Happy Thanksgiving... What are you carrying on Turkey Day?

I'm carrying this Menefee swayback today. Not sure why - just seems appropriate somehow.

Turkey Day sees a Fallkniven PXL w/maroon micarta handles in my right front pocket, with a Case Humpback Whittler in black G-10 in my left front pocket. Also have my trusty little Leatherman Serac 2 led flashlight clipped in my shirt pocket. Just let a turkey get in my way today!
I've got the large Sebenza 21 in right front and victorinox huntsman in front left:)
Nothing because I'm in Belgium...maybe a waiters knife but probably nothing since I try to avoid carrying when I'm going to bars...one less reason for cops to mess with me...Can't wait to get back to the states so that I can start carrying my Emerson that I got right before I left the states... Happy tday everyone
A Camillus Trapper with 1095 carbon steel blades:
Hmm well I just got my Concealed Carry Permit so my Glock 33 with 2 mags. My Benchmade Instigator, Kabar TDI, Kubotan with assorted keys, wallet, Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Pen. and ASP Palm Defender. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! :D

So, how do you really feel about your in-laws?

Happy thanksgiving all, thankful to be from the good old U.S. of A.

Started out the day with a Vic Outrider.

Switched to a Columbia River Folding Razel and a Vic Swisstool X for dinner at the in-laws.

Then I switched out the CRKT to a BM Mini Ruckus I picked up at a store (that had no idea what they were selling) today for $90! You can bet I was smiling like this :D after that buy!
For Thanksgiving, I carried my usual EDC knives...A satin pe ZT 0200, a Puma 3-blade Stockman, and a Leatherman Wave.