How do you know you live there?

Jul 11, 2004
Gollnick said:
In THIS recent thread, Mr. akivory asked, "Why do you live there?" why do you live where you do?

My next question is, how do you know you live there?

In my case, I know that I live in Portland, Oregon when I go to a paint store and see that they have a color called, "Sky Gray."

I typed my address in the " big Mamma " realestate web [ over 60 million homes shown ] ,saw my home & noticed , by Florida standards , that it appreciated $ 55,000 in 14 months ! YAHOO !

Uncle Alan:D
Sep 2, 2003
I know I live in San Diego because:

- I pass highway crossing signs on US101 that have surfers carrying surfboards on them.
- Fish tacos are as easy to find as a Starbucks.
- Winter means having to put on a windbreaker.
- Gas is always one of the top 3 most expensive prices in the nation. And it never goes down.
- Convertibles.
- A five mile traffic jam because a cop has someone pulled over on the side of the freeway giving a ticket.
- Roads that are in worse condition than the Appian Way.