Haute Route 2010

May 5, 2005
This year I decided to use my holiday to the maximum and went to Switzerland to hike Walkers Haute Route. I meet a girl that lived in verbier so I get on bus and after 24 hours I was looking at Alps.

And Alps - they ARE big, and high. After 2 days of training we went to the road

Here is most of GPS recording for the trip

Overall it was 8 days and about 140-150km(90miles) and about 9000m up and down(27000feet). All on own feet



A view on Verbier valley and village


A trail from Cambane mont fort


Grand Combin Glacier



First sunset and firs night - Col(Pass) Termin, 2600m. Perfect weather, perfect forcast, so almost no risk.



Some downhill snow fun


Grand Desert, a huge stonefield under a glacier


Me, after another ascent to almost 3000m.

When it comes to wilderness - we did stealth camping along the trail, there is not enough camping site. We carried most of food on our back, as well as tent, sleeping bags and clothes. No need to carry water, there is plenty of fountains and streams everywhere. No camping supplies - we didn't need fire.
Knife - spyderco moran.
When it comes to survival, we did our best to stay out of danger.

You want some more photos?
Absolutely more photos! What a beautiful place. Lucky guy you are.

So, you just met this chick and then went hiking and camping or is that your lady friend? ;)
Great pics and thanks for sharing them. I would love to see the alps the way you and your Girl did. The Alps do look very huge like you said.
More pics? Yes please .

Absolutely more photos! What a beautiful place. Lucky guy you are.

So, you just met this chick and then went hiking and camping or is that your lady friend?

Yes, we stumbled upon each other online, and planned to do GR-20 on Corsica first, but decided to move that to 2011. We agreed about nature of relationship in advance(she had boyfriend and so), and boy that was hard to live 8 days together in a tent, here is why :D

But moving back from bumps to mountains :)


A self-service(completely - there were nobody at all), wonderfully supplied mountain hat. Our second night.




Some more view along third day


Thrilling ladders. Almost vertical, first is about 30m(100feet) and from that you TRANSFER to another, 10m high. It is still safer than alternative road.


Another scenic glacier

Fourth night was in Arolla, on the camping site. We had dinner at restaurant - first hot meal along. I dont remember the name but the meal was a deep plate of hot cheese(like almost a pound of it ), bread on the bottom, bacon on top, and two eggs on top of bacon. Now that is a nice travellers meal.
Outstanding photos, thanks for sharing. I'm amazed at how travel arrangements have changed since I was your age :)
I really like the climbing shots, Mountains were cool too! Yes lots more photos please!

WOW...:eek: awesome pics man... looks like a grand adventure.. :thumbup: :D :thumbup:
Beautiful pics....a couple of them are really nice :D

That is some really pretty country there...looks like a great time.
Geez, wait so you slept in a tent with another mans women, please show me those pictures!
Ok, I will post some more photos(I have over 400, and in those about 100 are quite good), but I would also like to hear some questions abut the trip not only about the girl...after all it is W&S not Sexy&Hot :)
That is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. What a lucky dude you are to be able to travel there. AND meet up with someone to hike with thats hot too!!! Good God. Im totallly jealous.. Did you guys run into anyone along the path?
Thanks so much for posting those awesome photos. I've been wanting to make that hike for a LONG time.