Hinderer standoffs on a zt 560 will it work

the xm-18 standoffs and hardware will work...however....as was mentioned...you do have to file the handle nuts to fit as they are too long for the 560...and the standoffs for the xm-18 is .195 in width...the standoffs for the 560 is .205...so thats a full .010 thicker...so they may not be the perfect solution to a ti standoff...but...i am considering making a run of the 560 standoffs in titanium so you all can customize your 560's with titanium standoffs using the original 560 hardware! What do you think?

Rick hinderer

yes do it!!
Like said previously, if you make some for the 55x, I'm all over this. Please Rick!!!!! Oh and some clip colors too to match would be awesome. Annnd even a titanium liner for the Scale side would be awesome too.

Perhaps I just got carried away? Lol
Thanks Rick. Hopefully they are all released around the same time and I can get them for the XM, 550, and 560 in one fell swoop.
I'm in, one set for each.. 55X and 56X, I have all for versions just want to "Mod" one of each series.
Keep us updated Rick
As sick as Ti standoffs made specifically for the 55x and 56x will be, I'm more interested in scales! I love the DE scale on my new 561, but want to be able to digicam it up when I'm in the woods, and make her orange when I go hunting, and carbon fiber when I'm on my space ship, etc.
Got an e-mail from Rob at Hinderer Knives this morning. "We are going to offer ti upgrades for those, but I do not have a lead time" & "We are going to make 0560 scales, however I don't have a lead time"
Sooo, they are in the works!!!!!
If they would fit a 551 then im in.

I've seen pics of XM18 hardware [stand-offs and fasteners] on a ZT 0550/0551 - probably on the Hinderer Forum on BF. It was a perfect fit [fully flush]. Take a look over there and see if you can find the thread [maybe a Google image search might locate it]. It was either here [ZT] or over at the above. I've never understood why ZT uses those black, pan head fasteners. A nice flush mount bright stainless wouldn't cost anymore and would really "finish" their beautiful products. I'm going to switch-out my ZT 0550 hardware for some XM18 when I get a chance.

Here you go [no pics] - post #67: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/s...ales-direct-from-Rick-Hinderer-Knives!!/page4
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