owned a company and that someone would spend his hard earned money on my production knives (even if it was just one knife) and emailed my office in order to hear from us on any particular aspect regarding our knives, I'd make it a point to either email him back personally (though sometimes it is impossible, as business owners are expected to be very busy and this is understandable) or at least have my staff email him back on my behalf. If anyone spends nearly $1000 or less for that matter, then I think he deserves ''some'' consideration or respect from the company he's encouraging. I doubt anyone can tell me this makes no sense at all.

    The above is something I don't like about Emerson knives. To me (and I'm sure to others) this is telling me that irrelevant of the number of Emerson knives that I've purchased, that my occasional email questions don't deserve to be answered IF I should email regarding something I don't like about any of your knife i.e. what I don't like about the Traveler. I did get email answers from Emerson knives inc., but they've been very inconsistent. The fact that others claim the email service is working like clockwork causes me to think that Emerson Knives are filtering out emails, which they deem don't deserve to be sent a response.

    You're entitled to run your business the exact way that you want and I know you're not going to be bothered with losing a few customers and I think that this has to be expected about your business and that of other business owners - the reason for that is simple : we can't please all. However, I think that at the very root of the few issues I've raised in this post, lies a very fundamentally straigthforward principle : respect for those who spend their hard earned dollars on your knives. We're contributing to your business Mr. Emerson, we're contributing to putting food on your plate, it's as simple as that. Now, don't get me wrong, I'd be happy to further contribute to that, but I don't feel I'm getting any incentive to keep on supporting you.

    In the end, one either likes your knives or not, but it's not just a simple question of liking your knives or not - that's not the whole story, because I do like your knives, at least many of them. The whole thing has to do with the way I'm being treated as a customer. Whether I buy my knives in Canada or straight from your online store doesn't matter, because some of that money goes into your pocket.

    I'm not mad at you, actually I'm very calm writing this, because like I wrote earlier, there are more important things in life than knives, but still this is a hobby of mine that I have invested a good amount of money in nonetheless.

    Allow me to harp on the Emerson Traveler : I paid $161 plus taxes for that knife - you can't reasonably come and tell me that I'm being overly demanding when I ask for a knife of that price point to have a strong locking mechanism, which inspires confidence for the user to use in a stab (if need be). I understand that things made in the U.S. cost more to be produced, but still that's no excuse - a knife of that price point, with a thick blade, great handle ergo and overall construction shouldn't come equiped with an iffy locking mechanism - I mean, doesn't this last defeat the whole purpose ?

    Furthermore, why would I come here and complain about the Traveler but not about the CQC-8 ? There has to be a reason for that. I'm not one to take some of my time and post on a public forum about things I have nothing to complain about - I'd have to be crazy to do that and I'm not. I don't post about my views on your knives because I want to create upheaval or because I haven't got a life. I post because at the price point and given the specific publicity made about Emerson Knives, they should be all that and no less.

    In closing, I just find it to be disappointing, because I do like the design and overall look of your knives, but I don't feel I get minimal respect or recognition as a customer. I'm not going to add any more to this post - if you don't wish to add any comments to it, I'm ok with that - all I want is for you to read it.

  3. cevtv


    Feb 6, 2009
    Pick up the phone and call them. I have never had an email go unanswered. I'm willing to bet that for some reason your emails end up getting sent to their spam folder and they have never even seen them.
  4. xtonesterx


    May 26, 2009
    Not to be rude or anything, but if your emails are as long as your posts, they might just not have enough time to read through it all. I could imagine they get many emails a day. I try to keep my emails short and straight to the point. I also think your questions would be easier answered and in more detail over the phone.
  5. snowreaper1

    snowreaper1 Banned BANNED

    Nov 26, 2010
    After the first couple of paragraphs I saw that there was still like 60 more paragraphs to read. Keep it short and simple and most likely you will get a quick answer.
    Unless someone has an hour of their personal time to kill reading your post/ emails your questions will go unanswered.
  6. HuntBomb


    Sep 18, 2009
    A bit repetitive, but hey, you got your point across. Emerson Knives should make it a point to answer all e-mails.
    BUT - If your e-mail read anything like your enthusiastic posts, then you may have freaked them out.
    I had an issue when my CQC-15 thumb-disc FELL off, but I called them up, gave the nice lady a BRIEF explanation, and they had me send it in. I had a brand new knife about a week later.
    It's just as easy to make a quick phone call, as some would prefer it.
    (Still a great heavy-duty folder, even though I have to tighten the pivot with Blue loc-tite every time it gets used)
    And although mine locks up solid, a sketchy liner-lock would scare me too.
  7. mobilerd


    Jan 10, 2012
  8. Daniel L

    Daniel L Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 2, 1998
    I live overseas and yes, email replies to Emerson are spotty. It is what it is.
    Seriously suggest you call, and as mentioned, do try to be concise even on the phone.

    They're not being rude, they are just exceptionally busy making knives we want, but can't be justified employing more customer service staff.
    The last 2 times I called, the phone was answered by Mary Emerson ;)
  9. hoxhunbe


    Feb 6, 2012

    FWIW, Emerson has always answered my emails and phonecalls. I also want to point out that the questions you're asking are, in my experience, basic linerlock concerns and not a specific manufacturer issue. Some folks hate ALL linerlocks for these very reasons, and I'm not sure what Mr. Emerson or his customer service reps can really tell you. With each lock type, there are functional tradeoffs. There are a bunch of threads on BF dealing with just these issues.
  10. A.P.F.

    A.P.F. Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 3, 2006
    Chip, for the love of God, use the phone!
  11. RevDevil

    RevDevil Super Evil Supermod Staff Member Super Mod

    Nov 9, 2009

    Hehe, those are some terribly long posts to be writing. Just call them up as suggested.
  12. chipdouglas


    Nov 26, 2009
    I agree, some of my emails might have ended up in their spam folder.
  13. chipdouglas


    Nov 26, 2009
    No offense taken - I've tried to keep my emails to them significantly shorter than the extremely long posts of mine above.
  14. chipdouglas


    Nov 26, 2009

    LOL, yeah I admit I can be overly enthusiastic sometimes. Btw, just so you guys know, I do have a good sense of humor - though it doesn't show very much on the web - the point is despite what I've posted about, I try and not take it for what it's worth ; they're just knives made for cutting things, though we seem to like them knives a lot.
  15. chipdouglas


    Nov 26, 2009
    You're close, as I have OCPD - I'm being serious here.
  16. wolfmann601

    wolfmann601 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 12, 2001
    So what is it that you want from Mr. Emerson and EKI?

    Maybe you should call them?:D
  17. chipdouglas


    Nov 26, 2009
    You make a few good points here - however, nope I don't dislike all liner locks - I have a Spyderco Military which I like - I trust the liner on it, at least so much as a liner lock can be trusted. I also understand Mr. Emerson might not really know what to say about the above - this has crossed my mind. The above aren't really questions, but I'd probably just like for Mr. Emerson to comment on the general aspect of the points I've raised.
  18. chipdouglas


    Nov 26, 2009

    Obviously, if the whole matter is that most of my emails never made it to their inbox, then I guess a good deal of what I wrote above doesn't even apply. However, in the event that it does apply, well I'd just appreciate that he took some of his precious time (not being sarcastic here) to comment on what I had to say. I'd like to hear what he had to say. That said, I'm not trying to wage a war on the man - I still thinks he's a cool guy.
  19. lava_lamp


    Oct 5, 2006
    I sorta get it. Emerson knives have terrific designs and Mr. Emerson seems like a genuinely good guy. Many of us who love knives, however, feel disappointed that Emerson liner locks don't always measure up to the other fine qualities of Emerson knives.
  20. chipdouglas


    Nov 26, 2009
    You just nailed it - this is exactly what I think.

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