Hinderer standoffs on a zt 560 will it work


Did you use the Hinderer screws to make those standoffs work? If so did you just order them from Hinderer, and how much did they run?
I didn't make them work, a good friend of mine did (Same one who made the awesome Wood Scale ZT0551 for me) , but its using the stock Screws so no it doesn't need Hinderer Screws.
On the one hand, that's really awesome you had that done, it's sweet!

On the other, it sucks that I can't order a couple of parts and have the same thing :p
Don't mean to bring this from the grave, but any word on the titanium standoffs? I would love to complement it with my blue titanium LBS on the ZT560 CBCF
The XM-18 standoffs and hardware will work...HOWEVER....as was mentioned...you do have to file the handle nuts to fit as they are too long for the 560...and the standoffs for the XM-18 is .195 in width...the standoffs for the 560 is .205...so thats a full .010 thicker...So they may not be the perfect solution to a Ti standoff...BUT...I am considering making a run of the 560 Standoffs in Titanium so you all can customize your 560's with titanium standoffs using the original 560 hardware! What do you think?

Rick Hinderer

I love that idea!! I would buy at least 3-4 sets for my 560s and it would make it so so much easier to do my Fallout 3 styling on one of my 560s

Thank you if you do decide to do this :)

as a side note I did buy some .205 titanium standoffs from knife kits and they were too small
where did you get those?? I would love to buy a few!!

Just search for titanium lbs button should be the 2nd that pops up. It's the Gray one. I have 2 and they are awesome. The one I ordered last month came with a phillips screw and not torx. Kinda looks a bit out of place with the phillips screw. Still a great product.