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GEC 38 English Whittler 2021

Or this one. 😉 I seem to carry my bloodwood more than my jigged bone.

I do the exact same with my bloodwood. The jigged bone one is so nice that I baby it quite a bit more than the bloodwood. The pattern is fantastic.
Or this one. 😉 I seem to carry my bloodwood more than my jigged bone.

I like the blood wood most out of the four offerings this round. Super simple and thin smooth in use. The English shield version is probably my least favorite but I don’t dislike it.
The first GEC I ever bought was the 38 Grinling. It didn’t do it for me at the time, so I traded it for my first TC Barlow. (Thanks for that Bigbiscuit! RIP).

So this one is sort of a full circle kind of thing for me. No desire to trade this time! :) Main needs a little oil, but no proud wedge here. All the “well done” comments are confirmed.

Here it is with a well loved, slightly longer bladed 38 Willamette Whittler.



This is pretty amazing to me. There’s hardly any difference in thickness compared to the 2-blade, single spring Willamette! Impressive packaging of all that steel.

Fantastic work on the carving ! I notice yours has darkened quite a bit since page 1 post you made. Has it done this with use or did you darken it intentionally ? :thumbsup:🤔
Thank you, that is natural aging and use.